August 06, 2010

Volume 2, Issue 8



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·        Geron Hoax is Here for the 12th Time


·        2 More Windpipes Save 2 More Lives




Don Margolis
Dallas, Texas

Bangkok, Thailand




SEC, FDA under orders from White House to allow and promote blatantly illegal acts?


It was just 18 months ago that Geron, the world-leading hoax embryonic stem cell company, which makes its money by hoodwinking investors and robbing spinal cord patients of hope, announced for the 11th time that it was holding a clinical trial which was never going to happen.  



For a complete listing on Geron’s tries to pump up stock prices over the past six years through fantasy clinical trials:


How do they get away with it?  Because the government is owned by the corporations who want you to forget about Repair Stem Cells since they will destroy the profits of those who have you in a medical prison today.  Pretending that embryonics can actually help a real patient ---even one---does just that, when every crooked newspaper and TV network in the land hypes the hoax as if it’s real.  Do you think if Don Margolis knows it is not real, the New York Times does not?


While a country-full of controlled (or bribed) newspaper, magazine, and TV medical reporters followed orders and praised the first embryonic trial to the heavens, Don Margolis, Chairman of the Repair Stem Cell Institute, was the only stem cell expert IN THE WORLD  to announce in the face of millions of dollars of fake hoopla that IT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN!   He alone was right when Geron came up with three different excuses over the next year as to why it didn’t happen, all three of them lies, as you will see below.


Now they come up with Hoax #12---only meant to push up the stock price while disappointing hundreds of thousands of spinal cord paralyzed patients.  Of course, the stock price went up 40% friday and monday.  So while Obama will probably praise this scam, while every liberal writer is again cheering the defeat of Dubya Bush, and all the media in North America are already screaming their support of the hoax, you, dear readers, will be the only ones in the world to know the truth---once again---from the only man in the world to come out and say it.  “IT WON’T HAPPEN, NO MATTER HOW MANY PAID-OFF OR JUST DUMB REPORTERS AND WEBSITES RAVE ABOUT IT. “



JAN. 29, 2009


Geron again cries wolf – and the stock shoots up


Biotech company; Geron saw its shares soar after announcing January 22, 2009 that the FDA had approved testing of its GRNOPC1 in acute spinal cord injury patients. According to CEO Thomas Okarma, “If safe and effective, the therapy would provide a viable treatment option for thousands of patients who suffer severe spinal cord injuries each year.” Don Margolis, who founded The Repair Stem Cell institute to benefit patients, responded: “Many will benefit from this P.R. event, but the patients and the taxpayers will lose mightily!”

Medical “Reporters” who have flooded the U.S. with stories about this ‘first’ embryonic stem cell clinical trial would serve the public (and the truth) better by doing some background research on this boy­-who­-cried­-wolf company. A half­-hour’s research would enlighten them that the true purpose of the announcement was to pump up the stock’s price over 35% and at the same time capitalize on our new president’s recent promise to lift our former president’s restriction on embryonic stem cell research, thus providing government funds courtesy of every citizen’s taxes.

But Mr. Margolis believes the embry­onic lobby will never allow any clinical trial to be held because they know that immune­ rejection by the patient is possible and that, based on animal research, brain tumors may be in the cards.

Mr. Margolis added, “That is why we at the Repair Stem Cell Institute expect the embryonic lobby to pull its weight and stop this potential catastrophe­ in the making. For a listed company to cynically manipulate stock prices and raise the hopes of sufferers as Geron does regularly, might be considered a bit unethical.”




FEB 27, 2009

The Company who Cried and Cried and Cried and Cried “Wolf!"

America appears to be a nation in pathological denial. Here’s one extract.  Notice all the hype and nonsense.

Los Angeles Times, January 24, 2009: "Stem cell therapy to be tested on spinal cord injuries: The FDA approves the first clinical trial using human embryonic stem cells, which now appear safe enough to use on humans.   NOTICE THAT THIS SORRY EXCUSE FOR A MEDICAL REPORTER QUOTES NO SCIENTIST AND NO REFERENCE FOR HIS LIE---THERE NEVER WAS ANY SEMBLENCE OF SAFETY ANYWHERE---JUST CANCER WAITING FOR THE PATIENTS.

Ushering in a new era in medicine, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Friday that it had cleared the way for the world's first clinical trial of a therapy derived from human embryonic stem cells. By early summer, a handful of patients with severe spinal cord injuries will be eligible for injections of specialized nerve cells designed to enable electrical signals to travel between the brain and the rest of the body.


What Americans are not allowed to know from their print media is that people all over the world who were once told by their doctors that they “will never move again,” are moving because of Repair Stem Cell treatments. Indeed, in China alone, over a thousand victims of spinal cord injury have had their lives improved by Repair Stem Cell therapies combined with intensive rehab regimens.

The REAL first human stem cell trial for Spinal Cord Injury was held seven years ago in Portugal by a REAL scientific leader in stem cell therapy, not by some stock-manipulating company in California specializing in public relations hype and absolutely nothing else over the past ten years.


Spend two minutes watching Don’s video on the subject at: which is the home of STEM CELLS 101. Look for Lesson #4.

