November 2009

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·        Stem Cell Confusion

·        Hear Ye, Hear Ye

·        When Placebos Go Wild

·        Chloe (Sohl’s) Story

·        Chloe (Levine’s) Story

·        Parent’s Love Battles Ignorance

·        Niko’s Autism

·        Advocate of the Month



Don Margolis
Founder and Chairman
Bangkok, Thailand



There still seems to be a lot of confusion about stem cells out there.  Let’s take a look at stem cell treatments for our newest treatable condition.  Here we will analyze the difference between the capabilities of embryonic stem cells versus repair stem cells to treat hearing disorders.


Embryonic stem cells

1.      SOURCE? - come from embryos

2.      RAISON D’ETRE? - exist only to make a fetus...not to heal the body

3.      TREATMENT POTENTIAL? - haven't produced any treatments

4.      DOWN SIDE? - often grow tumors, rejection issues, requires immune suppressive drugs

5.      AVAILABLE? - not available

6.      HISTORY OF TREATING HEARING? - there are a few studies but currently no clinical trials for stem cell treatment of hearing disorders

7.      HISTORY OF TREATING OTHER DISEASES? - there have been no successful clinical trials with stem cells

8.      HOW LONG UNTIL I CAN GET TREATED WITH EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS? - once the trial begins, IF IT BEGINS, it will then take at least 7-10 years (clinical trial period) to complete the trial


Adult stem cells

1.      SOURCE? - come from dozens of places in the body (blood, marrow, teeth, umbilical cord, mother’s milk)

2.      RAISON D’ETRE? - exist only to repair the body

3.      TREATMENT POTENTIAL? - have produced treatment s for over one hundred diseases

4.      DOWN SIDE? - have never grown tumors, no rejection issues, no immune suppressive drugs

5.      AVAILABLE? - treatments are available all over the world

6.      HISTORY OF TREATING HEARING? - there is a long history of successful studies -

7.      HISTORY OF TREATING OTHER DISEASES? - there are over 2000 clinical trials that prove their therapeutic benefit and safety

8.      HOW LONG UNTIL I CAN GET TREATED WITH REPAIR STEM CELLS? – repair stem cell treatments are treating hearing disorders NOW




Repair Stem Cells for a variety of hearing disorders will be available to patients in January at four different treatment centers.  Of all the treatments that RSCI recommends to patients; treatments for hearing disorders will be the least expensive and is even available at half price for a limited time.

To find out if you are a candidate for stem cell therapy for your hearing disorder, fill out this form: HEARING DISORDER TREATMENT INFO  The information is free and there is no obligation.





A music student is encouraged by her parents (both of whom are doctors) to get stem cell treatment for her hearing loss with spectacular results.  Is the increase in her ability to hear the results of the stem cell treatment…or is this another example of the placebo effect gone wild?

So far, the deceived include the girl, her parents, the doctors and the measuring devices!  Beware, you may be next!  One doctor dismissed the results as placebo effect, saying: She’s just hearing things!”

Watch and listen to the video here:


Watch the captioned version of the video here:

CHLOE CAN HEAR NOW! [captioned]







American college student suffering from autoimmune hearing loss gains her hearing back in two months after (repair stem cell) treatment.

Chloe Sohl, an 18-year old college student who majors in music at University of Arizona was suffering from autoimmune hearing loss since the age of 15.  Although there is no known cause of her diagnosis, it is a serious disease that slowly damages the organs. Chloe’s father, Dr. Bertram Sohl is a director of Obstetrics and Gynecology at St. Mary’s Medical Center in Long Beach, California and her mother, Dr. Veronique Jotterand is an ophthalmologist and Vice Chief of Staff at Miller Children’s Hospital in Long Beach, California.

