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Don Margolis
Founder and Chairman
Bangkok, Thailand



RSCI has helped to educate thousands about the therapeutic benefits of Repair Stem Cells.


Patients battling debilitating diseases and their families and friends have been empowered on how to take the steps towards making life-improving decisions.  Many patients have been helped by RSCI, received Repair Stem Cell treatments and are showing significant improvements.  The following patients are all RSCI BENEFICIARIES!








MICHAELA SKY RODRIGUES is the FIRST surviving twin with Secondary Dystonia (Cerebral Palsy), to undergo Repair Stem Cell treatment.  She was born premature 16 weeks and she was bombarded with too much oxygen and steroids, hence some of her NEURONS were blocked and not switched on.




Primary" Diagnosis - Cerebral Palsy (secondary dystopia).    

Partial list of symptoms, before stem cells; from parents Chris & Wendy:

•Michaela has a weak trunk and midline, needs support to keep her upright
•Her hands lock in and spasms.  Her legs do the same thing, mainly her right side. 

•When holding an object (pen, soft toy, anything - she loves to hold in her left hand) it locks up tight. We are constantly aware when she is holding an object in her hands that she does not hurt herself or poke herself in the eye etc.
•When she is concentrating on holding an object, her hands and legs shake a lot, she needs time to settle before her hands and legs stop shaking

•She can hold a pen/pencil correctly in position but we have to hold her hand to help her write. •When feeding her she startles easily, which triggers of her hands and legs shaking
•When we place her in her potty seat, we need to support her head and keep her hands relax and not locking up.

•If left on the bed by herself, she loses control and gets stuck on one of her sides or with her face stuck in the mattress face down.




Oct 19: IV Stem Cells

Oct 23: 1st Spinal Stem Cell injection

Oct 25: Michaela Sky stands with both her FEET FLAT on the ground, instead on her tippy-toes, the first time ever.  Michaela Sky sits in a relaxed state in the wheelchair….. the first time ever.




“Wendy and I want to HIGHLIGHT & remind people, especially the experts in the medical field who are quick to generalize our daughter’s condition in order to justify their theories. Our daughter IS NOT ANOTHER DIGIT TO ADD TO THEIR STATISTICS!  Since the day our MIRACLE BABY GIRL came into our lives she has ENRICHED our lives in so many ways.


“Since day one, the medical experts have tried to dictate to us what is best for our daughter (drugs and more drugs)…BECAUSE THEY DO NOT KNOW ACTUALLY WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR DAUGHTER.  They are ticked off because Wendy and I have always STEPPED OUTSIDE THE BOX and disregarded their so-called medical advice. 


“Had we taken their advice and given her Deep Brian Stimulation, Botox, Intrathecal Baclofen Pump (may cause drowsiness, weakness, dizziness, headache, seizures, nausea, vomiting, low blood pressure, constipation, confusion; just what this child needed!---ed)  and other drugs to help her condition, I am convinced our daughter would have been worse off than she is now.


“So our strong advice to all parents raising a child with a disability your homework and research and really get to understand your child and your child's needs.  Parents live with their child 24/7… doctors and the medical teams do not...and not to feel intimidated by anyone concerning the wellbeing of their child.


We are grateful to the medical experts for their ongoing support, though we need them, at the same time the medical experts really need to look past the medical wall and take the time to really listen to parents raising a child with a disability, and not to treat them as parents not knowing what they are talking about, at the same time respecting what the parents are saying regarding their child.


“When the reporter returned to our home last Wednesday for the follow up article, she and the photographer were ever so surprised when they saw a BIG DIFFERENCE in our princess after her stem cells treatment.  Wendy and I are over the moon about the improvement in our precious daughter's condition after stem cell treatment.   Wendy and I “HIGHLY RECOMEND ALL PARENTS RAISING A CHILD WITH A DISABILITY TO INVESTIGATE STEM CELL TREATMENTS. THEY HAVE TO GIVE THEIR CHILD A CHANCE!”



“Here’s wishing you and your love ones a blessed Christmas and a grand new year!  Wendy and I look forward to a bright and fantastic new year! 2010 is going to be a GREAT YEAR for us with our precious daughter Princess Michaela Sky’s progress and a new lease on her life after her treatment with stem cells. Thanks for being our Santa Claus!”






‘We Americans generally have an affinity towards Australians, but we don’t recognize the large difference between our cultures.  Australians may choose to listen to authority, but they won’t bow down to it.  Americans believe the billion-dollar campaign which has trained them to “Ask your doctor!”  That doctor knows little more than how to push pills and will tell suffering patients for whom they can do nothing, “Stem cells are dangerous.” 


So it is no surprise that the two strongest “Shove it, doctor!” parents I have ever come across were both Australian.  Next issue we’ll share a new “Michaela Story” with you.  An Australian Mum had to take on a load of cardiologists and even her family to avoid forcing her teenage son to get a new heart and a lifetime of drugs to suppress his immune system and open the door wide for other diseases, especially cancer.’













