July 2009

Volume 1 Issue 7



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·         Love Story 2009

·         The Placebo Effect Revisited

·         Fortune Wakes Up

·         Is MS Curable?

·         Post Script


Science Advisory Board

Roberto Jorge Fernandez Viña, MD

Honorary Professor University Maimonides Argentina Honorary Professor University of Beijing, China


Shimon Slavin, MD
Deputy Chairman

Professor of Medicine Medical & Scientific Director
International Center for Cell Therapy & Cancer (ICTC) Tel Aviv Medical Center


Carlos Lima, MD
Senior Consultant Neuropathology Hospital Egas Moniz, Portugal


Zannos G. Grekos, MD
Director of Cardiology and Vascular Diseases, Regenocyte Theraputic
Assistant Clinical Professor of Cardiology, Nova Southeastern University


Kitipan V. Arom, MD, PhD, FACS, FACC, FACCP, FRCST
Chairman Emeritus
President of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons of Thailand
Minneapolis Heart Institute & Minneapolis Heart Institution Foundation, USA
Founder and Past President Minnesota Society of Thoracic Surgeons, USA

Don Margolis
Founder and Chairman
Bangkok, Thailand


Love Story 2009 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 9:32 PM

Dear Dr Zhang:

Please accept this case from Australia.  

Ms. Cornish says they will be ready to go after your doctors answer their questions.

I hope you are able to accept this case.



LAST NAME     Cornish

CITY                 Adelaide

COUNTRY        Australia

DISEASE           Spinal Muscular Atrophy

BIRTH YEAR     2008



Don Margolis



Wednesday, March 18, 2009 7:40:56 AM

Dear Don, 

We have been in touch with Mrs. Cornish for awhile and are just trying to get a few final medical points straightened out before they come. Thank you for your help.




Kara Zhang, M.D, M.Sc

Medical Director

International Department

Shenzhen Beike Biotechnology Co., Ltd.



Saturday, June 27, 2009 5:25:02 AM

Dear Don,


I'm not sure if you remember me, I know you have helped so many people. I just wanted to write and let you know that our beautiful daughter Emily passed away on Tuesday 23rd June. She didn't get a chance to get stem cell therapy, but we had just been given the loan approval and had started make arranges to go to Asia. I think perhaps my little angel wasn't ready to travel and go through the treatment. I want you to know that I appreciate everything you did to try and find her help. Please keep up the good work you do, who knows perhaps one day little ones will be able to get treatment in their own country sooner and it may make all the difference.


Also just so you know, Emily passed quietly home here in my arms with her dad next to us, she just went to sleep and after an hour decided not to wake up.  She was well and happy right until the last, not sick at all.


Once again I thank you deeply for the hope you provided us for the last six months, this helped us keep going and made it a happier house knowing we did have a hope.


You will always be remembered by Brian and myself


Kinds Regards


Brian Tuxford and Tricia Cornish



Saturday, June 27, 2009 12:29 PM

EMILY.jpgThank you for taking the trouble to write us in your time of sorrow.


If you would like, I will post your words in our newsletter.


If you agree, please send me a digital photo of Emily Jane.






Thank you Don,

That's a lovely idea, we had trouble choosing a photo but this is one of our favorites.


Kindest Regards,

Tricia and Brian




The Placebo Effect Revisited

The majority of doctors in the Western World know nothing about stem cells.  They consider themselves gods and so do half their patients. They tell their patients that stem cell treatments are “snake-oil” and that there is no improvement, just a placebo effect (patients convince themselves they are better).  “God says my disease is incurable, so it must be so, and I must continue to suffer and take his pills which have not improved me.”    Here is another look.



