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Volume 2, Issue 5



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·         Hoaxers Backing Off Outrageous Claims!



Don Margolis
Dallas, Texas

Bangkok, Thailand


Embryonic Hoaxers Backing Off Their Outrageous Claims


In an article intended to convince taxpayers that embryonic stem cells actually have a chance to help someone this century, the propaganda machine known as the Associated Press admitted in 2009 that “For all the past month’s barrage of headlines about embryonic stem cells' medical promise, there is a sobering reality: The science to prove that promise will take years, too long for many of today's seriously ill.”



Dr. George Daley of Boston, one of the creators of the International Society for Stem Cell Research, whose ONLY mission it is to keep Americans suffering without stem cells that work by keeping the embryonic hoax going, recently said:

"It took much of the 20th century to figure out how to deliver chemicals as drugs.  We should be humble and appreciate it may take us the better part of this century to truly harness the power of cells as medicines."


Of course, you charlatan!  Con people as you have over the past five years, convincing them that cures will be pouring out of the embryonic pipeline as soon as Bush leaves the White House, then, after ripping them off for billions and billions of dollars they don’t have, say, “Well, not in YOUR lifetime, suckers.”


Only a year ago, Don Margolis was the only stem cell advocate IN THE WORLD to say this openly and publicly.


Daley’s covering his butt is quite a shift from the past few years' propaganda, "If it wasn't for George Bush, Christopher Reeve would be walking now;" not to mention the phony FDA-approved Geron embryonic clinical trial of January 2009 which would have killed the hoax for all time had they even started it!  Again, RSCI was the only one in the world to announce immediately in consecutive newsletter articles that the hoaxers would not  allow the clinical trial to start :


Meanwhile, the "free press" in the USA, including the Associated Press and every medical reporter in the land, in every major newspaper and magazine, cheered the first embryonic trial, while RSCI told the truth eight  months before the con men at Geron announced what Don had said all along—It ain’t gonna happen!  Geron had enough gibberish in its press release to con the public into believing that it would come later.


But misinforming about embryonics is only half the lie. Here's the other half from the Associated Press---that Repair (Adult) Stem Cells don't work.  First* they get a bribed "scientist" with lots of letters after his name to say so.  That way other doctors who also know nothing about stem cells will lie, often inadvertently, to their patients.  In this case, the bought-and-paid-for "doctor" is John Gearhart of the University of Pennsylvania:


…. taking a stem cell destined to produce blood and making it grow heart muscle or nerves instead is very different," stressed Dr. John Gearhart of the University of Pennsylvania.

Don Margolis responds:

It may be difficult in your embryonic-crazed country Dr. Gearhart, but the tiniest of stem cell companies (in Israel) proved you wrong in 2005 and the British Journal of Haemotology published the paper in 2006:

Of course, positive papers about adult stem cells haven't been allowed in American medical propaganda journals starting 2004, since they might damage your profits.

Now for the BIG Lie, told by every bribed scientist and doctor in corporate-controlled Amerika:

"Adult stem cell injections temporarily helped heart-failure patients a few years ago. The new cells didn't grow but for a few months secreted substances that helped what was left of the old scarred heart tissue work a little better,” he said. “New attempts using different stem cells are under way now."

Imagine, if you can, forty words (underlined) with three ENORMOUS lies, long disproven in peer-reviewed, published scientific papers, and by dozens of patients who are willing to prove it publicly.


2--"didn't grow"

3--"a little better"

Barbaric 20th century cardiology (see the following article if you do not know this already) does little for the patients but makes billions for Big Medicine and hundreds of millions for the practitioners such as Gearhart. Commissions on toxic, useless drugs, referral fees on toxic, useless hospital procedures, and non-reporting of side effects are the standard for cardiologists in 2010....all with the blessing of the FDA.

So be prepared to read attacks on ALL alternative medical care in every publication in America:  medical journals, popular magazines, and every major newspaper--- reaching into every corner of the internet----and all controlled by Big Medicine and its #1 subsidiary, the US government.  We hope you have learned by now that EVERYTHING your government tells you is pure fiction, no matter which “democracy” you live in.   Your government is not “For the People,” it is “For the Corporations.”



Dr. Gearhart’s Standard Cardiology at its best---guiding heart patients to the grave with pills

Dear Reader:  You probably do not know that standard USA medicine kills one American every minute of every day –the latest paper (2003) proves about 1-1/3 deaths every minute:

Now let us see how American Medicine does its bit to reduce the population, starring “Texas Cardiology” instead of Pennsylvania Cardiology.