Congestive Heart Failure - Andy Jordan, Nashville TN

Prior to stem cell treatment in early 2008 in Bangkok, Andy’s ejection fraction (a measure of how much blood your heart pumps out) was at a life threatening 19%.  About a year and a half post-treatment (August 09), his echocardiogram showed that his ejection fraction had increased to 35%. 


More surprising was that while his heart was improving, so was his diabetes.  All parameters were normal with A1c being 5.8, which is below the accepted definition that A1c of diabetics is 7.0 or higher.   In September 2008, he wrote: “Doctors are very pleased, best set of numbers since November 2004, when I began plotting all such tests.  I'm getting stronger each passing week, going to play golf this Thursday.”

Andy was so impressed by his results that he opted to take a second Repair Stem Cell treatment to further increase his improvements on Dec. 18, 2009.   These are his words about his treatment at RSCI’s Central American affiliate….specializing in heart, lung, and diabetes.





“Upon arriving the team held a planning and review meeting that night with me and a close friend that accompanied me.  I had taken 20 to 25 papers which they carefully reviewed and then made a decision to inject cells into the two places mentioned above.  I was impressed with how quickly they assessed my condition as being similar to my 3 doctors at home.


The procedure took all of 3 hours, like an outpatient treatment.  The hematologist needed to remove bone marrow from two 1/8 inch holes (in the center of the hip bone—ed) just below my belt line to acquire the volume and quality needed to make the injection procedure a success, based upon the Doctor’s instructions.  All this was done while I was sedated (I knew nothing), thankfully.


I left Nashville early on Dec. 17 and arrived back late on Dec 19.  The team was very professional, fast and effective.  Based upon the early Phase One reports from authorized FDA studies, I have judged the technique used by this team to be years ahead, not only in finding the right cells but how and where to place the little buggers.


Only time will tell.  However, the team felt I would begin to see major improvement in lung functions, angina pain and my ability to walk on treadmill for longer than 10 minutes at one time within 2 or 3 weeks.


More later as we move forward in time.  The one request they made was for me to wait 90 days before a follow-up ECHO test and to delay having my blocked stent repairs, so as not to distort any results.  I agreed, having the stent installed distorted my follow up testing in the minds of my USA doctors, i.e., it gave them a reason to be skeptical, go figure.”

Andy Jordan













Sometimes when Congestive Heart Failure is treated with Repair Stem Cells, other organs respond to the treatment as well.  In one treatment center, a full 19% of the heart patients who were also diabetic showed dramatic improvement in their diabetes along with their heart improvement. 


Is it possible that the diabetes improvements in the heart patients were merely a placebo effect? 


In the October Newsletter, we asked (and answered) the question: ARE STEM CELL TREATMENT BENEFITS MERELY A PLACEBO EFFECT? We began with the common understanding of how a PLACEBO works: “a placebo can sometimes improve a patient's condition simply because the person has the expectation that it will be helpful.”  Hmmm…so if placebos are dependent upon expectations…why would a heart patient have ANY expectation that his diabetes would improve from a treatment for his heart? 
















Optic Nerve Disorder – Shane Philip -- Austin TX

Shane checks in with us while still at the hospital and only two weeks into his treatment.  While two weeks is usually too soon for any OND improvement, he is thrilled with the level of care he has received.  Shane plans to join forces with our editor David Granovsky and lend a hand to the Stem Cell Treatment Fund Raising Initiative in the spring.   Shane shares his experience and his message of hope here:


“Regardless of our individual beliefs, we all cling to hope of a better world and brighter futures for our children. Nowhere has this been more obvious to me than right here at the treatment center. I have been attended to by Buddhist, Hindus, Muslims and Christians. Different people of different faiths have all provided different services but with one common goal of rendering the best care for their patients.

I got my latest spinal tap this Friday. With 3 more injections to go, I’m deliberating whether or not to go via the spinal tap method.  We are all still adjusting and are adapting well. They really do try here and take their time explaining everything. The docs here are all polite and humble. Back in the US, I have run into more with a God complex than the healers they’re supposed to be.  If you choose to be a doctor in this country, your doing it purely for the passion of helping people…at least this has been my experience.

New folks arrive every day. They come from all parts of the world. All of them are seeking the keys for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This place is like Ellis Island.  Much in the same way so many immigrants sought a new future and freedom from persecution from their places of birth to our shores….here, hundreds of families come seeking freedom from their physical limitations and afflictions.

Sadly, some will not find the answers they seek or the relief they want. But the hope, the promise is enough for many of them to risk all that they may have for the children. I have a new appreciation for my parents and all that they left behind, the risks they took so their children might have a brighter future.

Many of the stories are downright tragic. There are victims of drowning, boating accidents, genetic conditions and others.  A Brazilian family has three children that suffer from blindness and neurological issues. It is emotionally draining for me.  What type of God would allow these things to happen to innocent children?  With most answers unclear, we cling to the only thing that any of us really have…hope.

Prior to all this happening, I was always too busy to take more time with my wife, kids, family and friends. Work always came first, last and everything in between. Don’t be like me. When your spouse suggests that the two of you get away for awhile…do it. When your kids want you home for dinner, leave the office early so you can be there before the food gets cold. When your family and friends need you, drop what you’re doing and help them thru their difficult times. When your parents want you to visit, do it… no matter what the costs are from the professional perspective.

