May 2010

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·         Rich, the MS Guy

·         To the Editor, RSCI

·         10 Year Old Gets New Windpipe

·         To All Lab Rats



Don Margolis
Dallas, Texas

Bangkok, Thailand


Rich, the MS Guy


Hi all, Sept. 26, 2009

I am heading to Mexico tomorrow with my wife, a friend, Lisa, who has SPMS and her husband! We are going to a clinic 2 miles over the border from San Diego. We will be picked up at the airport by the clinic and taken over the border to a 4-star hotel that is included in the treatment fee.

I am a 54 year old and I have Primary Progressive MS. I was diagnosed in June 06 as RRMS and have tried Avonex and Tysabri and have failed on both. I have also participated in a double blind study medicine that was taken off the market because of ineffectiveness.






Just to document my current symptoms before the stem cell transplant, I will list them here:


Right side weakness, right leg and some right arm. I can lift my right leg about 1 foot off the ground.


I have toe-drop and wear a brace on my right leg to help with that.


I can walk, with a cane, distances of 100 feet or so very very slowly. In the heat I would say I can walk half of that distance. For any other distance I have a scooter.


I have a weakening bladder,


tremors in my legs,


moderate cognitive issues.


I feel my strength in my arms and legs is worsening daily.


I have had many complications from MS including painful neuropathy,


tingling in each extremity from time to time.


I am mostly home on social security disability, and can drive when I have the energy.


Fatigue is a constant battle.


My vision is weakening and I had Lasik years before my MS diagnosis.


My disability has steadily progressed. I do not have relapses and I have never had remission.



Update Nov 19

It has been a little over 6 weeks with my new stem cells. So far what I notice is I have much more energy and ZERO fatigue. Hard to believe since fatigue is a big factor for MS patients as we all know. I do walk more without a cane now but I am cautious when doing that as I can still weaken my leg if I push it. Baby steps, baby steps.....


Friday Oct 9,2009, day 9 of stem cells

Back in Florida and the 97 degree heat! Bad for my MS and I can already feel a difference in my energy. That is what 106 heat index will do to a MS patient, make you feel like everything is in slow motion. Back to dragging my leg around. Outside of that I am good inside and miss San Diego’s great weather.



Monday Oct 26,2009 day 25 of stem cells 

Lisa who went with me IS seeing much better mobility and she can see much better out of her eye that was treated!


Update Dec 29 2009   ED NOTE: VERY Important entry:

No major changes yet. Still feel great and full of energy. Eating a more raw diet since June 09 also and lost 45 lbs so far. I am not on any MS meds for my PPMS and I do not feel my MS is progressing at all, perhaps that is the stem cells?


Update: March 19, 2010                               

Sorry it has been a while but I have been busy and I just wanted to give an update. I am feeling really great and in the last week I have noticed a nice improvement in my right leg when I walk and go up stairs. No heat here in Florida this time of year so that helps also. I am still on no meds, still RRMS, and I have drastically changed my diet since June 09. I had the stem cells Oct 09 for reference. I am feeling no fatigue at all. None. And before it was debilitating for me.


I am feeling so well I am taking part in the MS Walk tomorrow as I did the last 2 years. In the past I have done (and struggled with) the one-mile walk and just made it, after many stops. This year I am going to attempt the 2.3 mile loop! I do wear a brace for foot drop when waking long distances and have done so for the past year or so.


As far as my nutrition I have been eating a raw vegan diet, mostly following Dr Grahm's "The 80/10/10 Diet" book and also using "Eat to Live" by Dr Joel Fuhrman and also "The MS Recovery Diet" by Ann Sawyer. I have read over 100 books on nutrition and close to 1000 studies that support them. Everyone should read "The Chine Study" by T Colin Powell. It is a definitive study that shows once and for all that the Standard American diet is the cause of so many of our ills in this country, and a whole food plant based diet can allow your body to heal itself. No drugs, no side effects, nothing but great results. I know many on the standard American diet do not want to hear this but we have been "duped' by the FDA, the USDA and a host of other gov't agencies. Please read the book and it may change your life, as it has mine. Feel free to contact me for any other nutrition questions about my MS that you may have. If stem cells are not in your future for any reason, give nutrition a try!


EDITOR’S NOTE:  This from Don:  Rich may be the most clever stem cell patient ever.  Imagine stem cells, plus super diet, plus no chemicals.  It just can’t get any better!







I have been reading your newsletter for a year now and have watched your constant attempts to expose what you call “the  overhyped embryonic hoax.”  I search far and wide and find no one other than the religious right who makes such a claim.  I also see dozens and dozens of articles by real scientists which tell us that you are wrong, that embryonic stem cells are the future. 


So far the only argument of yours with a modicum of proof is the clinical trial count, which I have verified.  There are well over 1000 registered ASC trials and zero ESC trials. 


But everybody knows the only reason ESC are behind is George Bush. How can you possibly be right and hundreds of doctors and scientists wrong?

