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·         The Embryonic Stem Cell Hoax



Don Margolis
Founder and Chairman
Bangkok, Thailand





No person in the world recognized the Embryonic Stem Cell Hoax and Geron’s part in it as early or as publically as Don Margolis and the Repair Stem Cell Institute.


For six years, the American people’s understanding of stem cells has been overwhelmed by rampant misinformation and deception.  We were led to believe the future of medicine lies in Embryonic Stem Cells (ESC) and that Repair (adult) Stem Cells (RSC) are “snake oil.” 


These skewed stories of ESC hope and RSC failure were force-fed to us after being:

  • fabricated by pharmaceutical companies, doctors and scientists with a financial agenda
  • twisted by politicians into religious and ethical battles which led any discussions away from science
  • overseen by regulating bureaus rampant with corruption and fraud
  • repeated, exaggerated and perpetuated by virtually every media source known to man

Almost everyone was taken in by this complex web of lies and deception, political agenda and misdirection.  Almost everyone. 


As early as May, 2007, Don Margolis was digging through and sweeping away wave after wave of suffocating misinformation and shedding light on the scientific truth of stem cells.  What began as a lone voice crying out for truth and against injustice has, over time, been taken up by a few others and more importantly, been proven without a shadow of a doubt.


What follows is a history of the EMBRYONIC STEM CELL HOAX, with special attention paid to the role Geron played. Geron is the one company that has lied in every ESC press release and been supported by every major news source; not to mention the number one subsidiary of Big Medicine, the United States federal government.



The aim of the politicians, regulators, doctors and scientists engaging in the hoax and promoting the potential of Embryonic Stem Cell treatments is not to bring Embryonic Stem Cell cures to mankind.  Their strategy is to stifle information about RSC progress, suppress awareness of RSC science and defame the benefits of RSC treatments in order to keep the public ignorant.  Their mission is to do whatever it takes to malign the hundreds of advancements RSC treatments have made around the world over the past six years.   Their goal is to keep stem cells from affecting their outrageous profits of $300,000,000 a day.  Why?

  1. Repair Stem Cell (RSC) treatments can significantly improve the condition of the hundreds of millions of people who need them today. 
  2. RSC treatments will reduce the billions of dollars of income from pharmaceutical sales that provide minimal benefits to patients and force patients to utilize unnecessary and often toxic tests and therapies and devices.
  3. RSC treatments, unlike pharmaceutical drugs, do not require 2, 4, 8 other medications to counter their side effects because RSC treatments have virtually no side effects.
  4. Only RSC treatments pose a significant threat to the profits of the billionaires who control absolutely every facet of the health industry in the developed world. 

Almost THREE YEARS AGO, in May 2007, Don wrote a comprehensive 157 page analysis of this $100 billion scam.  The updated and revised version of THE $100 BILLION SCAM will be available for purchase this summer.



GERON: From 2004 through 2007 they have announced upcoming clinical trials NINE TIMES. In February their 10th came along. I am still waiting. Why would you consider Geron a source for any credible information?  The major LIE: "We allow millions of Americans to die by not having government funding of stem cells”....

VIA FUTUREPUNDIT.COM - March 22, 2008 8:11 AM



Why you never see in the media that the embryonic hustlers' press-released miracles of the day are  promising a cure that will never come while autologous adult stem cells have already proven, scientifically, that diseases are safely treatable.

VIA FUTUREPUNDIT.COM March 25, 2008 11:23 PM:



January 22 2009 – Geron CEO Thomas Okarma says: “...the therapy would provide a viable treatment option for thousands of patients who suffer severe spinal cord injuries each year.” Don Margolis responded: “Many will benefit from this P.R. event, but the patients and the taxpayers will lose mightily!”

Geron has a lengthy track record of such stock manipulation, having made ten such announcements of upcoming trials over the past five years – none of which has ever happened. ...the true purpose of the announcement was to pump up the stock’s price over 35% and at the same time capitalize on our new president’s recent promise to lift our former president’s restriction on embryonic stem cell research, thus providing government funds courtesy of every citizen’s taxes.

