June 2010 Special Edition

Volume 2, Issue 6



In This Issue

·         California embryonic SCI Clinical Trial fails as predicted; Repair Stem Cells pick up the gauntlet in Europe


·         One CBS channel breaks the rules and tells the truth contradicting CBS NEWS 60Minutes’ DECEPTION


·         LA Times asks if California embryonic voters were duped


·         Paid-off regulators in Costa Rica can’t get their cover-up story straight


·         Medical Bribery.  Now it is “acceptable” to grab the money and cheat you                           (PART 1 OF 4)


·         Stanford’s Weissman gets ripped for stopping stem cell research for kids brain diseases, forced to cave in by public pressure.


·         The Kiwi’s latest Lab Rat Report--- The most significant trends observed in recent health care fraud cases include the willingness of medical professionals to risk patient harm in their



Don Margolis
Dallas, Texas

Bangkok, Thailand




It was January of 2009 when the world’s leading hoax embryonic stem cell company, GERON (of California) announced that the FDA had approved a clinical trial trumpeted by every USA health writer in every major newspaper as proof that the Bush era was over and embryonics was about to cure every disease ever heard of.


While all the know-nothing medical writers in America kept cheering, RSCI responded in three consecutive newsletters that it would not happen.   As it turned out, it was a Wall Street scam to raise more money from sucker investors for a company that has lost millions and will NEVER turn a profit.


The FDA was only too happy to play along, fully knowing the trial would never start.


Now the REAL stem cells have an approved clinical trial:

XCell of Germany Gets Approval for a Huge, Top Class Clinical Trial for Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Patients


(Dusseldof, Germany –) May 31, 2010 –

XCell-Center GmbH, Europe's leadingprovider of adult autologous stem cell therapy, announced approval of the first placebo controlled double blind clinical trial in patients with chronic spinal cord injury.


L’Agence Française de Sécurité Sanitaire desProduits de Santé (AFSSAPS), (the Frenchequivalent to the United States Food and Drug Administration) has authorized thismulti-centre, phase II/ III clinical study to assess the efficacy and safety of autologous adult stem celltherapy in patients suffering from chronic traumatic spinal cord injury. The clinical trial has also been approved by the Ethics committee and will evaluate 120 patients. TheStem Cells will be processed at XCell-Center’s cGMP certified laboratory in Germany, using its proprietary cell processing technology (patent pending).


Principal Investigator of the Study is Prof Jean Chazal from the University Hospital in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Prof. Erik Wolters from the Free University Hospital of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is the chairman of the Clinical Trial Steering Committee.

According to Dr. C. Kleinbloesem, CEO XCell-Center GmbH, "We are ready to begin the clinical trial that will mark the beginning of new era to help patients with spinal cord injuries”.


 To learn more about XCell-Center and review safety data, please visit:







CBS TV New York breaks the rules set by 60Minutes---

Tells the truth about the only stem cells that work!


Hurry up and catch this feature video, just broadcast in New York this week---they will take it down as soon as their bosses in the advertising dept. tell them to!


Medical research keeps finding amazing uses for stem cells, for everything from repairing heart damage to helping aging faces look younger. Now stem cells may be useful in avoiding some hip replacements.


First off, these are not the controversial embryonic stem cells but the patient's own adult stem cells. In this case, the stem cells grow new bone and blood vessels to repair a hip that's literally dying, and in some cases, the recuperation is nothing short of amazing.










California stem cell research: Were voters duped?


Voters approved funding for stem cell research six years ago. So where are the breakthroughs? Well, don't blame the scientists.,0,1831646.story?track=rss&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+latimes%2Fmostviewed+%28L.A.+Times+-+Most+Viewed+Stories%29


The article blames “the journalists” rather than the hoaxers, actually quoting one of the embryonic hustlers who pushed the hoax through along with all the other lying doctors, politicians, and money-grubbers.  The quoted doctor actually said two months ago that the miracles he hyped while duping voters “may take the better part of this century to accomplish.”  Of course, no hoax-supporting paper like the Times would dare publish THAT quote---not if they want to continue to earn advertising dollars from Big Medicine.








The lies about Costa Rica just keep building

We now have two press articles quoting the Costa Rican “regulators”—BOTH WITH DIFFERENT STORIES!  Who is lying?

First, Reuters from June 2:

Costa Rica shuts stem cell clinic

Leslie Josephs


Wed Jun 2, 2010 7:10pm EDT


(Reuters) - Costa Rica has ordered the country's largest stem cell clinic to stop offering treatment, saying there is no proof that it is effective, the country's health minister said on Wednesday.

About 400 patients, mostly foreigners from the United States, have been treated at the Institute of Cellular Medicine in San Jose.

