September 17, 2010

Volume 2, Issue 9



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Don Margolis
Dallas, Texas

Bangkok, Thailand

Repair Stem Cell Institute Challenges ISSCR on Misleading Propaganda


RSCI’s Chairman, Don Margolis, takes the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) to task for its repeated efforts to denigrate proven and successful adult stem cell treatments provided by world-renowned physicians, thus condemning millions of heart patients to a lifetime of pills, suffering and an early death.


"ISSCR pretends that overly-expensive, never-to-be-needed embryonic stem cells (hESCs) will actually treat humans in the next 20 years, an absolute impossibility.”


Don Margolis, founder and Chairman of the Repair Stem Cell Institute (RSCI) of Dallas, today challenged ISSCR on its continuing tirade of stem cell propaganda directed at heart patients and their cardiologists.




“ISSCR has been created by and for Big Pharma to keep adult stem cells, the only stem cells that work, away from patients so as not to interfere with Pharma’s domination of no-cures-allowed western medicine," Margolis says. "ISSCR pretends that overly-expensive, never-to-be-needed embryonic stem cells (hESCs) will actually treat humans in the next 20 years, an absolute impossibility.”


A typical example of ISSCR propaganda: Geneticist John Gearhart, a long-time director of ISSCR, was quoted as saying, “Adult stem cell injections temporarily helped heart-failure patients a few years ago. The new cells didn’t grow but for a few months and secreted substances that helped what was left of the old scarred heart tissue work a little better.”

"When he stated that he conveniently failed to mention dozens of studies, many in the USA, which have shown otherwise, Margolis stated."

There are over 1,000 heart patients, many of them former invalids, hospice or heart transplant candidates living near-normal lives, three, four and five years after adult stem cell treatments.


Dr. Andreas Zeiher of the Goethe Institute in Frankfurt was the first to prove, in a large trial, that recent heart attack victims experienced mortality and morbidity improvements after treatment with their own stem cells.


The Thai-Israeli company Vescell has treated 500 heart patients (many terminally ill) with their own stem cells. Over 2/3 of them stated their quality of life has improved.


“Intracoronary bone marrow cells (BMC) improve ventricular performance, quality of life and survival in patients with heart failure…No side effects were observed,” says Prof. Dr. Med. Bodo Strauer in “The European Journal of Heart Failure” about the results of a long-term study of 191 chronic heart failure patients treated with adult stem cells.


Another world-renowned cardiologist, with dozens of honoraria on four continents, Roberto Fernandez Vina, MD of Argentina, has been treating heart patients with the patient’s own stem cells for over six years and has improved hundreds of lives. His 2003 trial was published with five years of results and presented in the USA.


“To summarize, Big Medicine created ISSCR for one purpose,” says Margolis. “…to convince patients not to complain while the greatest medicine in history, their own stem cells, are withheld from them by bought-and-paid-for regulators.  They accomplish this by falsely painting the miraculous accomplishments of adult stem cells in a negative light while constantly hyping embryonics, which no heart patient alive today will ever live to see as a cure.


ISSCR simply tells fully-controlled North American newspapers and television networks what to say and scientific truth is buried by the 21st century version of Doctor Goebbels’ Big Lie.”


Download the ASC scientific papers mentioned here:

For a recent paper, detailing the misinformation of the embryonic lobby, complete with references: Click Here









RSCI has spent a lot of effort on showing you why Big Pharma would rather you die than allow stem cells to save you.  After all, $15million of bottom line profits PER HOUR  (2008)  enables them to buy every congress-person, nearly every medical scientist, and most doctors in North America….leaving you helpless with your chronic “untreatable” disease.


But one of our members reminded us that Pharma is not alone in bribing its way to profits with fraudulent FDA approvals.  “It was in 2008 that a few honest doctors scientifically convinced the FDA that drug-eluding stents were killing people because the ‘eluding drugs’ emitted toxins poisonous to many,” she wrote.  “The FDA proposed an investigation and named a team of experts to report back on its recommendations.  Then the Big Guys jumped in, bribed a few key congressmen, the Bush White House, and the FDA leadership, and suddenly the committee was replaced by a stent-friendly panel.  And no one cares today how many people are being slaughtered by stents, because when heart patients die, no one performs an autopsy to pick up the poisons.  CSI exists only on TV.”


The FBI and the Justice Dept (surprisingly) just announced that most clinical trials  (80%!) today are in foreign countries, run by bribed doctors with no oversight.  And now we know that medical device approvals are even worse.  Big companies are used to the bribe system.  For example, Guidant knew its defibrillators were killing people by the dozens back in 2004, but couldn’t care less.  That is, until a suspicious death was being investigated in March, 2005.  Guidant fessed up in May, but the kept-ignorant cardiologists never complained because their profits on the devices were too juicy.


READERS DIGEST has a well-written, interesting article this month about the subject:  “BUSTED!  Defibrillators, stents, artificial hips—medical devices that should save lives can maim or even kill.”


However, they complain only about the FDA not being strong enough or organized enough or careful enough to do the job.  The article contains several horrible examples of products gone bad, but those products were ALWAYS bad and ALWAYS approved on the flimsiest of bases. 


Can you handle the truth?  If not, jump down to the bottom and save the seven ways you can survive this sorry excuse for a medical regulatory system, courtesy of the Readers Digest.


The truth is that no one in any managerial position in the FDA gives a tinker’s damm about patients---ever!  They are there to kiss Pharms’s derriere for 20 years, make a lot of big company friends and then “retire” to a $250,000 a year plum.  They are there to take thousands of dollars of secret illegal gifts, knowing that any whistleblower would be whacked out and the bribed cannot be caught.  Patients?  They are just lab rats who die so our good friends in the corporations can improve the design of their next model.  No matter what, every such company has an MD willing to lie about what really happened to their human lab rats.


