June 2009

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·         How is Cody Doing Now?

·         Jennifer is a Serious Advocate

·         How’d it go at the Denver Rally?

·         Small Steps, Big Hopes

·         The Last Word


Science Advisory Board

Roberto Jorge Fernandez Viña, MD

Honorary Professor University Maimonides Argentina Honorary Professor University of Beijing, China


Shimon Slavin, MD
Deputy Chairman

Professor of Medicine Medical & Scientific Director
International Center for Cell Therapy & Cancer (ICTC) Tel Aviv Medical Center


Carlos Lima, MD
Senior Consultant Neuropathology Hospital Egas Moniz, Portugal


Zannos G. Grekos, MD
Director of Cardiology and Vascular Diseases, Regenocyte Theraputic
Assistant Clinical Professor of Cardiology, Nova Southeastern University


Kitipan V. Arom, MD, PhD, FACS, FACC, FACCP, FRCST
Chairman Emeritus
President of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons of Thailand
Minneapolis Heart Institute & Minneapolis Heart Institution Foundation, USA
Founder and Past President Minnesota Society of Thoracic Surgeons, USA

Don Margolis
Founder and Chairman
Bangkok, Thailand


How is Cody Doing Now? 



Cody is doing fantastic, another trip to the ophthalmologist confirmed she is seeing, and her confidence continues to grow by the day. I wrote a short bit below in the third person for the newsletter.


“The first UK stem cell awareness day is planned for August 9th in Manchester. Speakers on the day will include several past patients who were treated for conditions ranging from Ataxia to Septo Optic Dysplasia. Macie Morse’s mother Shel, herself a strong pro stem cell voice is flying over to the event to outline the remarkable difference it made to Macie’s life. The organizer is Darren Clarke, father of Dakota Clarke the first UK child to be treated for SOD in China. You may remember we brought you Dakota’s story in March, born with light perception only she can now see up to six feet away.


Darren said “I felt that western medical opinion directed people away from the treatments available to people like Dakota. It’s my aim to let people see that there is an option out there. If I can spread the news that it works, that there is hope, then all the effort will be worthwhile.”


The event will be open to all and details can be found on Dakota’s website ( or the UK SOD/ONH UK Discussion boards ( 





Jennifer is a Serious Advocate

I feel truly blessed to have been born in this great country.  Having said that, the USA has no monopoly on medical truths or medical therapies.  I have MS and with a large leap of faith, I went to Cost Rica for Stem cell therapy. 


I am going back for more SC therapy because I killed my stem cells, after having them for a month, by taking herbs for a high fever I had.  This time I'm going back because I know.  I know the therapy greatly improved the quality of my life.  I know over the past 20 years, I have tried every western medicine available up until 2008 and many alternative medicines with no luck. 


I know this therapy has been the only treatment I've tried that not only stopped, but started to reverse the MS. I know after researching what the few USA experts on Stem Cells say is the only choice left for me was to go out of the country.  I know the FDA is killing adult SC therapy in the US, thus killing patients. I know if we don't stop this, these therapies could become the exclusive domain of the pharmaceutical industry.


I know my experience with Bridge Health International and the State of Art hospital and terrific Doctors in Costa Rica, was beyond all of my expectations!  Thanks to some wonderful people, I am going back the last week in June for two weeks and as they say, the proof is in the pudding.


If you would like to contact me for my story, my name is Jennifer Blankenship.           




How’d it go at the Denver Rally?

The gathering in Denver was initiated by the owners of Stella's Coffee Haus, a well known politically active spot in the southeast Denver suburbs, because their granddaughter has ONH.  Upon arriving there, I was informed that it had been moved to the recreation center at Grant Park (even though the newspaper had published Stella's as the location that morning), about four blocks away since Stella's would not have accommodated more than about 25 people.  This was more of a rally than a conference and it drew some good people.


I arrived about 40 minutes early and met Carol Peterson outside, who is probably the most active stem cell advocate in the US.  I have been reading about her since early on, because after her grandson Cameron became the third non-Chinese to be treated for ONH, she has made it her mission in life to get stem cell treatments moved forward and legalized in the US.  We spoke for quite a while when up came someone who could only be Dr. Hakim from Alex's descriptions of him and Carol confirmed that.


I was introduced to Dr Dave Klein by Carol, who is Cameron's opthomologist in Port Charlotte, Florida who is a great guy and can be a tremendous advocate for us in the US.  He has seen the changes with Cameron and has measured them.  He told me he is also planning to submit a paper to a national journal like Cell, Scientific American or New England Journal of Medicine about stem cell treatment for ONH.  He said that he has measured the electrical impulses of the nerves before and after treatment and they has measurably improved and that in part, that is what his paper would be about.  He will be at the GPI conference in Baltimore.


He also said that he was just in Seattle with the family of Jordan, who is going to come to China soon.  Jordan's mother works at the Hutchinson Cancer Center at University of Washington, which was where the first bone marrow stem cell work was done, so the family is well steeped in the science.  He also told me that Jordan's grandfather was an "iconic" Hollywood entertainer for over 50 years, and that if Jordan's treatment is successful, the grandfather will become an outspoken advocate.