Dear Mr. Margolis:

I know you have put a lot of work into what you do so I thought I would take the time to share with you my experience and like-minded opinions.


I have been reviewing the material and websites you forwarded to me, thank you.   If you only knew what I have been through, if you could only see a video of my past four years, it would be a true testament to what you have said about the horrible state of our health care system. 


In late 2004 I was diagnosed and given very little time to live, EF 15%, DCM apparently from a failure to properly diagnose a virus.  For 3 months I presented to my primary care doc with worsening symptoms including extreme pitting edema and coughing blood, all he did was keep prescribing more and more antibiotics until my wife made me to go to the ER and I was diagnosed.  After a few days of IV diuretics, a young cardiologist came to my room and told me most people die within five years and then prescribed about 7 medications I was supposed to take daily, and then the horror began.  I had a five year old son at home and a job to do, and no health insurance (self employed)! 


For a few weeks I seemed OK, and then the side effects of the medications started to take their toll.  “The doctor knows best!”   “You have to take your meds!”  I got sicker and sicker.  My feet and hands were burning and numb so bad, I told my family it was like waffle irons closed on them 24 hrs a day.  Not to mention that I was walking around in a fog all the time like a half stupor, sleeping constantly, totally lethargic, totally out of it.  When I told the cardiologists (and there were many) they said that my condition was good, my heart was well compensated so I needed to stay on the meds, no offer to adjust meds, no offer of pain relief, no concern about my quality of life at all.   This went on for over 3 years, my suffering was biblical, but try to explain or get empathy or support from anyone, they just can’t realize how bad it is, cause they don’t feel it.  They mainly just want you to follow the doctor’s instructions.   My position is that our doctors and the companies they work for are essentially paid to kill the sick in a slow systematic way so that they can bill every available source along the way.   Unnecessary high cost testing, drugs that cause other problems to develop,  drugs that cannot be easily stopped without horrible rebound effects i.e. (coreg) or (any diuretic). Invasive procedures that kill, maim, and are most often only short term fixes, or do more harm than good.  


Anyway, in January 2010 I ended up, for about the third time in six months, back in the heart hospital, this time for a ten day stay.  I must say that the nurses there were some of the best, the facility was new and the food was great.  They gave me everything they had to make me better and I left there feeling much better.   However, I was very sore and weak for many days after leaving and seemed to be getting worse.  I could not figure it out.   A month after release I woke up and my hands would not close, could only move my fingers a few centimeters.  Had also noticed over the past weeks my appetite was terrible I had to force myself to eat!  My wife typed my symptoms into the internet and came up with an obscure reference from a man who was relating his experience with the big digitech (digitalis) poisoning lawsuit of 2008, he could not close his hands.  Viola, I immediately realized that one of the new drugs I was prescribed was digitalis and that my dosage was 2 times the standard,  rather it was written for everyday instead of every other day like it was supposed to be.  So for 40 days I had been taking a double dose that was two weeks ago, still can’t completely close my hands but I am improving daily since I quit taking digitalis completely.   I made a special appointment with one of the best CHF doctors in Dallas, he told me many people die within 30 days when double dosed, (How the HELL did that SOB know that unless double dose poisoning is normal in Texas Cardiology?—ED)  and that there is no need for me to be on any medication other than a diuretic as needed.  He seemed unfazed that I had almost been poisoned to death, and told me the poison should be out of me in a week or so.  He never mentioned the vomiting, rash, immanent feeling of death, and horrible pain I would be suffering.  


In closing he said that I was definitely "end stage" and he knew of no drugs that could improve the way I feel day today, even though I know of several from my research.  He knew 2002 info about stem cells and told me to go for it if I could get into a trial.  He highly recommended a heart transplant, like all my cardiologists do!  He was very kind and gracious and he spent an inordinate amount of time with us, answered 80 questions we had written out, but we got no new information, he was very nice, and he did not charge us for over an hour of his time.   Still, he was old school and offered no solutions, recommendations, or advanced information.  However, one great thing he did was release me, in front of a witness, from an obligation to take horrible cardiac meds, and he agreed that they have limited benefits and often terrible side effects.  I'm hoping I will ultimately be healthier, I don’t drink or smoke my BP is 121/76 and my resting heart rate is 85 bpm.  I still need diuretic, it can take months to re-establish the normal hypostatic balance of your body, if your even capable, so I have to watch it,  weight is 180 I am 5'9" 


In short, Mr. Margolis, I have been through hell, over a very long period of time.  I have not had a good day for a long time now because of the poisoning and before because of meds etc.   Today was pretty good though and I am glad I wrote you this. 


