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·         Real People – Real Names – Real Improvement

·         ASC Rebuild Broken Jawbone

·         ASC Can Help Diabetes Now

·         Miracle for Aussie Toddler

·         Texas Sheriff with MS

·         ASC Helps Stoke Victim

·         ASC Helps Breast Reconstruction

·         Blind Diabetic Recovering


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By David Granovsky, Editor

Those who don’t read newspapers are uninformed;

Those who do read newspapers are misinformed.

- Mark Twain

There is a massive multi-million dollar campaign being thrust at you from virtually every major newspaper and many magazines in the world, trying to convince you that Repair Stem Cells do not work and that the greatest medicine in the world is “snake oil.”

Here’s the truth. Real names of real people who were forced by their inferior Western medical system to travel long distances to get proper (read: successful) medical care for diseases falsely considered by their kept-in-the-dark doctors to be “untreatable”. Stem cells help people with diseases for which your doctors have no answers; diseases like Diabetes, Sickle Cell Anemia, SCI, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, Scleroderma, Lupus, CP, MS and Autism. They call these successful stem cell treatments “snake oil”, “unproven” and say that there is “more research needed.”


Thousands of patients are showing significant improvement from 100+ “incurable” diseases with Repair Stem Cell (RSC) treatments. Rather than crediting the RSC treatment, the credit is attributed to things like “timing,” “physical therapy,” “dietary changes” or “a side effect of the treatment itself.” When the naysayers really run out of excuses to explain why RSC work and embryonic don’t (like when a blind 16-year old comes back from China and gets a Colorado driver’s license), they pull out accusations that anyone who is pro-RSC is anti-embryonic because they are a religious fanatic or Luddite (anti-progress and modernity).


Well, I'm no zealot and no Luddite; and I have no interest in semantic trickery and games. We at RSCI focus on the results and what works now, since that is our mission—to bring to those suffering, medicine that can actually help them NOW, not in 2058 when embryonics might cure a mouse of Parkinson’s without killing her.



I have one final note to share with you. The articles chosen for this Newsletter’s “REAL PEOPLE - REAL NAMES - REAL IMPROVEMENT” were not culled from 3 years of articles. They are not the “best of the best”. They don’t even have an organizational theme. These 5 victories are merely the last 5 articles we posted on our blog over this past week. So as you are reading, consider this: In a random seven day stretch, with no effort at all, we were able to pull 5 articles that cover RSC victories over MS, Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, Diabetes and Jawbone Reconstruction. April 14, 16, 18, 20 & 20—recent and random


Repair Stem Cells. They work. Nothing else does. No matter what your doctor tells you! Forgive him. He has been so misinformed; he doesn’t know a stem cell from a jail cell.

Adult Stem Cells Rebuild Broken Jawbone

Posted 14 April, 2009

Korean doctors have apparently re-grown a patient’s jawbone using the patient’s own RSCs in yet another amazing miracle that RSC research has brought us.

An 18 year old Korean boy who had to have most of his jawbone and his teeth removed due to a (benign) tumor was the lucky recipient of this fantastic stem cell research victory.

The young man, who had been suffering confidence problems due to his appearance (missing his jawbone and teeth), is very happy now after the RSCs worked their magic and re-grew his jawbone so he looks normal in appearance now.

Process of Stem Cells

  1. RSCs were taken from the man’s bone marrow
  2. They were then multiplied and “coached” into becoming an osteoblast- a cell responsible for bone formation
  3. The new Repair Stem Cells were injected into the “damaged” area around the man’s jaw
  4. 6 months-1 year the stem cells grow new bone to fill in the gap left when the jawbone and teeth were removed
  5. Man’s looks better, has more confidence, happier

Stem Cell Case Study Presented at Conference

The results of the trial were published in the British medical journal BMC Medicine and it was also presented at the Korean Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons annual meeting (Those silly Maxillofacial surgeons must have forgotten my invitation)

Another Case of Adult Stem Cell Research Working Magic

This is just another instance in which the patient’s own stem cells were used to help. The patient had nothing to lose (no side effects because they were his own stem cells), and everything to gain. And gain he did with this miracle.

This reminds me of an amazing story in Germany a few years back in which they actually used a man’s back as an incubator and grew him a new jawbone

Click here to read the whole stem cell article.

Adult Stem Cells Can Help Diabetes Now!

Posted 16 April, 2009

In a Stem Cell research study that is being published today in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA), Adult Stem Cells have been used to help patients with Diabetes Type 1.

