April 2010

Volume 2, Issue 4



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·         The Shame of CBS 60 minutes



Don Margolis
Dallas, Texas

Bangkok, Thailand


The Shame of CBS 60 Minutes

On April 18, 2010, CBS 60 Minutes condemned millions of people to a lifetime of suffering and an early death with an outrageous program detailing one fraudulent “doctor” who used stem cells to cheat desperate patients.  They knew absolutely that their expose’ would paint a hundred honest stem cell doctors with the same dirty brush.


Question:  Why did they search the world to find one juicy fraud and ignore dozens of good, honest doctors? 


Answer: They knew that would prevent the average American from complaining about being deprived of stem cells which really work to improve the lives of chronically ill patients.  


Millions of them are untreatable and have no hope under the “drugs or nothing,” high profit, no-cures-allowed American medical system……because stem cells would reduce the profits of the billionaires who have turned the USA into a medical prison, where profits come first and patients come last.


How it Started

In 2003, Big Medicine composed of multi-billion dollar HMOs, Drug Companies, Medical Device Companies and Health Insurance Companies was then making over $10,000,000 an hour bottom-line profits.  They accomplished that by creating three ironclad rules of American Medicine:

      1—Profits are ALL that matters.


      2---No cures of ANY chronic disease allowed in the lab or in the clinic, for only sick patients are profitable.


3---Patients are lab rats who are to be sold toxic drugs which are approved on the basis of clinical trial fiction;       after a few hundred die they may pull a drug back---or they may not---the number hit 50,000 with Vioxx.


So, in 2003, Big Medicine recognized two truths:

A—Embryonic stem cell (ESC) science is really science-fiction and won’t treat a human being this century.  (1)


B—Adult Stem Cells (ASC) were a real threat to those profits.


Effective 1/1/2004, the Big Lie, once perfected by Hitler’s DOCTOR Goebbels, came to America—in spades!


*ESC became the religion of the American Medical Mafia—“the future of medicine,”  “ESC can become any type of cell we wish,” “If George Bush wasn’t president; Christopher Reeve would be walking now!”    Lie after lie spewed from the mouths of bribed medical scientists.  Whatever was true about ASC became “true” about ESC.  Anyone who said otherwise would be whacked out and could never get a medical job, even as a lab janitor.  Tony Soprano never had it so easy.


*ASC became “snake oil” so as to make sure the public wouldn’t mind the fact that Big Medicine’s #1 subsidiary, the US Government, would keep the biggest threat to profits away from the most medically profitable country in the world—a country which pays 50% more to its Medical Mafia than other developed countries and is ranked 19th in a field of 19 developed countries in “Death by Medicine.” (2)


It was easy to convince most medical scientists to join the phony new “medical society,” ISSCR, created and fully funded by Big Medicine.  Its ONLY purpose is to keep ASC away from profits by pretending ASC haven’t been proven, despite thousands and thousands of “untreatable” patients having had their lives improved.  With so-called scientists being paid to insist that ASC go through the billion dollar drug approval process which these con men posing as doctors praise, that approval will never happen.  So millions will die while taking ten different prescriptions at once and never getting better.


What more proof do you need that ASC work and that ESC are beyond hopeless than this:

The whole world, including America, is spending hundreds of millions on over a thousand ASC clinical trials and not a dime on even one ESC trial?  (3)  


Millions of dying heart patients matter not a whit---they are lab rats created to buy a billion dollars worth of pills every month which can never bring them back to a near normal quality of life---something ASC do every day of the week somewhere in the world. 


Diabetes is even more profitable—now at 26,000,000 USA patients and spending about a HALF BILLION DOLLARS A DAY on doctors, hospitals, hardware, insulin, and especially on pills which cannot do anything but shift symptoms around while keeping them suffering and alive to buy more.  Understand that in the American Medical Mafia, no researcher is allowed to research anything but pills---real cures are forbidden---never mind that diabetes adds enough new American victims each year to replace all those it kills plus another million!  Big Medicine is working to keep the worst pandemic in the history of the world growing and growing, dreaming of the day in 2060 when half of the 400 million Americans will be diabetics.  Imagine the profits when 30% of our money is spent on medicine!


No matter that American Medicine kills one human being every minute of every day in the 21st century (3), profits are there and will stay there since all three branches of the government are 100% owned by big corporations.  Do you remember that only a quarter-century ago there were such things as Anti-Trust laws to protect the ordinary citizen from the inevitable excesses of big business?  Well, with 535 congressmen owned by Big Business along with the White House and the Supreme Court, there are no more laws.  In EVERY case which reached the Supreme Court during the 21st century, Big Business won over every little guy who was trampled by Big Business.


Big Medicine owns or controls every major city newspaper and every TV network.  One way is direct ownership by the same billionaires.  Even easier is to hold billions of dollars of advertising revenue over their heads like a Damocles sword.   You perhaps can remember the Al Pacino/Russell Crowe movie, “The Insider” showing how Big Tobacco got 60 Minutes to cave-in, back in 1996. (4)  Big Medicine makes Big Tobacco look like a Mom & Pop store by comparison.  60 Minutes had to cave, or go out of business.


In the time of Salk and Sabin, everyone in North America could go to any doctor he wanted and be covered by the miniscule (by comparison) health insurance companies.  But then the AMA started buying congress and got them to elevate the MDs to superior status, and the drug companies spent billions on the illusion that they actually know something about curing diseases.  THEY KNOW NOTHING.  The majority are legal drug pushers, making commissions (mostly hidden) on every drug they push.  Most care not at all about the fact that most of the pills they profit on DO NOT WORK ON THE MAJORITY OF LAB RATS THEY SELL THEM TO! 


They do not have to worry about killing patients with pills, because your congress and your supreme court have banded to make Big Corporations immune from law suits (5)….and doctors immune from prescribing pills approved by the FDA, the most crooked medical regulators in the world.  Don’t believe me?  Google this:  “FDA corruption” and see how many hits you get.  Think that’s unfair?  OK, Google this: “FDA scientists.”  See what the 25% of honest guys that work there have to say, while being ignored by the President, by Congress, and especially by the other 75% who are campaigning to make it through 20 years, get a fat pension, then a $250,000 a year plum with those nice drug companies.  Guess whose pockets that money comes from.


Now that they have called in the whores of CBS 60 Minutes, easily-duped Americans believe that one well-chosen fraud represents all stem cell doctors, and will never complain as they are deprived of God’s greatest gift to mankind, a medicine that works instead of kills.  So the answer to your question, “When will we have stem cells in America?” now, thanks to CBS 60 Minutes, is “Not in your lifetime.”






(3)  SEARCH “adult stem cells” You’ll get about 2600, about half of which are actual ASC trials while the other half merely mentions the words “adult stem cells.”  Then change one word: “embryonic stem cells.” 




(5) Five years after the start of the Vioxx murders, ** with 25,000 “official” deaths and 50,000 actual deaths, how many lawsuits by the widows made it to the courtroom?  10,000?  No.       5000?  No.        1000?  No.                  500? No.        100? No.       Not in a corrupt legal system totally owned by Big Business.  The answer?  18. 

Not possible, you say?  Maybe you should rent the movie “Sicko,” by Michael Moore.


**Do you have a better word for fictional clinical trials followed by intentionally delayed reporting of  hundreds of deaths, followed by FDA suppression of the facts, followed by the FDA threatening of a non-cooperating medical journal (Lancet) who ran with the story. Of course, the whistleblower was fired and barred from working for our wonderful government, even as a janitor.  He was lucky that he didn’t “commit suicide.”









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