Name withheld


Dear Ms. X:

* George Bush has long left the White House and the promised “cures” that were to come gushing out of the pipeline are nowhere to be found or even expected.  The hoodwinked people see nothing press releases about minimal progress with mice promising the moon, but never mention that the moon is unreachable with this science fiction. 


*What “everyone knows” is almost never correct, especially in this case.  What you have been sold about Bush cannot possibly be true.  When you say that Bush is “the reason” you are saying that the thousands and thousands of embryonic scientists around the world are incompetent boobs. They never had a Bush to deal with, just embryonic-friendly governments who wasted billions on scientific nonsense.  To this day, your boobs have come up with zero—not ONE TREATMENT worthy of one clinical trial.  Only press releases published by a world of controlled media who value the advertising dollars of Big Medicine more than the lives and health of their readers (and in the case of 60 Minutes, their viewers).


*For your final point, “dozens and dozens of articles by real scientists” we refer you to an article written four years ago by, if you are correct, only the second non-religious person in the world trying to expose the hoax; an academic, Wesley J. Smith:



Promising medical research you never hear about.

By Wesley J. Smith   (2006)


IT HAS BEEN REPEATED so often that it is now a mantra: "Embryonic stem cells offer the most promise for finding cures" for degenerative diseases and conditions such as Parkinson's disease and spinal cord injury. But saying something ten thousand times doesn't make it true. Indeed, the embryonic stem cell mantra has yet to be demonstrated scientifically.

More than that, the actual data published to date in peer-reviewed science journals tell a far different story. While there have certainly been successes in embryonic stem cell experiments in animal studies--many of them hyped to the hilt in mainstream media reports--the numbers pale in comparison with the many research advances being made with adult and umbilical cord blood stem cells, which are already being used in human patients.

Based on the published science, there are 72 maladies (1) for which human patients have received some benefit (which is not the same as being "cured") from adult stem cell or umbilical cord blood interventions. Meanwhile, embryonic stem cells have yet to demonstrate any human therapeutic use.

This is not to say that embryonic stem cells don't have genuine scientific value. (2)  Researchers are excited about the prospect of gaining a more fundamental understanding of developmental biology by experimenting on embryonic stem cells, for example.  And embryonic stem cells may well have the capacity to treat human diseases. But to win the current political debate over federal funding of embryo-destructive research, many supporters have made extravagant claims about pending cures. In their zeal, they forget to mention that embryonic stem cells cannot be used safely in human beings at present because of worries over tissue rejection and their demonstrated propensity in animal studies to cause deadly tumors--problems not associated with adult stem cell therapies.(3)

For the full article:




(1) This number was “72” four years ago.  It has more than doubled since 2006.


(2)  Note that Mr. Smith, like Mr. Margolis, does not use the moral argument against embryonics, JUST THE SCIENCE, which is further from human treatments today than it was in 2006!!


(3) This was true in 2006 and not an inch of progress on these deadly issues has been made to date, except in press releases.






Ten-Year-Old Boy Gets New Windpipe Made With His Own Stem Cells

A ten-year-old boy is now breathing easy, thanks to a world first transplant using a new windpipe grown using his adult stem cells. The young boy was born with a rare condition called Long Segment Tracheal Stenosis, with a narrow windpipe that does not grow and restricts breathing. He had undergone previous surgeries to widen his windpipe but the condition had become life threatening. A team of British and Italian doctors developed a new technique to treat the young boy’s life-threatening condition. They took a donor trachea, stripped it down to the cartilage scaffolding, and then injected adult stem cells from the boy’s bone marrow. The stem cell-coated organ was then implanted in the boy. Over time the adult stem cells will cover the windpipe; using his own stem cells means there is no transplant rejection problem.

The major step forward in this case, is that instead of re-growing the organ with adult stem cells in the laboratory for months until it is fully formed, the cells were put into the trachea just before implanting it. The team of British and Italian scientists described the procedure as a breakthrough for its simplicity in using the “ideal laboratory” of the human body to rebuild the organ.

Back in 2008, the group performed their first such transplant into a young Colombian woman who faced loss of a lung due to a damaged trachea. The cells were removed from a cadaveric trachea and then the cartilage structure was bathed in the woman’s bone marrow adult stem cells in the laboratory. The re-grown trachea was then transplanted into the woman, restoring her airway. The results were published in The Lancet.

In an editorial that the original team published in the journal Regenerative Medicine regarding the first transplant, they make the point:

“The positive publicity that surrounded this experience permitted the difference between adult and embryonic stem cells to be understood by a wide audience, whilst the debate in internet chat rooms between those for and against embryonic stem cell applications became slightly less based on fear and preconception and slightly more on the evidential base.  Meanwhile, for one young woman from Colombia and her children, the implications of the first stem cell-based organ transplant are quite clear.”


Thanks to the Family Research Council and Dr. David Prentice.



Regarding the last paragraph---we have a gift for Dr. Prentice (and you, our readers)---something one of our researchers discovered in 2008, but Mr. Margolis has refused to publish—until now.  It is the ultimate proof of his term “embryonic whores” for the doctors bribed by Big Medicine to keep ASC out of the developed world where their profits are all that matters and patients are not allowed to be cured of any chronic disease.  I repeat---ULTIMATE PROOF!  Look for it in June.