Even though Chloe’s parents are medical doctors, they felt helpless and devastated about their daughter’s progressive condition. They tried every possible medication, but Chloe’s condition got worse. The only options they had were for Chloe to use a hearing aid and for her to take medication to slow down her autoimmune system. Dr. Tai June Yoo, a professor from University of Tennessee and a medical advisor of (the treatment facility),  explained as specialist in immune diseases, that if Chloe continues to take strong medication like Methotrexate and Humira, there will be high chances for further serious complications without guarantee of improvement. Her doctors even recommended Chloe to receive Cochlea implant that would enable Chloe to hear some sound, but would irreversibly destroy the middle ear, which scared her parents.

The principle of adult stem cell therapy is actually simple because it utilizes the natural healing ability of our own body…

 “Every part of our body already contains stem cells that play a key role in maintaining and repairing our own structural and functional system. Due to aging, the amount of stem cells decrease and that’s why the time and ability to recover from cellular damage slow down and chronic and degenerative symptoms develop as time goes by. The principle of our stem cell treatment is to make enough amount of stem cells and to bring them back to the patient’s own body. Surprisingly, we found that stem cell therapy has great potential to treat autoimmune diseases,” explained Dr. Ra.

Many stem cell researchers have demonstrated that mesenchymal stem cells modulate the immune system and suppress inflammation as a major therapeutic effect. Chloe’s hearing loss falls into this example. This treatment was supposed to soothe any hypersensitive immune response and repair damaged organs so that she might hear again.

Dr. Sohl was very intrigued for his daughter to receive stem cell treatment, but his wife was skeptical about Chloe getting stem cell therapy at first. Chloe’s physicians even discouraged Chloe from receiving stem cell treatment. (What else is new?) However, they were able to decide to try this treatment for Chloe from seeing (the treatment facility’s) successful outcomes. The great safety profile of (the treatment facility’s) stem cell therapy made them comfortable. Chloe felt assured to accept the therapy.

Chloe said, “I felt very good about it. I felt very optimistic. I’ve had IV’s every month since I started to lose my hearing. It was good because I knew this could work unlike the other ones. I just felt very optimistic about the whole procedure.”

Currently, stem cell transplant is not allowed in some countries like the United States, some European countries, and South Korea unless it gets a market approval through clinical trials as new pharmaceutical drugs undergo. Chloe had to travel outside of the United States and to Japan or China where (the treatment facility) established stem cell clinics. More than 2,000 patients with various diseases have been treated with stem cell therapeutics through (the treatment facility) since 2008.

Your browser may not support display of this image.Chloe’s hearing was tested two months after the procedure was completed on October 16, 2009. The results were spectacular. The left ear improved to 50% from 0%. The right ear gained almost complete hearing.  Dr. Jotterand could not bear her excitement, “Now it’s just been a 180 degree turnaround. She’s just enjoying life and enjoying being a freshman at the university.

She’s just having a great time and it’s just wonderful to see the joy in her own face and in her life.”

To find out if you are a candidate for stem cell therapy for your hearing disorder, fill out this form: HEARING DISORDER TREATMENT INFO

The information is free and there is no obligation.





The Repair Stem Cell victories are coming fast and furious now.  Every day, it seems, brings a new story…a new recovery…a new miracle…but let us try to keep them all straight.  For the record, 18-year old Chloe Sohl’s Repair Stem Cell victory over her hearing disorder joins 3 year old Chloe’s Repair Stem Cell victory over stroke and cerebral palsy.


It wasn’t until just after Chloe (Levine’s) first birthday in 2007 that the doctors finally found that…Chloe had suffered a stroke while she was still within her mother, and she had been born with cerebral palsy despite her initial healthy appearance. 
“A part of me just died,” Chloe’s mother, Jenny, said about hearing the news. “At that point there was no cure for her, no treatment other than therapies — speech, physical and occupational therapy for the next 18 years. As parents, that was not fine. We wanted her to have as normal a life as possible; we didn’t want her to face a life of disability.” 
Fortunately for Chloe, Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg, a professor of pediatrics and pathology at Duke University, was studying the effects of stem cells on children with cerebral palsy (the clinical trial is closed). Dr. Kurtzberg gave two-year-old Chloe a 15-minute re-infusion of her own stem cells on May 28, 2008.  ”The best case scenario, we’d see signs of improvement in six months to a year.” 
But blessings never cease, and little Chloe started to show improvement within four days. Chloe’s right side relaxed and her speech began to improve. She began to do the little things that were signs of miraculous progress, such as riding her toy tractor, which she had not been able to pedal before.