So Be Careful and Stay Safe!





7 Stay-Safe Questions

Jeffrey C. Lerner, PhD, makes his living tracking the safety of medical procedures, drugs, and devices—he is president of the nonprofit ECRI Institute, which works with the World Health Organization and federal agencies to improve patient care. If you’re considering a device, here are the questions he says you should ask.

1. Are there nonsurgical ways to treat my condition?

2. Have any cases of serious harm associated with this device been reported to the FDA?

3. How many procedures have you performed using this device? (If it’s only a handful, consider finding a more experienced surgeon, unless one will supervise your doctor.)

4. How long has this device been in use? Like the latest cell phone, a new device may be a little buggy. If you have a choice, go with one that’s been on the market for several years.

5. What percentage of patients nationally have to go back into surgery to correct a problem with this device? What percentage of your patients each year have to go back into surgery to fix a problem with this device? (If your surgeon can’t or won’t answer, consider it a red flag.)

6. If there’s a problem with the device—or if it’s recalled—how does the manufacturer notify you? How do you notify me?

7. What are the danger signs that something is going wrong with my device?


ED NOTE:  The following article is about a woman who had been told by her cardiologist to get an angioplasty and possibly dangerous stents.  She turned out to be a lot smarter than that doctor, and reaped the greatest rewards possible for rejecting his advice.  Could you have done this?





California Woman Passes Five Year Mark after Adult Stem Cell Treatment


dee and kids


Five years after treatment with adult stem cells, this former heart invalid is happy, healthy and enjoying life!



September 13, 2010 -- In May, 2005, California heart patient Dee Coats was told by her cardiologist that she needed an angioplasty. Angioplasty is a very common surgical technique of mechanically widening a narrowed or obstructed blood vessel; typically as a result of atherosclerosis. Dee stared at the doctor and didn’t say much as she walked out. What she didn’t say was that she had undergone TWENTY FOUR ANGIOPLASTIES and would rather die than get that useless-to-her operation for the 25th time.


Searching the internet, Dee found TheraVitae, the only company in the world treating no-option heart patients with stem cells in 2005. She was soon approved for treatment and on her way to Bangkok. The procedure was a success. Within a month she shocked her angioplasty-pushing doctor with her lively appearance and energy---long missing from her life despite 24 wonderful “modern procedures.”


Two years later, in July, 2007, she wrote: “As I sit here typing this I am in still in amazement of the gift of life that God saw fit to make available to me through VesCell (TheraVitae’s brand name) Adult Stem Cell Therapy . My life has certainly changed for the better; I live an almost near normal life now.


When you have been at the bottom and felt you had no hope and you take that chance that just maybe you will be one of the few to see a new dawning in your life, that is when there is an inner strength and the faith to seek new area for healing.”


In July, 2009, after 4 years, Dee told us: “Life is great and continues to get even better. I still get a little tired when I do too much, but don't we all? People are so amazed that I am so healthy and look so well. And they always say, "It was from your own stem cells, how awesome is that?" It seems as if our country, the United States of America would just go forward with the knowledge that is here, so many more people could benefit from this wonderful treatment. Since I have had my treatment, I have had three new great-grand children, seen my two youngest grand children graduate from high school and managed to go to school myself.”


FAST FORWARD TO JULY 2010, as Dee, now in her sixties, becomes TheraVitae’s third five-year, no-relapse patient. Dee tells us: "I just passed my five year anniversary...still going strong and enjoying life..........thank you ASC's (Adult Stem Cells).”


Want to chat with Dee?  Go right ahead:


VesCell™ uses a patient’s own adult stem cells to treat Heart Disease and is a viable alternative for patients who either cannot undergo or choose not to undergo the standard treatment such as Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG), heart transplants, or receiving maximal therapy.  For more information, contact






Says UK stem cell mum, 46


The transformation is breathtaking. Pat Butler has gone from a haggard middle-aged woman to a glowing beauty... and she's done it without going anywhere near a scalpel.

The 46-year-old mum's makeover is thanks to a revolutionary new technique that sounds like something from a sci-fi plot. And, as Pat shows in new TV series So Would You Dump Me Now?, it is astonishingly successful.

"Everyone I meet tells me how well I look," Pat says. "Old friends, the cashiers in the supermarket, even my two sons - they all say I look amazing."

The procedure is an offshoot from stem cell research developed by Harley Street specialist Dr Aamer Khan. It's not so much surgery, he says, as a way to encourage the face to re-shape itself.

Stem cells were taken from Pat's blood and placed in fat sucked from her tummy and thighs - a bonus, Pat jokes, because it meant an instant improvement there too!

Dr Khan then injected the mixture into the areas of her face that needed it. He says: "The stem cells stimulate regeneration and a tightening and lifting effect in the muscles," he says. "Tired, sun-damaged skin looks younger and healthier.

"And the treatment heals much more quickly than a traditional facelift." Pat noticed a difference right away, and the improvement continued to develop over the next few months. To complete the makeover, she also had veneers fitted on her teeth by dentist Dr Hap Gill and had her hair restyled by Warren Lee. People on the show said she looks at least 10 years younger.

But what did her former partner think of the way she looks now? Well, the producers won't reveal exactly what was said, only that he was dumbstruck and that Pat did most of the talking.

"We couldn't believe the transformation in Pat," said Lizzie Cundy, co-host of the show with Sue Moxley. "Her confidence at that meeting really surprised us all. Let's just say sparks flew."

Pat says: "The process sounded like it might be painful, but it wasn't, and now I'm just so happy that I did it."







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