 Mr. Margolis concluded “The public and spinal injury patients in particular, deserve to know the facts and to be aware that right now patients are being helped, and will be long after Geron’s trial is either yanked or fails.”



Spinal cord patients are paying the false-hope price for the promoters’ benefit.  What Americans are not allowed to know from their print media is that people all over the world who were once told by their doctors that they “will never move again,” are moving because of Repair Stem Cell treatments. Over a thousand victims of spinal cord injury have had their lives improved by Repair Stem Cell therapies combined with intensive rehab regimens.



Feb 13, 2009 - “Geron reverted to this well-worn tactic again Thursday night, when it quickly sold 7.25 million shares at a price of $6.60, a 14% discount to the stock's Thursday closing price of $7.77. The spot financing deal grossed Geron about $43 million.”

Dr. Steven Goldman, Chairman of Neurology at the University of Rochester and member of a committee convened by the F.D.A. last April to examine the safety aspects of trials using therapies from embryonic stem cells says: "It’s not ready for prime time, at least not in my mind; until we can be assured that the transplanted stem cells have completely lost the capacity for tumorogenicity.”


Mr. Margolis’ statements were proven conclusively when the efforts and agendas of Geron, Wall Street and the FDA synchronized to hype the company on the false promise of an FDA approved embryonic clinical trial.  Misled investors donated $43 million to Geron in a mid-February scam well documented by “”   The money is in the till, and there is no need to pretend any longer that a clinical trial will be held.  The eleventh known Geron fraud is complete.


Scientists whom to date had no positive results from embryonic research for treatments and academic institutions interested in pursuing the huge funding potential were all salivating at the thought of all the grant money soon to flow into their coffers with NO chance of patients ever benefitting.  All the while, Don Margolis said many times in many ways, “It will never happen!”  

·         “The embryonic lobby will never allow any clinical trial to be held because they know that immune rejection by the patient is possible and that, based on animal research, brain tumors may be in the cards!”

·         “That is why we at the Repair Stem Cell Institute expect the embryonic lobby to pull its weight and stop this potential catastrophe in the making. “

·         “For a listed company to cynically manipulate stock prices and raise the hopes of sufferers as Geron does regularly, might be considered a bit unethical.”

·         “The public and spinal cord injury patients in particular, deserve to know the facts and to be aware that right now patients are being helped, and will be long after Geron’s trial is either yanked or fails.”



Professor Colin McGuckin, professor of regenerative medicine at Newcastle University, UK: “The best estimates of the embryonic scientists in our own university in Newcastle is that embryonic stem cells may not be able to help people this side of 50 years. That’s my lifetime. And that’s worrying. We can’t wait that long.


Prof. McGuckin then joined the European ADULT stem cell research organization, Novussanguis who say: “Adult stem cells play a key role in research for treatment of several diseases. Today, over 80 diseases are treatable with cord blood stem cells, some linked to the blood system (e.g. leukemia) or the immune system, but also neurological diseases (MS. CP, ALS), diseases affecting the bone marrow, nervous system, heart or metabolism such as diabetes.”



Dr. Bernadine Healy, M.D., in her article in the March 4, 2009 U.S. News & World Reports: “There is a markedly diminished need for expanding these [embryonic stem] cell lines for either patient therapy or basic research...Even as the future of embryonic stem cells has dimmed, adult stem cell research has scored major wins evident just in the past few months...


Lord Patel of Dunkeld, the chairman of the UK National Stem Cell Network and a chancellor at Dundee University: embryonic stem cell research is simply not working...the controversial science may never deliver new treatments for diseases.


Dr. Willy Lensch, from the Children's Hospital in Boston - the prospect of embryonic stem cell research may never play out: "I could not guarantee to anyone that this work will actually lead to improvements in disease as a definite."


American bioethics watchdog Wesley Smith: "For the last ten years, 'the scientists,' in order to win the political debates over embryonic stem cell research and [human cloning] often wildly hyped the potential for cures... those cures have not even appeared as distant silhouettes on the horizon yet, and finally, a few in the media are beginning to notice...By hyping the potential, the politicized science sector misled people to win a political debate, and in the process reduced science to just another special interest spinning and obfuscating to get a greater share of gruel in the public trough."



