June 2010

Volume 2, Issue 6



In This Issue

·         American Medical Mafia

·         Euthanizing CP Children?

·         Why the Epidemic of Autism?

·         Weissman Exposed

·         To All Lab Rats

·         Linus Pauling’s Warning



Don Margolis
Dallas, Texas

Bangkok, Thailand



Continuing its unrelenting efforts to protect its $300million DAILY profits, the AMM bribed or threatened Costa Rica into closing down the best stem cell center in the Western Hemisphere.


Citing “no proof,” one of the usual lies, and quoting the AMM’s puppet stem cell society, ISSCR, the Central American government ignored over 200 lives improved for sufferers of autism, CP, MS and SCI, and also ignored the company’s large number of scientific papers. 


That is the way the AMM does it, led by the billionaires’ crooked scientists such as Stanford’s Irving Weissman,  Boston Children’s George Daley, and California’s Alan Trounson, ---just tell enough lies, get your fully-controlled media to swear it’s true, and easily take away the medical freedom of millions of patients.


Trounson, you should know, was imported all the way from Australia to run the California $6billion embryonic con.  He had a perfect resume’ for the job---two major lies covered up by the controlled media in Australia---including falsified data, a-la-Korea, in a typically phony embryonic study. Why else would they ignore hundreds of Californians and thousands of Americans?  Nobody can lie and get away with it like Trounson.


Stanford, you should know, avoided the embryonic hoax for the first four years until Weissman showed them how they could rip off taxpayers and gullible philanthropists by pretending Bush is the reason America is behind the world in stem cells.  Everyone has a price, and Stanford’s price was in the hundreds of millions before they were sucked into the hoax.


For more about who Weissman really is, see WEISSMAN EXPOSED below.


Since the AMM owns every congressman and every president regardless of party, they know that Americans suffering with diseases the AMM claims are untreatable—and there are a hundred such diseases---will never have stem cells to replace the profitable but absolutely useless and toxic pills which keep them suffering on their way to an early grave. 


But the publicity from the internet and small print-media about medical miracles from stem cells was proving them liars every day, so after 6 years of a hoax whose success was crowned when 60Minutes completed the murders of millions of Americans, they are going after cheaper targets, such as Thailand and Costa Rica---countries which have put every lying commission-earning American doctor to shame, but whose politicians and crooked scientists are only too happy to accept the cash and swear the lies are true….”Repair  (adult) Stem Cells are snake oil.”


For those that will write us protesting we are being unfair to Costa Rica, save your time, here is our answer:


Minimally, these prior-to-closure, fair and balanced investigations by the State should include:

- Personal, one-on-one interviews with successfully treated patients and their families, balanced by interviews with non-responders

- In-depth review (with subsequent publication of the review) of the international scientific literature by opponents and supporters alike,

- Open-to-the-public, in-depth interviews with professionals with opposing medical and political viewpoints.

- We would also throw in a "full disclosure" requirement, open to the public, listing all the interest groups and individuals behind the political movement to close down the center, hospital or practice.  


Shame on Costa Rica politicians, regulators and their cronies.   But, to be fair, this is the same fascism which pervades the USA.  Just instruct the insurance companies to not cover it, and the patient has no voice. The Medical Mafia has the power and rule #1 is PROFITS ONLY; #2 is NO CURES ALLOWED; #3 is PATIENTS ARE LAB RATS to be killed at the rate of more than one per minute—and there are 526,000 minutes in a year.  See how the great Linus Pauling predicted this horror 36 years ago, four articles down this page.



So now, there isn’t a stem cell company in the Western Hemisphere which has improved the lives of even ten CP patients.  Duke University  (not a company) has treated less than 1/1000th of North American CP patients so what does that leave us?





While we understand a doctor helping someone voluntarily ending her life to end unbearable pain—a la Kavorkian---there are now at least two cases of loving parents ending the lives of their CP children.  Wesley J. Smith, one of the very very few writers in America (other than RSCI) who writes the truth about stem cells, looks at one result of AMM keeping stem cells which work away from patients who need them.  While we would prefer to make this about the corrupt scientists and doctors who tell these parents that stem cells don’t work, when, in truth, they do, Wesley keeps his focus on the moral issue.

Thursday, May 27, 2010,

Wesley J. Smith


What is it with our cultural leaders these days?  Jack Kevorkian wanted to engage in human vivisection, he murdered Thomas Youk, and is rewarded with a biopic starring Al Pacino as Kevorkian and receives $50 K a speech.  Now, Robert Latimer, who murdered his 12-year-old daughter Traci because she had cerebral palsy, is being lauded by Ozzie Osbourn in a new rock and roll song.  From the story:

Tracy Latimer was born with a severe form of cerebral palsy and by age 13, was in constant pain, having up to six seizures a day. Latimer put his daughter in a running car inside a garage where she died of carbon monoxide poisoning.