"This isn't allowed in any serious country in the world," Health Minister Maria Luisa Avila said in a telephone interview.

The Health Ministry several weeks ago ordered the clinic, owned by Arizona entrepreneur Neil Riordan, to stop performing the treatment, in which stem cells extracted from the patients are reinjected into their bodies.

The ministry said the clinic has a permit to store the stem cells extracted from patients' own fat tissue, bone marrow and donated umbilical cords but is not authorized to perform the treatment.   END OF EXTRACT




Costa Rica's largest stem cell clinic closes

By Chrissie LongTico Times Staff |

The largest stem cell treatment clinic in Costa Rica has shut its doors, citing a letter from the Health Ministry prohibiting treatment using embryonic cells.

The Institute of Cellular Medicine said it would move all operations to Panama to continue to “promote the therapeutic science of embryonic cells.”

In a press statement circulated on Thursday afternoon, the Institute wrote that it was sorry for the people who lost their jobs, but that it had enjoyed working with a “high quality group of professionals.”

According to news reports, Health Minister María Avila said she didn't order the clinic closed, but simply enforced Costa Rican law, which prohibits the use of embryonic cells in treatment.

“We did not close the institute. They made that decision themselves,” she said. “But what we are prohibiting is the use of embryonic stem cells because no place in the world recognizes the embryonic stem cells as a form of treatment.”



So we have two completely different quotes from Minister Avila

1—Reuters:  “there is no proof that it is effective” The word “embryonic” never appears even once.

2—Tico: “what we are prohibiting is the use of embryonic stem cells….”       Now you, dear reader, can see what happens when they create a lie too quickly and don’t get their cover-up stories right! 








This is a 4-part story


ON HIS OWN, Don has determined that virtually every medical scientist in America is on the take one way or another, mostly for research funds.    Almost all academic institutions are intentionally teaching their students lies about stem cells, straight from the embryonic playbook.  “There is no way that we at RSCI can be right about the embryonic hoax time after time and these crooks don’t know they are lying.”  Why does RSCI care so much?  Because these are the murderers who would rather you die from a disease they will never be permitted to cure, than allow Repair (adult) Stem Cells to help you!


There are more books out today on medical corruption than any other subject in medicine.  So let’s take a look at the entire picture---and we’ll even put the occasional book title in bold italics. 



By far, one of the most disconcerting bribery-influenced systems surrounds the FDA and the USDA, two government agencies that are supposed to protect the American public. The FDA has been repeatedly linked to bribery, and this corruption is public knowledge, thanks to the 1989 generic drug scandals.**  Ironically, it was a pharmaceutical company, Mylan, that exposed the pharmaceutical industry's influence on the drug approval process.


After suspecting corruption in the fast approval of some pharmaceuticals and not others, Mylan hired private detectives who "caught FDA agents red-handed taking bribes in exchange for expediting drug approval," explains Kenny Ausubel in When Healing Becomes a Crime. This resulted in the conviction of four FDA employees and, most significantly, loss of public trust.


Unfortunately, health care corruption in this country doesn't end with the FDA; it has infiltrated the whole system. Drug companies regularly use trips, dinners, cash and free drugs to "persuade" doctors to prescribe new and expensive pharmaceuticals, according to many sources. These bribery expenses pay for themselves many times over, as the most popular drug may not be necessarily the most effective or the one with the least number of side effects, but rather the one that has been promoted and advertised the most.  In other words, the majority of American doctors care not a whit about their patients’ health compared to their commissions!



Now, of course, the pharmaceutical companies disguise their bribes under the altruistic term "gifts," but Natural Alternatives author Michael T. Murray finds the term suspect, asking poignantly, "If the drug company didn't expect the gift to influence the doctor's decision, why would it give the gift?" He goes on to clarify, "A gift implies that there are no strings attached." As much as they would not like to admit it to others, or especially to themselves, doctors know that these "gifts" are linked to an ulterior motive, according to Dr. Jerome P. Kassirer in his book, On the Take. In other words, you may not always be able to trust your doctor to make an objective decision about your care.



What does this mean for you as the consumer? Plenty. Though bribery is harmful anywhere, the use of bribery in the health care system is especially dangerous, making it more important than ever for you to take an active, informed role in your health care. Yes, bribery is prevalent in modern society, but it doesn't have to control your life.

NEXT ISSUE  The experts speak on bribery:



Generic drug bribery takes a new form in the 21st century, stealing from you and making many drug companies richer!

When a patent runs out, the “law” says anyone may manufacture and sell the drug, and the price then drops significantly.  But the crooks who keep you in their overpriced medical prison have an illegal way to keep the price up so they can keep robbing you beyond 20 years.  They go to the generic companies and offer them more money than they can make legitimately to not make the drug!  So it goes generic, but the price stays up at 300%, 400% 500% of the legitimate price, you get robbed, and all the crooked drug companies get even richer as you get sicker and poorer.