20 of 23 Patients Helped With Their Own Adult Stem Cells

23 patients who were newly diagnosed (within 6 weeks) with Diabetes Type 1 were first given chemotherapy to dampen their immune system, then they were given their own stem cells taken from their blood.

Of those 23 patients, 20 “reduced or ended dependence on insulin as their bodies took over production of the hormone”. Of those 20 patients, 12 of them were off insulin for a long period of time, while 8 relapsed and went back to taking small doses of insulin.

According to the stem cell abstract:

Conclusion After a mean follow-up of 29.8 months following autologous non-myeloablative HSCT in patients with newly diagnosed type 1 DM, C-peptide levels increased significantly and the majority of patients achieved insulin independence with good glycemic control.

A Cure is Needed for Diabetes???

And according to the stem cell article, “A cure is needed, but it will probably not come from a single breakthrough,” wrote Christopher D. Saudek of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, in an accompanying editorial.

A cure is needed? Thanks for that Chris. I never dreamed a cure was needed until I read this stem cell research article.

Luckily the senior author of the stem cell research study was a little more positive- The stem-cell technique “remains the only treatment capable of reversing type 1 diabetes mellitus in humans”, wrote the paper’s senior author, Julio Voltarelli, and colleagues at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and in the U.S.

Use of Adult Stem Cells “in the hands of the FDA”

Unsurprisingly, Dr. Richard Burt of Northwestern University was one of the stem cell doctors who authored the clinical study and luckily he added a little more insight- “We work 24/7, and we’re getting there as fast as we can. It’s now in the hands of the FDA” 

In the hands of the FDA? Why do you have to be such a killjoy Dr. Burt? You just killed all hope I had of seeing this available in the United States.

Speaking of FDA, another doctor involved in Adult Stem Cell research, Dr. Christopher Centeno has formed a doctor’s group who are challenging the FDA’s silly rules that a person’s own stem cells are drugs. A group of laymen are also joining the cavalry and if you are reading this, I recommend you join them – go to

ADDENDUM BY DON MARGOLIS: The FDA’s rules that a person’s own stem cells are drugs are upheld in order to be profitable only to the crooks who run the FDA and the Pharmaceutical companies who lead them. If they can keep RSC from improving people, they get paid millions by the drug companies who hold the drug patents. To those that say “How dare you call the FDA crooks”! I say GOOGLE “FDA corrupt”. If you don’t get a quarter million hits, call me a liar. To those that say “FDA corrupt” is unfair, I reply GOOGLE “FDA scientists” Is THAT unfair? 250,000+ articles about FDA scientists themselves telling you how murderously (that means DEATH) corrupt the FDA is. These scientists complained to our new godlike president. (LOL) Guess how far THAT got them.

Stem Cell Research A Miracle for Aussie Toddler with Cerebral Palsy

Posted 18 April, 2009

Corey de Gregorio, a 3 year old boy from Gordonvale, Australia has improved tremendously after going to a Stem Cell research company which implanted Adult Stem Cells from cord blood into him.

Corey’s parents, Mark and Roseanne had doubts before going to China for the stem cell treatment, but they wanted Corey to have every chance to live a better life and therefore, they made the journey to China for the stem cell therapy which used only Adult Stem Cells.

The miracle treatment consisted of six “therapies” of cord blood stem cells.

Before the Adult Stem Cells for Cerebral Palsy

  • Had very little use of his left arm/hand
  • Little movement in his torso

After the Stem Cell Treatment

  • Can now use his left hand, can use it to drink a cup by himself
  • Increased flexibility in torso

Amazed by the Stem Cell Research

According to the stem cell article:
More than six months after the stem cell treatment, Mr de Gregorio said the family was amazed at the improvements in his torso and his left arm.

Corey de Gregorio is not the only Aussie to go abroad for stem cell research using Adult Stem Cells. Last month, I featured Sierra Rose Hill, another young toddler from Australia who went to Germany for a successful stem cell treatment for her Cerebral Palsy as well.

Adult Stem Cells do seem to work well for Cerebral Palsy as I have posted many stories about children going to Duke University for stem cell research where they were treated with their own cord blood stem cells.

I am happy for Corey de Gregorio and a special kudos for his parents for taking an educated “risk” and going to China for stem cell treatment where hundreds of others have been helped as well. It paid off for them.

Stem Cell Treatment Gives Texas Sheriff With Multiple Sclerosis His Job Back

Posted 20 April, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis had taken many things away from Jason Upshaw- his job at the Sheriff’s department, his ability to play with his kids, as well as his ability to walk. Jason had given up hope. Luckily for Jason, he found an article about Preston Walker, another law enforcement officer in Texas with MS. Preston Walker had gone to Costa Rica for a new stem cell treatment and therapy using RSC and had reported tremendous improvements.