The “constant pain” excuse was eviscerated, nay obliterated, by Mark Pickup in a very detailed and cited blog post demonstrating the cruelty of Traci’s murder.


The 10th track of Osbourne’s solo album entitled Scream, due out June 22, is Latimer’s Mercy which describes what Latimer may have felt in putting his daughter to death. The lyrics are poetic yet brutally graphic. “The sun shines on this deadly new mourning/The church bells ring an early warning/Your eyes shine as I turn on the motor/The tears fall as the mercy gets closer.”


Osbourne said he agreed Latimer had to go to jail. “To put your child to death is a big decision. I’m not one to go, ‘You’re wrong, you shouldn’t do that,’ or ‘You did the right thing,’ Osbourne said the interview. “I’m in the middle of the road. I question myself, thinking ‘How would I deal with that?’ It’s a very big decision to make.”


The comment about going to jail doesn’t erase the terminal non judgmentalism or the harm I think is caused to society when we celebrate legal and social outlaws like Kevorkian and Latimer.


P.S. A mother has been arrested in California for murdering her 5-year old child with cerebral palsy two years ago.  The boy starved to death.








Let me tell you my true story about my youngest daughter who received her immunization at the age of 12 Months in 2002.  In about a week we started noticing she had lost all eye contact and making screaming noises. Then in about a month, the two words she could say disappeared all together, she started to throw herself on the floor and screaming with pain.


We rushed her to the Doctor and all he could give was Lactolose and Senokot.  As parents we were furious. I was not going to take no for an answer, and so I started searching to find answers of how could it be that my daughter was perfectly normal in every way and in about a month my daughter has changed completely. She sounded and still is today, 8 years later, makes screaming monkey noises.


I had to find out answers fast as a parent seeing my daughter in so much pain.  Out of desperation I found Breakspear Medical Group, a private clinic that is run by family members, I did not have any money then and I don’t have any money today.  We took out a loan and I had to find out what my daughter’s problems were.


They found a serious amount of (toxic) heavy metals around the liver which led to severe allergy to food plus chronic bowel problems.   She has lost all contact with us, we have lost her completely to AGRESSIVE AUTISM, as the NHS labeled my daughter.


We have tried all different therapies.  Oxygen therapy, Biomedical Treatment, and ICT auditory sound listening. There have been very little improvement and slow progress. The oxygen has helped in some small ways and so my daughter still remains very severe, in all areas.


We are doing all we can to reverse the problems that my daughter has that was caused by TOXIC VACCINATION, but she has severe REGRESSIVE AUTISM.



Ed Note: And now your children cannot be treated with stem cells in the West for autism—the Medical Mafia’s victory and your suffering is guaranteed.  So, as many believe, the AMM causes the epidemic with toxic vaccines,  with useless pills and therapies, and bribes doctors to lie so you cannot get the best treatment, stem cells.  Then the insurance companies help out by not covering any other natural therapies which have proven to help---all to make sure you give these kids their absolutely useless and toxic pills.


By the way, the number of USA autistic kids ages 3-22 has quadrupled in the first decade of the 21st century, in case your doctors tell you there is no such epidemic while they tell you their vaccines are perfectly safe.








Extracted from an article by Lisa M. Krieger

Posted: 05/22/2010 09:00:00 PM PDT

Updated: 05/23/2010 06:52:47 AM PDT


When a child dies of brain disease at Children's Hospital of Orange County, CA, Philip H. Schwartz meets with the parents, explains his research and asks them to donate their child's brain to his quest for a cure.


"These are not easy conversations to have," he said. "There are expectations by parents that if they allow us to do that to their child, it will serve a useful purpose."


But for three years, the cells derived from many of those children's brains have been suspended in limbo, frozen in Thermos bottles. The nonprofit Southern California hospital has shut down the research, intimidated by a patent claim from the Palo Alto biotech company StemCells. The company's co-founder is esteemed Stanford stem cell scientist Dr. Irving Weissman, one of the world's most passionate advocates for giving scientists access to a field entangled by politics, ethics — and now money.


UC San Francisco and Stanford University require no license from academics to use their patent inventions and materials for noncommercial research purposes, according to Joel Kirschbaum of UCSF's Office of Technology Management and Katharine Ku of Stanford's Office of Technology Licensing.  "Behavior like this is repulsive and unacceptable, and the leadership of the company should be called to task,'' said Dan Ravicher, executive director of the Public Patent Foundation, a nonprofit group that urges limits on patent protections in life sciences.