Alan Colman, former chief executive of ES Cell International (ESI), a leading Singapore biotechnology research firm, told Science magazine that investors concluded that “the likelihood of having products in the clinic in the short term was vanishingly small.” 



Release date: 3/4/2009 - U.S. News and World Report tells it "like it is" about Embryonic Stem Cells and why they are unneeded based on their unimpressive accomplishments to date...a young boy with a fatal neuromuscular disease called ataxia telangiectasia, who was treated with embryonic stem cells. Within four years, he developed headaches and was found to have multiple tumors in his brain and spinal cord that genetically matched the female embryos used in his therapy.

To date, most of the stem cell triumphs that the public hears about involve the infusion of adult stem cells. We've just recently seen separate research reports of patients with spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis benefiting from adult stem cell therapy. These cells have the advantage of being the patient's natural own, and the worst they seem to do after infusion is die off without bringing the hoped-for benefit. They do not have the awesome but dangerous quality of eternal life characteristic of embryonic stem cells.


On Monday, 09 March 2009, President Barack Obama spoke the words that many had longed to hear: “Today . . . we will bring the change that so many scientists and researchers, doctors and innovators, patients and loved ones have hoped for, and fought for, these past eight years: We will lift the ban on federal funding for promising embryonic stem cell research.”


There are six reasons why embryonic stem cells will never make it out of the lab and into the bodies of sick Americans:

Reason 1: Quite frankly, there is no need...

Reasons 2 & 3: Embryonic Stem Cells are bad medicine.

Reason 4: Real Scientists really prefer to research Adult Stem Cells.

Reason 5: induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC)

Reason 6: Follow the Money, not the Science


As Sharon Begley points out in her recent Newsweek article, “Doctors have long resisted having science guide their practice.” Add to that the list of science-resisting profiteers: pharmaceutical companies, medical device makers, health insurance companies and health management organizations, and it becomes much clearer why ESCs, which will never cure anything and affect profits, have been heavily promoted, while RSCs, which can diminish the current outrageous profits, have been heavily disparaged.


Just another reason why the American Medical System has been proven the worst in the developed world. See “Why Not the Best” at:



March 13, 2009 at 4:23 pm

·         The Illusion of Embryonic Stem Cells

·         Adult Stem Cells- Already Successfully Helping People

·         Six reasons why Embryonic Stem Cells will never make it out of the lab and into the bodies of sick Americans - “For a full explanation of each of these six points:

·         Diseases Treated by Adult Stem Cells - 100+ diseases treated in 2009, NOT 2025:



March 18, 2009 at 11:30 am

 “…since few people can afford to travel outside the country for adult stem cell treatments, ESC-crazed America, the Bangladesh of stem cells, with its focus on “treatment useless” research, and 4-8 years behind the rest of the world on available adult stem cell treatments, has become exactly that, a death row prison cell for those suffering from so-called untreatable diseases”...



August 18, 2009 at 10:57 am

*** Dr James Thomson, father of embryonic research said about embryonic research: “…embryonic stem cells are not being used in any clinical applications yet, while alternatives such as adult stem cells figure in scores of therapies.”

*** Dr Oz said on national TV “the stem cell debate is dead,” recognizing the lack of potential in embryonic stem cells to produce cures.

*** Ian Wilmut, who led the team that cloned Dolly the sheep, abandoned his license to attempt human cloning, saying that the researchers “may have achieved what no politician could: an end to the embryonic stem cell debate.”

