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Stem Cell Research Papers

We have compiled an assorted group of stem cell treatment articles and stem cell research papers on assorted topics. You may be surprised by what you read here on adult stem cells.

Bone Marrow Transplants

Often you will read that doctors get adult stem cells from the bone marrow, this article contains a detailed explanation of how this is done.

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Adult Stem Cells are Pluripotent!

Many times you will read that adult stem cells aren't as flexible as embryonic stem cells or adult stem cells are not pluripotent. Well, we have the proof that adult stem cells are pluripotent (and flexible) too.

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Adult Stem Cells Don't Cause Cancer

Have you heard the myth that adult stem cells cause cancer? Is that stopping you from trying adult stem cell treatment? It shouldn't.  This topic is addressed in this article Cancerous Tumor 'Risk' a Myth.

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Magical Mesenchymals

Mesenchymal stem cells are a sub-set of adult stem cells that are often used in stem cell treatments.  This suprisingly accurate article was written back in 1998 when there were not stem cell treatment centers.  In 2008 we founded the The Repair Stem Cell Institute and none of our approved centers were using mesenchymal stem cells at that time.  And now, in 2014, half of the approved centers are using mesencymal stem cells from these three sources: 1. Bone Marrow  2.  Adipose (tummy fat)  3.  Umbilical cord and/or placenta of healthy newborns.

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Don Margolis Blog

Visit the Don Margolis Blog - the only website in the world where you can
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RSCI's Chairman, Don Margolis

In 2003, Don created the very first clinic IN THE WORLD to treat sick and dying heart patients with stem cells at an average of 100 each year 

In 2008 Don created the Repair Stem Cell Institute to help patients with one of 100 chronic conditions, who can NEVER be cured in a "no cures allowed" corrupt medical system, find a stem cell clinic which can give them a far better quality of life.

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Our Resident MD

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