John Simpson of the Los Angeles-based Consumer Watchdog, who is closely watching the case, called it "an egregious assertion of overreaching patent rights. Even if StemCells Inc. can technically assert the patent, I think it is wrongheaded for them to do it. You don't want to freeze that sort of research."




Editor’s Note:  What Mr. Ravicher and Mr. Simpson do not know is that Weissberg thinks of himself as God, and for good reason!  He has brought perhaps a billion or more into Stanford’s overstuffed coffers with his lies about stem cells. He knows that no scientist or doctor who wishes to remain as such would dare criticize him, given that he controls through his billionaire bosses every corrupt major newspaper in America, starting with the Washington Post and New York Times.


Earlier this year he embarrassed ISSCR, the puppet stem cell organization he controls, by attacking adult stem cells being stored from umbilical cords.  His underlings actually reversed his lies this time---you can bet THAT won’t happen again.  Those underlings do not know what Weissman knows, that which drives his every action:  The ONLY reason ISSCR exists is to keep adult stem cells away from those who need them.  When already-proven corrupt CBS 60minutes can be so easily convinced to lie a dozen times in one broadcast, he really is God!









When it comes to prescription drugs, we are all Lab Rats, to see whether or not they are safe, since neither Big Pharma nor the FDA knows.  We asked Jon from New Zealand, (not his real name, but he was born in NZ) to come up with one valid lab rat article for every issue (twice a month). 


As our Chairman (and my friend) Don Margolis says over and over, the American Medical Mafia kills more than one American every minute of every day of every month of every year this century.  Well, there are a bit over 500,000 minutes in a year, and 200,000 of those deaths come from drugs.


Drug companies, under pressure to recover development costs and generate profits, sometimes downplay side effects or fail to perform adequate testing before a medication goes to market. At the same time, inappropriately prescribed medications can cause drug interactions or adverse reactions in the unsuspecting people who take them. In fact, problems with medications result in 200,000 deaths and 2.2 million injuries each year. 


So let’s try something helpful this time around.  Bringing you the latest RECALL data so you can check your medicine cabinet!


1---Three intravenous medications–metronidazole, ciprofloxacin and ondansetron–made by Claris Lifesciences are under recall due to possible contamination, according to a public health alert issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


The FDA said it has received reports of floating matter in IV bags manufactured by Claris in Ahmedabad, India. In one instance, a microbiological analysis of white material found in a bag of metronidazole identified the Cladosporium mold. Molds can cause infections in susceptible patients, especially those with compromised immune systems.



2--- Get ready to check your medicine chest again. Pediacare distributor Blacksmith Brands has voluntarily recalled four children’s drugs that were manufactured by McNeil Consumer Healthcare, the Johnson & Johnson Company at the center of the J&J children’s medicine recall.


The four medications involved in the new recall are: PediaCare Multi-Symptom Cold 4oz.; PediaCare Long Acting Cough 4oz.; PediaCare Decongestant 4oz.; and PediaCare Allergy and Cold 4oz.



3--- Consumers should avoid buying or using “Arrow Brand Medicated Oil & Embrocation” as it is potentially toxic, according to a warning issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The medicated oil, also labeled as “Aceite Medicinal La Flecha,” contains methyl salicylate and camphor. Both are poisonous when ingested and may be poisonous when applied to a large area of the skin or heated to improve absorption of the active ingredients.


Children are particularly susceptible to poisoning from these ingredients. Poisoning symptoms could include:  abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, visual changes, dizziness and mental confusion.










In 1974, Dr. Linus Pauling, America's only double Nobel Laureate, made the following insightful statement. Read it carefully, because it is the reason that there is NOTHING beyond symptom pills and treatments for any chronic disease in standard medicine:


 “Everything in the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases, which is not natural to the human body will fail. The mechanisms of our bodily systems are unwilling in the medium term to react cooperatively to substances which are toxic to the human body.


Orthodox medicine will attempt to compensate for its disregard of this maxim-which is born out of narrow-mindedness and ignorance of the laws of nature — by spending vast sums of money, by commissioning research on a gigantic scale, and by propaganda.


The attempt will fail, but it will cause a tremendous explosion in health cost, which will lead to a serious social upheaval and economic and political crisis.


Even industries that merge into vast conglomerates in order to be able to finance non-biological ‘medicines’ will fail.  No amount of money in the world will ever make it possible to imitate the development of effective substances over hundreds of millions of years of bio-functional adaptation.”










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A stem cell named Doris and her stem cell friends must all join forces and work together to repair an ailing heart and defeat Morbidus the Vile.


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