Jason, 36, of Erath County, Texas contacted Preston Walker who gave the stem cell therapy a glowing review. Jason promptly contacted the stem cell treatment company in Costa Rica and arranged to go there for treatment.

In June, 2008, Jason went to Costa Rica with his mother to receive the RSCs which would turn his life around.

Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms Before the Stem Cell Treatment

  • numbness and tingling on his right side
  • balance issues- had to use a scooter to move around outside
  • poor coordination
  • severe heat sensitivity

MS Symptoms After the Stem Cell Therapy

  • Not Applicable (NA)
  • NA
  • NA

Jason no longer has any symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis and he has stopped seeing his neurologist. He is also back to playing baseball in the backyard with his kids.

Thanks to Stem Cell Therapy, Back to Work

The Repair Stem Cells have enabled Jason to go back to his work at the Sheriff’s Department. The Multiple Sclerosis had forced him to stop work and put him on full disability. That is not the case today.

According to the stem cell article:

“I never thought I would be back,” Erath County Sheriff’s Investigator Jason Upshaw said, referring to his career in law enforcement. “The day the sheriff handed my badge and gun back, I cried. I mean, I really broke down and cried.”

Stem Cell Research Impresses Wife Too

“Four months after we got married, his MS was very bad,” Michelle said. “And then, just weeks after he left for Costa Rica he was walking on his own. I fell to my knees when I saw him. I hit the floor.”

However, Michelle isn’t so impressed with the state of stem cell research and therapy in the United States (and why should she be?):

“Our lives have truly been changed forever,” Michelle said. “It is an injustice that these treatments, resources and facilities are not available in the United States.”

Adult Stem Cells- Giving Hope and Inspiring Others

Jason hasn’t let the FDA stop him from spreading the wonders of RSC therapy around. Jason is now speaking in front of groups and writes 25-50 emails a day to MS patients who are in similar straits to where Jason once was.

One of those MS patients is Robyn Gorrie who is in Costa Rica now (April 2009) receiving stem cell therapy for her condition. Jason wrote a very nice email to her:

“I now play baseball with my boys in the back yard. I’d nearly given up on ever being able to do that again, much less get back in to the profession I love. Please feel free to contact me at any time. You can call anytime. Please know that you are in my prayers and I hope you get to go, it has truly changed my life.
Your friend,
Jason Upshaw”

You can read Jason’s full email to Robyn here.

Thank you to Janice Fuller for this terrific story and it looks like she is getting ready to go to for stem cell treatment herself. Read Janice’s story at Adult Stem Cell Therapy Ning Group. Don’s brief note to the dedicated and hard-working Janice says it for all of us: “No matter how many patients there will be, YOUR starting on the road to recovery will be this blog's event of the year!”

Other MS Patients Who Have Had Successful Stem Cell Treatment in Costa Rica

Holly Huber, Jennifer Blankenship, Dennis Trammell, Angie Adcox, Joey Quinn, and Juli Balli who all followed in the footsteps of Richard Humphries and Preston Walker. Costa Rica is pretty jammed up now, so the great doctors opened a new shop in Panama. Know someone with MS? Give them Don’s email address and he’ll give them the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about MS and Repair Stem Cells. Probably the only place in North America where the truth is available:

Stem Cell Research Shows Adult Stem Cells Help Stroke Victims

Posted 20 April

A new stem cell research study/trial recently completed shows that implanting a person’s own Adult Stem Cells helps stroke patients overcome partial paralysis. Dr. Kameshwar Prasad of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) will present his stem cell study at the European Stroke Research Conference in May, 2009.

Stroke Victims Own Adult Stem Cells Used

In the stem cell study that took place in New Delhi, India, 12 stroke victims had their own stem cells implanted within 1 month after a stroke. Also, 3 stroke patients were used as a control group and were not given any stem cells.

Process of Stem Cells for Stroke

  1. Adult Stem Cells extracted from patient’s bone marrow
  2. Stem Cells are then purified
  3. Patient’s own stem cells are then reintroduced intravenously into the antecubital vein (in the forearms, near the elbow)
  4. Stem Cells migrate to area of injury (in this case- the brain)
  5. Adult Stem Cells enhance repair process and reduce brain damage

The Stem Cell Treatment Results

At the beginning of the stem cell study, none of the 12 stroke patients were able to carry out daily activities, use the toilet, take a bath, dress and eat independently.