“Geron reverted to this well-worn tactic again Thursday night, when it quickly sold 7.25 million shares at a price of $6.60, a 14% discount to the stock's Thursday closing price of $7.77. The spot financing deal grossed Geron about $43 million.

But those nice honest folks you now know all about on Wall Street plus scientific hype and anti-patient media got them what they wanted — $43 million, so they can add to that HALF BILLION they have already blown on science fiction, not to mention what they’ll grab OF YOUR MONEY from a friendly Congress and White House.

Repair Stem Cell treatments by contrast – proven by the thousands, far safer than anything in “modern” medicine, and TODAY, not decades away.




MARCH 5, 2009




Geron’s stock shot up 35% to $8.50.  Then those nice honest dealers on Wall Street we’ve learned so much about the past six months found $43million dollars worth of sucker money to buy Geron stock at HOORAY—A  14% DISCOUNT off the last closing price.   

The suckers bought about 7.5 million shares of a stock which had just closed at $7.77.   Their bargain price was $6.60 and, for all intents and purposes the scam was over.   Those that bought at $7 to $8.50 woke up to find their $7.77 stock was only worth $6.60.   

Four trading days later, even the discount buyers were down one dollar a share at $5.60; and it took another six trading days to get them down to $4.60.  At the end of last week, Geron stock was below where it was before the FDA approval was announced.  Even the discount buyers were down 30%! 

And THAT, Dear Reader, is how things work when a science based on lies and hype hooks up with Wall Street.  At least those that read our Newsletter couldn’t have been roped on that one.  




THE NEXT TWELVE MONTHS  2009-2010                

Late in the summer of 2009, Geron announced that the clinical trial would not start on time using some hi-tech nonsense which may or may not have been true but was not the real reason. 


The lie was obvious because at  there never had been an entry for Geron’s hoax trial.  Strange, since every clinical trial in the world (now 90,000+ listed)  appears long before it starts in order to recruit patients.  Geron never even complied with the NIH rules since “Why waste the time” was obvious.


2-3 months later they came out with a different lie as to why the clinical trial was not held.  And a few months after that, the third obvious lie was tried by Okarma and company.




Now the 2010 scam starts. 

Here is a response by Dr. David Prentice, the ONLY doctor in the USA to protest, since no MD would dare risk his career by telling the truth.  The American Medical Mafia whacks out those who rat out the hoax:


So stay tuned and watch your intentionally-misinforming newspapers praise this scam again and again—for they are the real reason for the embryonic science-fiction---Geron is but a tool which is allowed to get away with hoax after hoax because they are doing their corporation-controlled government’s bidding.  “Corporation Control” is how Mussolini and Hitler were legally elected and Americans don’t yet understand that is exactly how its current president was elected.


The media’s job is to convince the public that stem cells which can actually help people are snake oil, so that they won’t protest when corrupt governments owned by big business refuse to let profits be affected by the greatest medicine ever laid at the feet of humankind—Repair Stem Cells.





Repair Stem Cell Victory of the Week---Two more windpipes save two more lives.

(We’re still looking for the first Embryonic Stem Cell victory of the decade.)

Doctors in Italy announced they have used patients' own stem cells to grow trachea tissue that led to seemingly successful transplanted windpipes in two patients diagnosed with trachea cancer.

Doctors regenerated tissue from the patients' nose and bone marrow stem cells to create tracheas biologically identical to the patients' original organs. Both patients underwent the transplant in early July and were released from the hospital just weeks after the surgery, according to the Associated Press.

One of the patients was able to speak again only a few days after the surgery, said Dr. Paolo Macchiarini, professor of surgery at the University of Barcelona in Spain and the head surgeon in the cases.

"They are back to the home, able to speak, able to socialize with everybody," Giovannini told the Associated Press. "Having this quality of life is wonderful."

According to Dr. Mark Iannettoni, head of the department of cardiothoracic surgery at University of Iowa, a trachea is a fragile organ because it is mostly cartilage, which has a poor blood supply.

"Once damaged, it is difficult to get it to heal correctly," said Iannettoni.

Growing a Working Trachea

Trachea cancer is resistant to chemotherapy and radiation and attempts to replace the trachea with mechanical devices have not been effective. However, Dr. Eric Lambright, surgical director of lung transplant at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, said that using a patient's own stem cells not only could help to rebuild the fragile tissue, but also potentially could bypass the risk of having the organ rejected.

"These patients [are] otherwise sentenced to a significantly horrible quality of life related to their tumors and ... heroic measures may indeed be very appropriate," said Lambright.

According to Macchiarini, the team collected stem cells from the patients' nose and bone marrow, and grew two different types of tissues from the cells that resembled the different surfaces of the trachea. The tissues covered the outer and inner linings of the donor trachea.

Although these were the first stem cell transplants Macchiarini performed on trachea cancer patients, this is not the first trachea transplant of its kind. In 2008, Macchiarini and his surgical team successfully performed a trachea transplant using adult stem cells on a woman who suffered from tuberculosis.

The team transplanted a new windpipe with tissue grown from her own stem cells and did not need to administer anti-rejection drugs, according to the case report, published in the December 2008 Lancet.


ED NOTE:  You can bet Dr. Macchiarini will never rise in the ranks of embryonic-controlled ISSCR.










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