*** Dr. Bernadine Healy, director of the National Institutes of Health under the first President Bush, wrote in U.S. News & World Report that these recent developments “in the first six weeks of Obama’s term, several events reinforced the notion that embryonic stem cells, once thought to hold the cure for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and diabetes, are obsolete….. In fact, adult stem cells, which occur in small quantities in organs throughout the body for natural growth and repair, have become stars despite great skepticism early on.” via

Dawn Vargo, associate bioethics analyst for Focus on the Family Action: “The truth is that embryonic stem-cell research has yet to yield a single successful treatment for patients. Meanwhile, adult stem cells continue to provide success stories – more than 70 diseases and ailments are being treated and more than 1,500 clinical trials are using adult stem cells for treatment.”  Fyi - no government in the world has been more supportive of esc than that of Singapore – DM 


Laura Grabel , Fisk Professor of Natural Sciences at Wesleyan University in Middletown and one of the country's leading stem cell scientists:  “Grabel said when mice without epilepsy damage got the stem cells, about 80 percent developed tumors. Many of the tumors contained undifferentiated stem cells -- cells that could grow into different body parts -- rather than neural stems cells, which could only grow into neurons...That means we screwed up somewhere."



August 27, 2009 at 1:07 pm

Geron Gives Reason for FDA Hold on Stem-Cell Trial; Shares Rise - By Rob Waters

Aug. 27 (Bloomberg) — Geron Corp. rose as much as 5 percent in Nasdaq trading after saying a hold placed by U.S. regulators on its plan for the first human embryonic stem-cell study was due to “non-proliferative” cysts in test animals...The microscopic cysts seen in an early experiment in a few animals that received the cell-based treatment, GRNOPC1, were found in larger numbers of animals in a recent study...



Don Margolis says in Sept 2009: “Even for a master stock manipulator like CEO Okarma, to fake an 11th clinical trial in five years is unbelievable for anyone!”




from Adult Stem Cell Awareness by chelseaz - In STEM CELLS IN THE NEWS Sept 8, 2009

Earlier this year the drug developer Geron Corp. announced that it was given FDA approval to begin the first trial of an embryonic stem cell treatment in humans. But alas, the FDA reversed its decision last week.  This is significant given that most people think that ESCs have already been used to treat human patients. Meanwhile, ethical stem cells continue to kick butt and outperform – in animals as well as many humans.“Now there are three Americans who are wise to Geron’s hoax;  Don Margolis, Dr. David Prentice, and now Adam Feuerstein of”







Geron’s chief executive, Tom Okarma, in London this week, revealed that the announcement was deliberately planned for the immediate aftermath of President Obama’s inauguration. But it was the company, not the FDA, which set this in motion: Geron deliberately timed its application so it would be decided just after President Bush left office, so that the Obama Administration would be able to announce it.

Dr Okarma told me:

“We engineered the timing, because our final submission was timed such that the 30-day window occurred after the inauguration of President Obama. That was our design, not really an Administration change. That was our timing. We did not want this to come up under the Bush Administration. We designed it.”VIA



September 24, 2009 at 9:48 am

Twenty two stories of repair stem cell successes in treating spinal cord injury [CLICK HERE]




CLUE 1: One company has treated more SCI patients (with 60% success) than the entire world’s remaining stem cell centers combined.

CLUE 2: This company is constantly attacked by the faux stem cell scientists and organizations in the West who make their living pretending that embryonics may actually help one human being this century.  YOU must pay for the living they make with your taxes and overpriced and unnecessary pharmaceutical products.









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Not only are dozens and dozens of new stem cell protocols in use today which were not being used as of 1/1/2008, but more information is also now available. As an example, for the first time in stem cell history, scientific data proving the miraculous results the world’s first stem cell company has achieved for 400+ no-option cardiovascular patients will be available in 2010, and the Institute will be the first to have the summary data along with abstracts of peer reviewed published papers.    

Parkinson’s treatments, which have been limited due to difficulty of getting the stem cells to the affected portion of the brain, will see new protocols in early 2010 which will use catheters to implant those stem cells where they will be most beneficial.  This protocol may soon apply to stroke and PPMS patients also. 

Spinal Cord and Cerebral Palsy patients now have choices closer to North America than ever before, while those with Muscular Skeletal disorders such as bone, tendon, cartilage and knee problems can now be treated with Repair Stem Cells in North America.  Many of our top stem cell centers have switched from the patient's bone marrow to the patient's tummy fat to provide the strongest stem cells.

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