JUNE 24, 2009

When I was 27 years old I was a bodybuilder, 200lbs of solid muscle I worked out at the gym 6 days a week every day after work. Then the first of a series of medical problems happened, I completely destroyed one of my lumbar discs l5-s1. Three years later I also destroyed the disc above it l4-l5 and suffered from severe nerve damage to my legs. The nerves did eventually grow back but I suffered from excruciating leg cramping and spasms in my feet and calves for the next four years. It was hell to even sit down for my job, needless to say I stopped exercising and due to a very poor diet and 8 cans of mountain dew a day my weight jumped up to 280lbs. I started smoking because for a few minutes the spasms quit and gave me a little peace, this allowed me to work an extra 10 hours a week and I became hooked.


Four years later, at age 34, after spending two years working 80 hour weeks at a very stressful job (I was working the Chrysler plant in Belvedere Illinois) I woke up in the middle of a heart attack.  Not knowing what it was, I walked around my hotel room for the next 45 minutes until I realized the pain wasn’t going away.


The paramedics took me to the hospital and I was sent to surgery, when I woke up, the doctor informed me that I had a widowmaker – 100 blocked LAD and they had determined that 50% of my left ventricle was not moving any more. They told me that more often than not, people usually don’t make it very long after one of these.


During rehab I worked very hard, finally being able to jog slowly up to two miles, but I could never get beyond that and that combined with going back to my job left me a shell of a man. Crashing from exhaustion on the couch every night and spending my weekends in bed trying make it through the next week of work. During this time my leg pain did go away, and, with a good diet, I dropped 90 lbs over the next 6 months.


Then the other shoe dropped: a CT was done on my chest and it was discovered that I had not only a pulmonary embolism, but I also had a giant branchial carciniod tumor that completely filled up the cavity occupied by my right middle lung. During my stay for those issues, a team of cardios also looked after me.  they told me at best I had maybe 5 years left if I was lucky and the very good transplant surgeon that would crack the right side of my chest gave the same chances of making threw the lobectomy as an 80 year old man.


Well I ended up being so stable during the surgery he worked an extra 2 hours on me and I recovered. I did have a bout with pneumonia also but I survived that as well.


After my heart attack I went to Thailand for my stem cell therapy.


Before I left I had a metabolic stress test done using the advance haskell protocol. I scored 8 mets with a vo2 of 28.


40% of my left ventricle was totally dead – MRI mapping


Three days after my stem cell implantation I started walking through Bangkok again, my breathing had improved, my stamina was up, and for some reason I was really hungry all the time.


Before the treatment after walking it would take half an hour in air conditioning to stop sweating and my heart rate would be 110 to 120 for quite a while cooling down.


In three days when I tried again my heart rate was 85 and I would stop sweating in 5 minutes. A week and a half later I had an echo done before I left and the bottom of my heart was very weakly beating again. This really gave me hope.


Two months later I did another metabolic stress test using the standard Bruce protocol and I scored 10.1 mets with a vo2 of 32. A 20% and 12.5% increase the doctor that had done my last one blurted out “absolutely stunning!” this put me in the 95th percentile for men my age of 37 years old, in other words out of a 100 men my age, 94 of them could not match my performance.


Now 18 months later only a very small part of the bottom of my heart isn’t beating normally and I can do nearly everything I want to now. The only thing I have not done is hard sports because I still have a fear of maxing out my heart rate – old fears die hard.


All of my body chemical stats are now in normal range, I have maintained a cholesterol level of 144 total without using any statins – I quit those several months ago.


My last bike ride on a recumbent bike I rode 33.5 miles in 2 hours 20 minutes.


I can walk 5 miles on a whim, and not have to relax afterwards


I did a six minute walk test and I did 804 meters in 5 minutes which is on video


The next video I make I will attempt to do 1100 to 1300 meters in 6 minutes. – what else can I say?


Adult stem cells work. No placebo effect can change the physiological effects of heart failure that are easy to see and impossible to mask.