By the time things got going around 2:30, almost 125 people were in attendance.  Michelle, the mother of Macy, a 16 year old girl who was treated for ONH was the MC.  Macy was there and had just gotten her driving permit!!  After their story, Carol spoke and then Dr. Hakim addressed the gathering with some audio visual support on some specific cases from Beike.


Dr Hakim went on for a while.  He emphasized that the main effort the people gathered should make is to advocate to everyone to get the treatments available in the US.  He spoke about how it would take legislative efforts and letting everyone know.  He then told people that they can now go to Panama if they didn't want to go China for treatment.


Anyway, Dave Klein spoke about how excited he is about stem cells.  "I am cautious, but I will do whatever I can as your advocate."  Besides ONH, he is looking at ALS very seriously.  He spoke about how Louis Pasteur discovered a vaccine for rabies and how off label use of a drug was now commonly used for macular degeneration as examples of the way medical innovation sometimes unfolds.


The next speaker was a local doctor by the name of John Schultz.  John is a young guy who has a clinic ( and has been treating patients with hip, shoulder, vertebrae disc and knee problems with autologous stem cells as an alternative to surgery.  He says they have treated over 500 people and done ultra high field MRIs to track about 50 of them.  They have had great results and when I asked him how much for treating a hip for example, he said between $5-7,000.


Their protocol is to extract through either synovial from the knee, or marrow from the femur.  They send the cells to a cGMP lab for separation and "expansion” using a vascular endothelial (?) growth factor.   The patient comes back two weeks later and is injected with 10-40 million cells directly into the injured area.  There is a link on their website to published scientific research (


After John, a half dozen or so families shared their personal experiences in China.  Some had flown in from around the country to support this rally.  Two of the children, Braydon and Macy spoke themselves, and it all quite sweet.  While all this was going on, there was a video crew doing a documentary of the meeting and the crew also was taking Carol, Dr Hakim and a few others into another room for interviews.






Small Steps, Big Hopes

Stem cell therapy offers improvements for paralyzed man

By AMANDA KIMBLE   Stephenville (TX) Empire Tribune

Published: Sunday, May 31, 2009 7:14 PM CDT


After more than a decade in a wheelchair, he had accepted life sitting down, but now Stephenville resident Jason Slawson is doing something he was told he would never do again.


Less than two weeks after returning from a month-long stem cell treatment in San Jose, Costa Rica, Slawson is on his feet taking small steps down the road to recovery, and working to rebuild his lower body strength.


Not only is Slawson, who was paralyzed in a roofing accident on Friday, April 13, 1999, working to steady himself behind his walker, he said he has, on more than one occasion, walked "at least 30 feet" since his May 16 return.


Slawson told physical therapist Mark Blackburn at Stephenville Sports Rehab Wednesday that there was no way he could have taken even the tiniest steps prior to the treatment.


"I couldn't do anything," Slawson said. "My legs were so bad. I had horrible muscle spasms, not trembling, but constant shaking. The spasms were so bad that all the walls in my house would shake."


He said he has not experienced the spasms since getting home.


Slawson is, however, standing with the support of the walker and "picking up, not dragging."


Slawson said he is not yet able to move his feet independently and they are instead working in unison as his muscles work to rebuild themselves. The most notable improvements have been seen in his abdomen and hips, which have shown a drastic increase in strength.


Blackburn said since Slawson was paralyzed from the waist down, it is natural for regeneration to first occur in the upper portions of his body before the muscles in his legs and ankles begin to function independently.


"Improvements usually happen from the top down," Blackburn said. "He will see improvements in his hips before his knees and his knees will improve before his ankles and feet." 


Blackburn is picking up where therapists at The Stem Cell Institute left off, and will help Slawson in strengthening and re-educating his muscles and improving his neurological ability on functional activities.


"It is not just about strength," Blackburn said. "Just because your legs can hold you up, that doesn't mean they will do what they need to do to move like your body is supposed to."


But some medical professionals would argue that Slawson's body is doing exactly the opposite of what it is supposed to be doing since he suffered a "complete injury" in which his spinal cord was severed.


While Slawson admits the road he is traveling is a long one, he is determined to make big strides in the next several months since doctors at the institute said with the severity of his injury; it is likely that more treatments will be needed.


But, he said he must show notable progress in the next six months or the procedure will not be attempted again.


"If progress is apparent, a return trip to Costa Rica is very likely," Slawson said.











The Last Word

Many MS Patients Not Filling Prescriptions

Extracted from:

UPI Health News (Business) - Jun. 19, 2009


Twenty-seven percent of multiple sclerosis patients are declining to fill their prescriptions, U.S. researchers said.


The survey, conducted by pharmacy benefits manager Prime Therapeutics, says the survey indicates patients with an out-of-pocket expense greater than $250 were seven times more likely to decline to fill their prescription than patients with an out-of-pocket cost of $100 or less.


The study concludes that the increase in the number of patients who decline to fill their MS specialty prescriptions and do not continue taking the necessary MS medications may adversely affect long-term patient care.


Imagine that.  People being gouged by profit-consumed drug companies cannot afford treatments in the land of the worst medical system the world has ever seen.  So they suffer and die younger while stem cells are banned in a country where murderous drugs are regularly approved without a second look behind the curtain of secrecy where the REAL results of toxic drug clinical trials are hidden, and where doctors are paid millions in commissions provided they don’t report drug fatalities.





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