However, within 1 year, 70% (I assume 7 or 8 of the patients) were able to overcome their handicaps and successfully return to previous activities like playing golf, working in the office and cooking.

Only 1 out of the 3 stroke patients in the control group were able to go back to their normal routine.

No Side Effects From Your Own Stem Cells

From the stem cell article:
“The stem cells had excellent safety profile. After carrying out Pet scans and MRIs thrice in a year on patients who received stem cells, we found no side-effects. This study shows that stem cells are a safe and feasible therapy in acute stroke. This holds promise and needs to be confirmed in a bigger study,” Dr Prasad said.

Of course there were no side effects; the trial used the patient’s own cells. Rejection isn’t an issue. As I say time and time again, the patient has everything to gain and nothing to lose. There is no downside to this treatment. It is a shame this isn’t being put to use in the United States and made available to everyone who may need it.

These same doctors will follow up this stem cell clinical trial for stroke with a 120 patient trial in the next 3 years. Hopefully, this will speed things up for Adult Stem Cells to be accepted sooner rather than later.

Related Stem Cells for Stroke Success Stories

The results of this study come just after I covered this stem cell trial for stroke in Texas. Also, earlier this year, I covered the stem cell tea bag which helped a German stroke victim as well.


By Don Margolis

As Editor Granovsky explains, he took the latest five random cases and finished the above lead article on Monday with five case reports of the past week – nothing special, no selection, just five recent winners from the previous week to prove to you that these victories we report exist every day of every week. Then this bombshell came in on Tuesday, drawing more visitors to our blog than any day since the Obama announcements in early March. And no wonder,

Adult Stem Cell Research Helps Breast Reconstruction After Lumpectomy

Posted 21 April, 2009


Irene MacKenzie had a lumpectomy for her early stage breast cancer leaving her with a hollow in her breast. The lumpectomy took care of the cancer, but what about her breast? Well, Irene was the first person in Britain to reap the benefits of Stem Cell research using Adult Stem Cells for breast reconstruction.


Feeling Self-Conscious After the Lumpectomy

After the lumpectomy, Irene didn’t feel good about the way her breast looked. She looked for options. A friend referred her to Eva Weiler-Mithoff who is a consultant plastic surgeon at Glasgow Royal Infirmary. Dr. Weiler-Mithoff who had been approached with a new Adult Stem Cell process asked if Irene would be interested in becoming the first woman in Britain to receive this new stem cell treatment for breasts. Irene didn’t hesitate and said “YES!”

Process of Stem Cells for the Breast


 1. Approximately one pint of fat extracted via liposuction from her stomach.

 2. Half the fat was put aside. Adult Stem Cells were extracted from the other half of fat.

 3. The Adult Stem Cells were then mixed with the first half of fat.

 4. The Stem Cell mix was injected into the hollow in her breast.

 5. 3 months later- the stem cell therapy treated breast looked and felt like a normal breast


Up until now, the only option has been to fill the hollow with the liposuctioned fat (without adding the Adult Stem Cells). The Adult Stem Cells create new blood vessels thus giving the newly added fat some blood supply so it does not die.

11 Breast Patients Treated With Stem Cell Therapy So Far


Dr. Weiler-Mithoff says that they have treated 11 patients so far in this stem cell clinical trial, but that she is very pleased with the results so far.


From the stem cell article:


This stem-cell enriched fat also seems to restore the softness of the breast tissues. It almost un-crumples the skin, undoing some of the radiotherapy damage, and women are reporting that their pain has eased, too - possibly because it makes the skin more supple.


I feel this technique will have a significant impact on breast reconstruction. Patients don’t need a big operation and there are no scars.


I recently covered a similar story approximately a month ago about breast reconstruction in Britain although that story focused more on how this exact same procedure could be used for breast enlargement.


Also, doctors have been doing this in Japan for over 6 years now at the Seishin Cosmetic Clinic with an 80% satisfaction rate.


Similar Stem Cell Research for Face Lifts

Also, last week, I covered a company in China that is using this same technique of getting Adult Stem Cells from the fat and then injecting them into the face as an alternative to a facelift.








Sorry, no names on this flash because the doctor wants to publish and we can only give you the headline before he publishes:


A double injection – into the pancreas and into the eyes – of autologous RSC has (a) lowered his blood sugar and (b) raised his vision from under 40% to over 80%.


If you know a diabetic going blind, have a friend of the patient email Don if the patient can afford stem cells and travel to Europe to get this treatment.


Similarly, for a child born blind with optic nerve disorder, a completely different RSC therapy is available, but far from the USA. Again, email Don for more info.


See you next month!


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