James Eilert





Fortune Magazine: Adult Stem Cell Therapies Are Where Investors Should Be Looking

It is encouraging that the financial sector recognizes the tremendous advancements in adult stem cell research.  When the rubber hits the road, the facts win out when making lucrative business decisions, as succinctly described in Fortune magazine this week.  After five years of nothing but lies** in American print media (2004-2008) the truth is seeping through the cracks.

Fortune magazine reported this Tuesday, June 16, that researchers and analysts say that marketable therapies are already emerging from less controversial work with adult stem cells.  According to this news piece “When it comes to stem cells, the public – and the media – tend to focus on embryos.”  Regardless, as acknowledged by Fortune, “adult stem cells are currently the only type of stem cells used in transplants to treat diseases” and the successes attributed to the ease of use and reduced costs in developing therapies while avoiding ethical issues.  From a business interest, many therapies are approaching market approval while embryonic stem cell therapies, if proven safe and successful, are at least 10 years away.  While the media continues its focus on embryonic cells, industry recognizes where the value lies.  Many major biopharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and Genzyme are earmarking billions of dollars for development of adult stem cell cures.  To read the entire article, please click here.  

Patients have the right to know all available treatment options.  For those reading this message for the first time, there are several resources available for research and clinical information.  For additional information on successful adult stem cell studies, please click here. To find treatment centers for specific conditions, please visit the Repair Stem Cell Institute website.       


**The first known breach of American print propaganda happened last November when the NY Times erred by allowing a truthful stem cell article on its website for the first time in many years.  It seems their Paris correspondent, not knowing the “rules,” wrote an accurate description of a great adult stem cell victory.  Before the bosses realized it, hundreds had read it.  It was, of course, unceremoniously yanked and replaced by standard NY Times stem cell misinformation.  (They actually had the chutzpah to call the adult stem cells “embryonic-like!”)




Preston Walker Chapter Two

Is MS curable?  Depends what your definition of “cure” is!


June 25, 2009

After undergoing adult stem cell treatment in May 2008 for multiple sclerosis, I felt better than I had in several years.  About 10 months after the treatment, I noticed my depression and fatigue symptoms had returned. After the first treatment going as well as it did, I didn't have to do any more research.  I made arrangements to hop back on a plane for more therapy through the Institute of Cellular Medicine (ICM) in San Jose, Costa Rica.  


Staff at ICM was still as compassionate as I remember from my initial treatment.  I can't imagine a better experience with staff at a clinic.  My treatment plan was left on my table within my hotel room at Apartotel Christina.  I was to undergo another mini-liposuction, two intravenous injections of my stem cells taken from fat tissue, two intrathecal injections and three sessions of physical therapy.


Yesterday, I went through my second intrathecal

injection (that means the cells are implanted into the spinal canal from where they migrate to the brain in order to perform their magic---ed) as well as my second IV injection of stem cells taken from my own fat. 


A hint on the injections.  The intrathecal sounds very painful!  It has been compared to an epidural that most women allow during child birth. My wife told me she didn't feel it because, well, she was distracted!  It is not much different for the guys with the exception that we aren't giving birth!  I barely felt either injection.


When I underwent the mini-liposuction, they didn't take any fat from the same areas they did last year. Specifically, fat was taken from my inner thighs and lower back.  Before the IV injection of those stem cells, Dr. Tomas told me that the staff at CIMA hospital was unable to get enough stem cells to use only my stem cells so she coupled the injection with adult stem cells taken from donated umbilical cords.   Apparently the magic number for the injections is 50 million stem cells.   The second mini-lipo was a little more painful than the first.  My perception of that process is that if I must endure pain with hope of improving my quality of life - bring on the pain! 


There is one change this time..Dr. Riordan and staff are keeping 20% of the stem cells for use should I ever need to come back.  Dr. Riordan said he is doing that to keep us from undergoing another mini-liposuction..  I thank God for that man's intelligence!!  


I haven't noticed much improvement yet from this second treatment.  Possibly, my hopes should be more realistic.  I didn't get here over night so the return to health will not happen quickly either.  