The one complaint more readers mention about RSCI’S previous newsletter is our calling them lab rats in the eyes of Big Medicine, which we thought we have proven over and over again.  We asked Jon from New Zealand, (not his real name, but he was born in NZ) to come up with one valid lab rat example for every issue (twice a month).  He responded, “I could fill out the rest of the year by tomorrow.”   OK, Jon, just one at a time.


Drug giant GlaxoSmithKline will settle more than 700 suits filed by plaintiffs who claim they were injured after taking its Avandia diabetes drug, according to Bloomberg News. The suits alleged that use of Avandia led to strokes and heart attacks in those taking it. Bloomberg says the company will pay $60 million to settle the suits, which are among 4,000 filed over the drug. In February, two reports that were highly critical of cardiac risks associated with the drug were released, one by the Food and Drug Administration and the other by the US Senate.

THE KIWI’S OPINION:   Since the bought-and-paid-for US Congress and FDA now allow Big Pharma  to pretend to run their own clinical trials,  they got cocky and imagined they could hide a few  thousand destroyed lab rat lives---heart attacks, strokes, and death.   Glaxo just had the wrong scientist make up the fictional clinical trial data.  They should learn to use Harvard scientists who are much better at Pharma Phantasy. 

Did you know that $60mil amounts to less than two days profits for this uncontrollable giant?  Now do you know why they won’t allow you to get stem cells ever?  They can make billions by just pretending to cure you, paying your doctor nice commissions to prescribe their poisons and killing you lab rats by the thousands.  How?  Well, even if that 4000 number grows to 5000 and they pay them all at the same rate, that works out to LESS THAN A HALF MONTH’S PROFITS!







Super Stemmys, Doris and the Supercells is the first ever children’s story on stem cells. 

A stem cell named Doris and her stem cell friends must all join forces and work together to repair an ailing heart and defeat Morbidus the Vile.


100% of the proceeds from sales of

Super Stemmys, Doris and the Supercells

Go to the Repair Stem Cell Institute (RSCI) to help patients.














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Thank you for reading the Repair Stem Cell Institute’s Newsletter!  We want to bring you up to date on the new improved stem cell treatments that are available now


In 2009, the Repair Stem Cell Institute helped thousands to learn about the safe and effective stem cell treatments available to them. Many chose stem cell treatments that the Institute recommended, and perhaps two-thirds of them are well on their way to an improved quality of life.   

Not only are dozens and dozens of new stem cell protocols in use today which were not being used as of 1/1/2008, but more information is also now available. As an example, for the first time in stem cell history, scientific data proving the miraculous results the world’s first stem cell company has achieved for 500 no-option cardiovascular patients are now available, and RSCI is the first to have the summary data along with abstracts of peer reviewed published papers.    

Parkinson’s treatments, which have been limited due to difficulty of getting the stem cells to the affected portion of the brain, will see new protocols in early 2010 which will use catheters to implant those stem cells where they will be most beneficial.  This protocol may soon apply to stroke and PPMS patients also. 

Spinal Cord and Cerebral Palsy patients now have choices closer to North America than ever before, while those with Muscular Skeletal disorders such as bone, tendon, cartilage and knee problems can now be treated with Repair Stem Cells in North America.  Many of our top stem cell centers have switched from the patient's bone marrow to the patient's tummy fat to provide the strongest stem cells.

The Institute has become an all-in-one resource for widespread Repair Stem Cell information and patient education.  There is no cost or obligation for our services. We look forward to helping you.

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Don Margolis started the first stem cell treatment company in the world for no-option heart patients in 2003, a company which treated its first commercial patients in 2005. 

 In 2008 he started the only stem cell blog in the world dedicated to “Stem Cell Victories.”  Hundreds of patients took their health and life into their own hands and were rewarded with life extensions and better quality of life. The blog is focused on the individual patients who have been helped by Repair Stem Cell therapy.  Hundreds of featured patients with Parkinson's, Diabetes, Spinal Cord Injuries, Multiple Sclerosis, Heart Disease etc. have experienced significant improvements in their condition and quality of life. Articles are searchable by disease or category.

 And then Don founded the Repair Stem Cell Institute…


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Stem Cells are Safe, Effective & Beneficial!  

Have you been told Repair Stem Cells are untested, unsafe, ineffective and even detrimental?  In fact, the safety and efficacy of Repair Stem Cells ARE proven in over 1000 clinical trials in the US and around the world! The October RSCI Newsletters specifically detail how safe and effective stem cell treatments are.  They contain everything you'll need to empower yourself to make life-improving decisions: October 2009 Edition and October 2009 Special Edition


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HiddenCauses100H.jpgHidden Causes of Heart Attack and Stroke


When the author became aware that 50% of all heart attacks had been happening  to people with so called,  normal cholesterol, he began a five year research and writing project to identify other hidden factors that were unsuspectedly destroying lives.

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