Next Issue we’ll give you loads of details on other forms of Medical Bribery.










Goebbels.jpg SEVENTY-SIX YEARS AGO, ADOLF HITLER APPOINTED A DOCTOR AS HIS PROPAGANDA CHIEF…and Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels created the biggest lie of the 20th century in order to murder six million Jews and get away with it.


Today, his spirit is alive and well in the form of a Doctor we refer to as Paul Joseph Goebbels-Weissman of Stanford.   His mission?  To oversee the murder of six million American heart patients by spreading his own Big Lie.  He and his well-paid comrades have over a million deaths to their credit already.


The Big Lie of the 21st century is that Adult Stem Cell treatments are “unproven;” and his lie is spread by virtually every cardiologist in the developed world and certainly by the vast majority of corrupt stem cell scientists who care only about getting research funds and holding a job in the Medical Mafia of our time. 


Of course, their argument is that it is not “FDA-approved,” which means only the FDA won’t permit anything that is better than drugs for any profitable disease.  But these called doctors know that 90% of the public think the FDA protects them rather than murders them by the thousands. 


Goebbels-Weissman has far more power than his Nazi predecessor, since he is backed by a trillion dollars of profits-only medical capital and a system where cures of chronic diseases are never allowed to come out of the lab.

Three years ago, just doing his job, he stopped Adult Stem Cell research on childrens’ brain diseases since, with his enormous power, and with mighty Stanford behind him, he controlled a company which apparently held a patent against it. 


We reported that in our last issue along with the comments of some public service leaders who thought his act was shameful.  What those leader don’t know is that Goebbels-Weissman is in charge of stopping all ASC research since that is the only danger facing the profits of his billionaire bosses.


Apparently his bosses didn’t like so much negative publicity about such a tiny part of their profits, and they instructed him to give it up.


The company that held the patents gave the newspapers the typical PR nonsense defending Goebbels-Weissman’s indefensible actions, but followed his instructions and never used his name in the follow-up PR.  If RSCI had a tiny part in this result, we are proud, but the main credit should go to the San Jose Mercury News, reporter Lisa Krieger  and Philip H. Schwartz, researcher at Children's Hospital of Orange County, who was unable to study the donated brains of dead children for three years, but never gave up the fight.







by The Kiwi


Hi Fellow Lab Rats!

It was 2-3 months ago that I heard Don giving an interview where he made two insane statements:

(1) The most dangerous place in the world for an American may not be Iraq, it just could be his local hospital or clinic.


Insane? According to a newly released federal study:

Bloomberg Business News reports that a new federal study found infection-control lapses such as a lack of hand washing or improper handling of blood glucose equipment were common among a sample of 68 ambulatory care centers located in Maryland, North Carolina, and Oklahoma.  Other common lapses included using single-dose medication vials to treat more than one patient (1) and failing to follow best practices for reprocessing equipment.

The study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.   For more data, click here:

EDITOR’S NOTE: The CDC admits to about 100,000 deaths a year in hospitals where the cause of death is the incompetence and sloppiness of the doctors and the hospital staff. We know that the real number is more than double that, since they can cover up at least half of these accidents.  Remember, these boobs are the same ones who tell you that stem cells are snake oil. 


(2) The American Medical Mafia murders more Americans every month in the 21st century than La Cosa Nostra murdered in the entire 20th Century!


Insane?  Judge for yourself.  This from


Organized criminal activity has been identified in the operation of medical clinics, independent diagnostic testing facilities, durable medical equipment companies, and other health care facilities. The FBI is committed to addressing this criminal activity through disruption, dismantlement, and prosecution of these criminal organizations.

The most significant trends observed in recent health care fraud cases include the willingness of medical professionals to risk patient harm in their schemes. Current fraud schemes consist of traditional schemes that involve fraudulent billing, but also incorporate unnecessary surgeries, diluted cancer drugs, and fraudulent lab tests.


These LICENSED AMERICAN DOCTORS routinely kill and maim their patients for money, which is what the whole medical system does, but the “system” does it legally.  More than one medical death every minute of the 21st century, whether by criminal action, by incompetence, by sloppiness, and by just not caring--.  La Cosa Nostra never had it this good! 


(1) “Single dose” means use and throw away, but these medical morons save a few pennies and re-use them, thus spreading HIV and hepatitis and who knows what else.  We reported on a huge case in Las Vegas last month, but IT HAPPENS EVERYWHERE.


Bye for now, Fellow Lab Rats—Next issue:

The Statin Hoax Finally Exposed…but surely not in the USA…

The Kiwi











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