My drill sergeant this time is named Jennifer.  The one thing you can say about the physical therapists at CIMA hospital is that they are consistently trained!!  They are very compassionate but tough as nails. She concluded my session by giving me printed instructions on the exercises we had been doing. .     


Richard said the improvements the second time around are more subtle and takes several months.  He has already been through this for the second time so, I wait patiently.  I will keep you informed as I notice the changes.   



I am not sure how to describe what happened today other than that I have a LOAD OF ENERGY!!

To let everyone understand this, I documented today's events in the following information:

I invited my son to a bike ride. We rode twenty miles and returned home. Instead of wanting to sleep, I started looking for other things to do!! I found that my lawnmower needed the rear wheel removed and replaced.

The taillight on my ATV needed the support bracket removed and replaced – DONE!

The inspection on my wife's car was out - took it to the shop for that. The same car's wheels needed to be balanced and rotated - DONE!

My license plate registration would expire at the end of this month - bought the renewal ahead of time - DONE

I returned home and affixed the new sticker to my truck. I also bought 4.3 tons of rock for the flower beds that we will lay down within the next couple of days.

When all of this was taken care of, I rode the ATV with my son and watched him ride for a little while. I then went to watch my daughter play a volleyball game.

It was quite a day of doing little things, but it would have been very taxing several weeks ago.

It's now 9:00 p.m. and I am still full of energy!! There is only one reason for this turn of events. It is God's good grace through the injection of ADULT STEM CELLS.  GO STEM CELLS GO!!                          

In Him, Preston

Preston’s Blog:


No reputable stem cell center, and certainly none of our few approved centers, uses the word “cure” to described hoped-for results.  There are no cures, based on US government regulation, even though a few lucky patients, such as James Eilert above, feel cured.  RSCI’s official position: “Our goal is to bring the patient halfway back to a normal life.  Sometimes that goal is not reached.  Sometimes it is exceeded.”




Post Script

This came in from an MS patient this week, scheduled for stem cells three weeks later.  She had been incorrectly diagnosed with cancer, but the stem cell treatment center wanted confirmation of no cancer. 


Oh my goodness - I talked to the stem cell doctor on Friday and things were "a go" for my July appt. then I got an e-mail today that says basically my oncologist has to confirm there is no cancer.


The problem is that Dr. X can neither confirm nor deny there is cancer.....and Dr. X is NOT a fan of ASC treatment.  She asked me why I felt I needed to go and if it was a legitimate treatment why we aren't doing it in the US and that there had to be side effects to the treatments. I told her that it is beginning to be seen here but it would be a number of years before it would be used. and if I were to do a clinical trial when/if they begin - it would probably be a double-blind study and i am NOT willing to go thru everything only to find out that i was in the "placebo group".


Mr. Margolis - can you help me in this situation? Somehow I NEED her to see the legitimacy of ASC. Do you ever discuss ASC with reluctant doctors?  I'm just an "uneducated/desperate patient."  Maybe she would listen/learn from you???????


I’m kinda in a big/stressful pickle - non refundable tickets/time off of work/a travelling companion - i don't know what to do. if you have any other suggestions - i would be eternally grateful - thanx – XXXX


Now this patient, suffering from MS, has to listen to pure horse-manure from her ignorant oncologist who knows absolutely nothing about stem cells other than what he/she reads in US Medical Journals and newspapers, and hears from scientific con men paid by drug companies to lie about stem cells.  And YOU don’t like it when I say Americans are locked into a medical Death Row!


Fortunately, this lady wrote to RSCI instead of the NY Times.  The Deputy Chairman of the Institute’s Science Advisory Board agreed to look at her records.  When he did, the world’s leading stem cell cancer doctor said “no cancer evident.”  The lady will have her bone marrow drawn next week for her MS therapy!  We’ll check back this Fall for the hoped-for good news.





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