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April 27th, 2012

Volume 4, Issue 4



In This Issue:

We promise you two Newsletters a month. Circumstances have held us to just one in April, so we’ll make this a double! In order to hold down the size, most articles show the first 2-3 paragraphs and let you decide if you wish to read the whole thing off a link.



·         A very lucky BIG man

·         A very old heart re-charged

·         A disabled pro athlete with a smart agent



·         Texas takes on the Pharma-bribed “regulators” at the FDA

·         An MD with the courage to tell the truth with the Medical Police looking over his shoulder

·         Anti-MMR vaccine activists win round one – 12 years later




 We teach you how you and your loved ones don’t have to be lab rats---3-5 lessons in every issue starting now!


·         It’s OK to kill you as long as they warn you

·         New England Journal’s report on hospital safety---and it’s not good

·         How to avoid being killed by PhRMA tests

·         Avoid participating in a DRUG clinical trial

·         You CAN take control of your own health


Don’s Rant


How does PhRMA stop the crash of the embryonic stem cell hoax exposed by the collapse of Geron’s clinical trial? When you have an organization valued in the trillions, it’s easy!


Don Margolis
Dallas, Texas

Bangkok, Thailand

Real People   Real Treatments

You don’t HAVE to suffer from your chronic disease.

You don’t HAVE to die at a young age from it.

You CAN have a better quality life than the one you (or your loved on) is suffering now. Repair Stem Cells now offer hope to millions of no-hope patients.

What really surprises our new patients is this:

Every one of the 100+ chronic disorders now being treated with Repair Stem Cells  is using, somewhere in the world, a technology which was developed in 2010 or 2011;  new therapies which require no pills, no surgery, no anesthesia and no side effects beyond a day or two of headache or nausea for 20% of the patients.

The Repair Stem Cell Institute's mission is to bring this truth to an unbelieving world.   Search as you might, you will never find another website which will offer you all this information in understandable layman’s language.

James Mathis was Born at the Right Time.
When the San Bernardino giant of a man man had a medical problem the traditional approach couldn't fix, the cutting edge of medicine was ready to step in with a treatment that worked.    

Mathis, 48, has known he has diabetes for 14 years. He's worked hard to manage it, but genetics are probably are not on his side. 

Last year, a simple irritation on his right foot became a large festering wound that threatened his foot - and his life.

Perhaps the 6 foot 9 inch, 335-pound personal security agent toughed it out a little too long. If he had sought medical attention rapidly - instead of home remedies - perhaps things would not have gotten so bad.  Perhaps.

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Sixty-five year old Julius was diagnosed with CHF in 1998.  By 2005, at 72, his heart function had deteriorated to an ejection fraction under 35%.  The doctors told him they would have to do something or else the worst possible outcome would happen.

“Like older people my father wanted nature to just take its course,” says his son, Michael.  “But we - the family - were not ready to that route.  So, after repeated hospitalizations and ICU stays, my father finally got a pacemaker which gave him back the ability to do his daily activities.”

Things were looking up for the family.  Fast forward to 2011.  Julius was 78.

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Raiders' Rolando McClain:  “My stem-cell therapy worked well”

Oakland Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain turned to stem-cell therapy to deal with the aches and pains that come with being a professional football player, the Mobile Press-Register reported Sunday.

According to the newspaper, McClain, who missed only one game last season but was hampered by knee pain and an ankle injury, had stem cells taken from his own fat and injected into his knee and leg. McClain credits the procedure, recommended by his agent, for helping him do what he needs to do to prepare for the 2012 season.

"It feels a lot better," McClain told the newspaper, adding he has been able to work out "with hardly any pain at all."

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Texas passes “controversial” stem cell regulations

Don't mess with Texas? The US government may have little choice now that the Lone Star State has adopted stem cell rules that seem to clash with federal regulations. Critics say the Texan rules could put patients at risk.  “Critics,” in case you are not familiar, are those who profit enormously from our “No-Cures-Allowed” medical system and who will tell all kinds of lies to keep Repair Stem Cells from reducing those profits. 

The only medical “risk” is that the patient will live a better life after stem cells, rather than be comfortable with his current useless pills and his fast track to the grave.

On 13 April, the Texas Medical Board voted to accept rules intended to give doctors "a reasonable and responsible degree of latitude" in using experimental stem cell therapies.


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Breaking News For April



The following article proves everything we at RSCI have been saying about cardio stem cells for the past four years:

1.    The evidence that all tested Repair Stem Cells (RSC) are effective vs. heart disease is overwhelming, as proven by 2500 heart patients already given better lives with RSC.

2.    There are more potential sources of useable RSC in the human body than we know about.

3.    There will be constant shouts of superior (to bone marrow) stem cells despite a current lack of scientific proof.

4.    Such proof will not come any time in this decade, and next decade only if a clinical trial to prove which is best is funded.