I just felt you, of all people, might appreciate my story.  Just think, your pioneering work will save untold numbers of heart failure patients and other illnesses from the untold pain and suffering, the horror, of a slow death administered by doctors and pharmaceutical companies to maximize profit.   How many seniors are dying because of prescription medications? 


I appreciate the work you do.


John T.

Dallas TX   



Another Response to the Lies of Dr. Gearhart


My husband, Bob Grinstead, was the first heart patient in the world to cross the Pacific for stem cell therapy in Bangkok.  But first, how did we get so desperate?


Two days before Christmas, in 1990, with no other warning other than he had diabetes, Bob, age

55, had a massive heart attack and under went bypass surgery.  From that time on he went through twenty-six heart catheterizations which included angioplasties, eight stents with multiple laser burn outs and nuclear isotopes, three minor heart attacks and a second bypass surgery followed by three medicated stents.


In August of 2004, he was told that there was nothing else that could be done for him. He had reached the point where his congestive heart failure was so bad that a shower and shampoo made him take nitroglycerine.

Is that desperate enough?


We spent about two months researching stem cell therapy. Bob talked to Emory Hospital in Atlanta, read many articles, even called a doctor in Michigan that had preformed a similar procedure and then found VesCell on the Internet.


After a family friend involved in medical research, said that we were dealing with a valid company and very competent doctors, we polled our four children and every one of us felt that we should go for it.


We left Atlanta on March 1, 2005 and on March 10th his blood was drawn to be sent to Israel for extraction of specific stem cells and multiplication of these cells.  Bob was back in the hospital on 17th, waiting for the stem cells to return from Israel. He underwent a painless insertion procedure just like all of the angioplasties that he had received in the US.


We returned home to Atlanta on the 20th of March. Four weeks later, Bob was out cleaning the garage which he had not felt like doing for years. We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in June with all of our children, grandchildren and great grandchild here to enjoy it with us.  Instead of being sofa-bound, Bob was all over the place.  I get excited when I hear Bob running up the stairs or doing other things that had taken so much effort before stem cell therapy.

We want to say a heartfelt thank you to all of the people at VesCell for making this truly an experience of a lifetime.

Barbara Grinstead



Dr. Gearhart’s “few months” has been disproven by over 200 patients who went to Bangkok, but because he is willing to deceive the public, spout the corporate lies and let heart patients die, he and his ilk are quoted by the corporate-controlled USA newspapers, magazines, and CBS Sixty Minutes.

Bob’s ejection fraction climbed from the 20s steadily over the next 2-3 years into the 40s.  His diabetes Hb A1C dropped from over 9 to under 7 with no change in diet.  He never took another nitro pill.  He travelled extensively and lived five years of pure joy before he was called to his maker.  Barbara will talk to new patients who wish to talk to her.




Posted at;contentBody


It is troubling that you continue to mislead about Geron to "prove" your points.  Please respond to the following:

1--The trial was announced in Jan 2009.  The Repair Stem Cell Institute (RSCI) announced IMMEDIATELY that it would not happen, while you and your fellow media cheerleaders were conning suffering Spinal Cord patients with articles that at last, Bush was being cancelled.

2.--In Feb. 2009, The Street dot com exposed a $43million Geron stock scam promoted by the pretend clinical trial.  Stockholders lost 14% overnight (literally overnight) when the market was closed as the new suckers bought in at a “discount.”   Naturally the stock opened at the new, lower price so those with stop loss orders got wiped out 14% lower.

3.--Not one so-called reporter bothered to dig up the truth, that Geron had lied about pretend clinical trials TEN TIMES between 2004 and 2009 to bolster stock prices of a company with no chance to ever break even.

4--As of the pretend date that the trial was scheduled to start, no evidence of it having ever existed was available on the only official website in the world for clinical trials, the NIH published

5—When it was cancelled two months later with Geron jibber-jabber as an excuse, hardly a word from you media cheerleaders. 

6—Between then and now there have been three distinctly different reasons given by the Geron hoaxers as to why it was cancelled. 

7—Now ACT, Geron’s kid brother, has announced the same scheme. 









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