As a favor to me, give to your families what I struggled so hard to give to mine…

Your time.”



Post Publication UPDATE:


Thanks for sharing. This is great. I am done with all 8 injections and were set to go home. I had a follow up eye test yesterday and it shows a small first step in the direction towards recovery. The first test was almost flat line on brain activity of the obcibital lobes...Which allows us to see. The latest test shows activity when certain types of lights and flashes were projected into my eyes. Granted, these results are very early and premature, however...we are hopeful that this is just the start of more things to come. The black and white evidence clearly shows signaling being passed thru once damaged optic nerve fibers. The same fibers that my US doctors told me that there would be no hope in regaining. Never, never give up or in. Keep fighting...keep seeking! Thanks for all of your help. I'll truly miss all the folks here.

Shane Philip









Super Stemmys, Doris and the Supercells is the first ever children’s story on stem cells. 

A stem cell named Doris and her stem cell friends must all join forces and work together to repair an ailing heart and defeat Morbidus the Vile.


100% of the proceeds from sales of

Super Stemmys, Doris and the Supercells

Go to the Repair Stem Cell Institute (RSCI) to help patients.







Traumatic Brain Injury/Blindness - Peppi Underwood, 28 year old (Baker, LA)

Peppi could not see out of both eyes at once due to an accident which resulted in traumatic brain injury five years prior to treatment.  He had to close one of his eyes in order to see!  He reports that at the three-week mark after treatment commenced, everyone was delirious with joy as he went online and showed them how he could easily focus both eyes on the computer screen.  Later that week, for the first time in five years, he could walk into a room and focus on every person who spoke to him.  The family is raving about the marvelous care it got from the treatment center, the doctors, and the hospital staff.  Check our second January Newsletter for the whole story as told by Peppi’s mother Tamara.  













Don Margolis started the first stem cell treatment company in the world for no-option heart patients in 2003, a company which treated its first commercial patients in 2005.  One such patient, a 60-something New Jersey lady, just entered her fifth year after stem cells.  She painted this from a photo as a 2009 Christmas present for Don.


In 2008 he started the only stem cell blog in the world dedicated to “Stem Cell Victories,” hundreds of patients who ignored their doctors, “went for it” and won. The blog is focused on successful Repair Stem Cell therapies and the patients who have been helped by stem cell therapy.  Hundreds of featured patients with Parkinson's, Diabetes, Spinal Cord Injuries, Multiple Sclerosis, Heart Disease etc. have experienced significant improvements in their condition and quality of life. Articles are searchable by disease or category.


And then Don founded the Repair Stem Cell Institute



Helping those with so-called "untreatable" medical conditions make educated choices and connect with the world's finest, most advanced stem cell doctors.

Stem Cell Patient Advocacy:

RSCI is the world’s only Stem Cell Patient Advocacy company and the only public service organization in the world whose mission is to empower "untreatable" patients and educate them as to how stem cells may (or may not) help them.  RSCI helps patients NOW, not 10-30 years in the future.   We offer professional case management services at no cost to patients who desire access to expert and reliable stem cell treatments for chronic and disabling disease.  While RSCI does not treat patients, we help patients take the next step toward a better quality of life.


Stem Cells are Safe, Effective & Beneficial!

Have you been told Repair Stem Cells are untested, unsafe, ineffective and even detrimental?
In fact, the safety and efficacy of Repair Stem Cells ARE proven in over 1000 clinical trials in the US and around the world! The October RSCI Newsletters specifically detail how safe and effective stem cell treatments can be and contain all you'll need to empower yourself to make life-improving decisions: October 2009 Edition and October 2009 Special Edition


RSCI Standards:

As of now there are about 500 stem cell "treatment centers" around the world.  RSCI selects only the top 2% in order to help patients completely avoid both the incompetent treatment centers and the dishonest pretenders. RSCI-Standards



RSCI 2010 Decision Guide:  Click Here to download the brand new guide to getting the best available stem cells for you or your loved one.



To take the first step towards improving your (or a loved one’s) quality of life, [CLICK HERE].  You will fill out a form online and get all the information you need about your choice of 150 diseases still considered “untreatable” by most doctors.


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Cover100H.jpgCheck with Chip on Stem Cell Research!


Jump on board for a freewheeling ride that will leave you armed and ready for those who call you an anti-science clod for opposing destruction of human embryos for stem cell research. The NIH is about to release new guidelines on broader federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. That will touch off another round of false hype about “hope” and “cures” from embryo-destructive research.

HiddenCauses100H.jpgHidden Causes of Heart Attack and Stroke


When the author became aware that 50% of all heart attacks had been happening  to people with so called,  normal cholesterol, he began a five year research and writing project to identify other hidden factors that were unsuspectedly destroying lives.

MiracleStemCell100H.jpgMiracle Stem Cell Heart Repair


Hearts - damaged from heart attack and heart failure, previously considered irreparable are now for the first time in medical history being renewed using the patient's own stem cells in a onetime procedure. FDA trial directors from 8 major universities explain the science. Patients share their personal journeys from near death to renewal literally in weeks. Before/after scans.





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