5.    You will NOT hear about VesCell’s blood-derived stem cells from anyone, since Pharma has barred their scientifically-proven successes from the top three medical journals and all major media.  Indeed, the New England Journal, taking Pharma’s money, lied about VesCell’s results in 2006!  Thus did American cardiologists learn how to lie to their patients about RSC.  Not a word from any researcher or MD unwilling to tell the truth and upset Pharma.

Dr. James Willerson at the Texas Heart Institute, one of the top five of USA’s leading cardio stem cell research institutions, tosses his hat in with two new human stem cells available in the lab; one tried on a carefully selected group of patients but never tried in a clinic, and the other not yet tried, and he may well be correct.  But he knows better than most that the last line of the below article will not happen in his lifetime---and why.

Don Margolis, Chairman

Repair Stem Cell Institute

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BACK IN 1998, two fine doctors in the UK correctly linked Autism to a poison-vaccine called MMR.  Their proof was composed of excellent science.  However, that did not sit very well with the criminals who run medicine in the so-called “developed world.”  So Big Pharma did what they do.  They spent a hundred million dollars, more or less, getting every crooked medical researcher and every totally corrupt academic institution to create and perpetuate the autism-causing lie:  “MMR does not cause autism.”  Know that there are thousands of such researchers willing to say anything for money—I am sure they are the majority.

Since these billionaires control every major newspaper in their world, the three largest USA medical journals, and most major TV networks, it was easy to create a witch-hunt and convince the public that Andrew Wakefield & John Walker-Smith were not only wrong, but crooked non-scientists. 

One of these two doctors, Walker-Smith, sued the British Medical Council, 100% bribed and owned by Pharma, who had branded the doctor with a “professional misconduct” label without any reason, knowing that the publicity generated by their bribed colleagues would cover them.  But the false publicity was of no use in the courtroom, only science was---and the judges were literally sickened by the hoax.

Don Margolis, Chairman

Repair Stem Cell Institute

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"Thousands of patients suffer negative side effect and permanent injuries or death from standard medical treatments.  Thousands more are harmed by vaccines which have never been proven in HONEST clinical trials.   We’ll reprove this to you every issue!”

-----Don Margolis

The LAB RAT REPORT provides original articles, exclusive reports and detailed expose’ s of a society unknowingly subjecting themselves to toxic exposure through prescribed pharmaceuticals, by never (really) tested vaccines,  and operations and tests which are not needed but are profitable to doctors, to hospitals, and Big Medicine.

The LAB RAT REPORT can keep you and your loved ones from becoming a victim of Pharma's most toxic drugs and vaccines; approved and prescribed to you using manufactured data.



Profits are ALL that matters and you Lab Rats count for nothing!


(Reuters) - European and U.S. regulators have backed the continued use of Novartis AG's multiple sclerosis pill Gilenya, one of the Swiss firm's top new drug hopes, but said on Friday the drug needed to carry stronger warnings on heart risks.

Novartis said the decision meant the drug remained on-track to be a "blockbuster" - one with annual sales above $1 billion.  BILLIONS VS. A FEW DOZEN LIVES.  Which do YOU think counts for more?  One thing for sure, when the deaths top 100, the only ones who will know it will be in top level offices in Switzerland!

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New England Journal

The latest study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that from 2002 to 2007, harm to patients at 10 North Carolina hospitals (hospitals that were involved in programs to improve patient safety) was common and did not decrease.

Instead, 18 percent of patients were harmed by medical care (some repeatedly) and over 63 percent of the injuries could have been prevented. In nearly 2.5 percent of these cases, the problems caused or contributed to a person's death. In another 3 percent, patients suffered from permanent injury, while over 8 percent experienced life-threatening issues, such as severe bleeding during surgery.

Most often, patients suffered complications from medical procedures or drugs, or came down with a hospital-acquired infection. Other problems also occurred because hospitals failed to prevent infections and mistakes caused by urinary catheters, ventilators and lines inserted into veins and arteries.

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HOW THEY KILL YOU WITH RIGGED TESTS is owned and operated by PhRMA.  Phony Depression “Test” leads 100% of readers (Lab Rat Suckers) to take anti depressants NO MATTER HOW THEY ANSWERED THE QUESTIONS!! 






The below article describes why you should stay away from drug clinical trials---because you can never get the data that you risked your life to produce.  It is worth the read, but being based on nice polite science in the NY Times, it must avoid the COMPLETE truth.


The system works like this:

1—A clinical trial is held, almost always outside the USA.

2---The foreign doctors are told what results can be released to outsiders.

3---The positive data is submitted to the FDA.

4---Since the FDA is owned and fully controlled by the drug companies which it pretends to regulate, the drug is almost always approved and no one knows the real negatives which can be deadly.

5---The doctors (using only the positive data given them by the drug companies traveling con men) rush to prescribe this new “miracle drug” and earn the outrageous commissions paid them by Pharma.

6---Now comes a million NEW Lab Rats, dozens of whom will die from the toxic side effects known by Pharma.

7---The bosses will ignore the deaths and keep them from the FDA so that more Lab Rats, who PAY for the privilege, can suffer and die. 

8---Don’t believe us?  Try this on for size.  Last month, more than a decade after approval of statins, putting tens of millions of doctor-trusting Lab Rats at risk, the FDA admitted what they knew all along:  Statins cause very serious new diseases by the tens of thousands, such as Diabetes, such as Renal Failure, SUCH AS HEART FAILURE!!

Now read the nice, polite, accurate (but incomplete) article.

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You CAN Take Control of Your Health


By Dr. Mercola


How much control do you  really have over your own life in general, and your health in particular?

These questions have puzzled many since the beginning of time.

Now, the emerging science of epigenetics is offering some answers that put true control within your reach.

According to some scientists, changing your health may be as "simple" as changing your thoughts and beliefs.

"Contrary to what many people are being led to believe, a lot of emphasis placed on genes determining human behavior is nothing but theory and doctrine," writes Konstantin Erikseni .

"We are free to make decisions that impact our lives and those of others. …

Our beliefs can change our biology.

 We have the power to heal ourselves, increase our feelings of self-worth and improve our emotional state."

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Don’s Rant

How the uncovered embryonic hoax is being re-covered.

Start with this: Big Business controls ALL major media.  ALL.

For seven years now, all major media in North America (and most of Western Europe) have participated in the greatest hoax in medical history.  Every major city has one leading newspaper, and that controlled fishwrap ALWAYS writes what Big Medicine wants them to write, namely:

**Embryonic stem cells (ESC) are the future of medicine, and

**Repair (adult) Stem Cells (RSC) don’t work.

The same lies are run in the 3 major USA Medical Journals, which know they are lying so that misinformed, commission-earning MDs will repeat the lies to their patients. 


Recently, the world’s largest hoax stem cell company (Geron) was forced by bad news in their horrible clinical trial to give up embryonics completely.  They lied about the reason, saying it was money, but the real reason is they decided they did not want the huge law suits that will arise from implanting cancer-causing ESC into patients who were not told about the ESC cancers that historically slaughtered thousands of lab rats.  (Never read THAT in your local version of the NY Times, did you?)


So that left the medical murderers without a prayer, since all the honest stem cell companies won’t touch embryonics for patients.  For lab studies, OK, but NOT to inject cancer into humans. 


But one company, wanting to follow in Geron’s filthy footsteps and get the hidden help from the bribes of Pharma and California, put together a way to treat a patient with a drug of which ESC is an ingredient.  The Big Guys jumped on it, slipped big money through the back door into Advanced Cell Technology (ACT) and set up the propaganda to move the Geron failure out of sight.  Every academic lab in the country wants to get in, even knowing they’ll get few or no patients, just to let Pharma Money know they deserve more bribes!  Check out the academia wanting to plY this criminal game, such as Stanford, Penn and Harvard and other billionaire “universities.”


When the billionaires need to deliver huge amounts of propaganda, they get each and every one of their controlled newspapers to write a bylined article based upon the master article written by the bosses’ headquarters.  Right now A.C.T. is all they have, so that is the only one of 2000 ongoing stem cell clinical trials you are ALLOWED to read about in North America's major media.  Goebbels would be proud! 





Advanced Cell Technology: Stem cell retinal implants safe

BBC News

BBC News

By Michelle Roberts Health reporter, BBC News Early results from the world's first human trial using embryonic stem cells to treat diseases of the eye suggest the method is safe, say researchers. US firm Advanced Cell Technology told The Lancet how two ...

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Restoring vision with stem cells

Washington Post

An experimental therapy made from embryonic stem cells hopes to treat some forms of blindness by replacing atrophied cells in a key layer of the retina. Sources: Advanced Cell Technology, National Eye Institute |. By Bonnie Berkowitz and Patterson ...

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Stem Cell Study May Show Advance

New York Times                        

LOS ANGELES — A treatment for eye diseases that is derived from human embryonic stem cells might have improved the vision of two patients, bolstering the beleaguered field, researchers reported Monday. The report, published online in the medical ...

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Super Stemmys, Doris and the Supercells is the first ever children’s story on stem cells. 

A stem cell named Doris and her stem cell friends must all join forces and work together to repair an ailing heart and defeat Morbidus the Vile.


100% of the proceeds from sales of

Super Stemmys, Doris and the Supercells

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