“Her life is completely normal, she doesn’t drag her right foot, she can use her right hand,” Jenny Levine declared. “She rides a bike, a scooter … we’re taking her skiing this year. She’s fabulous.”



QUESTION: Who Is the Enemy When Your Child is Sick? 

1.  The Disease

2.  The regurgitated misinformation you find on the net and sometimes in the media

3.  The Doctors who say they can do nothing more

4.  Parents who tell you stem cell treatments are child abuse


All of the above





What force is more powerful than a parent’s love?  Confronted by an attacker, a parent can turn ferocious in order to protect their child.  Surely one of a parent’s worst fears is that their child be born with or contract an incurable disease.  Feelings of guilt, anger, frustration, helplessness and despair are very common.  Those emotions mix with the intense desire to lash out and either fix the problem or break whatever and whomever stands in the way of your child’s health.  This makes an extremely potent stew.  But the disease is only part of the challenge and other elements must be considered.  There is so much ignorance surrounding stem cell treatment that some responses when parents initially consider treatment are:

·     Embryonic stem cells is murder (ignorance of adult stem cells is still rampant)

·     Stem cell treatments are untested/there are no clinical trials

·     They don’t work /they are all placebo effects

·     The hospitals are 3rd world

·     Child abuse

·     Dangerous

The road to health is a long and bumpy one and many parents of patients must overcome severe emotional abuse while trying to do the best for their child.  Here is one case of an infant born with Aortic Stenosis.  The corrective surgery he was given created the condition of Dilated Cardiomyopathy. Here is his mother’s uphill battle to get him healthy:

Thanks for your congrats, it's been a tough year and I'll be glad when it's over!  I'll be forever grateful to the Doc's and to Don Margolis for deciding to take a chance on Lee. He was originally rejected for treatment as the Doc's didn't think Stem Cells could help him. I think the fact that he is also a child and it's a risk to open him up may have had something to do with it. Fortunately for us, I was able to get hold of the surgeon's email address and I wrote begging letters to the surgeon. I explained how I was fully aware of the risks but felt this was Lee's only chance and if left with the Australian Medical Profession, they'd kill him! 
For many years I'd taken note of the progress with stem cell research believing this was the road I'd take for Lee but I had no idea it was already being done overseas. If I had known, I would have sought help sooner.  
There is very little info being put out in Australia and the Doc's do a great job of dismissing what is there as fantasy. The treatment we have received from the Medical Profession is unbelievable! I have been ridiculed, portrayed as a bad mother and have been threatened with treatment being withheld for Lee if I continued to believe in the ability of stem cells and didn't consent to transplant.

I now take a representative from the Consumer Health Advocate org with me to each appointment just to keep things civil. Lee wasn't born with the condition Dilated Cardiomyopathy, corrective surgeries for Aortic Stenosis is to blame. His case has been one “stuff-up” after another and they'd like nothing more than to sweep him under the carpet and I feel transplant was how they planned to do this. They left him for 11 years with no attempt to fix his valves knowing the heart couldn't continue to work at that rate. 
So far, I haven't put Lee forward as an advocate for stem cell therapy in Australia. I've posted the odd thing on Facebook groups but mostly I have kept quiet. I've just sat back watching him go from strength to strength praying for the day I can put him out there as proof that this is the future in medicine. Lee's heart is still way too big and his EF is low, on paper he's in a bad way. I'm in regular contact with the surgeon Dr Permyos and he has a strong belief that Lee will be successful. When you get to end stage Congestive Heart Failure you don't have reductions in heart size & BNP and your dependancy on Lasix increases, it doesn't cease. He no longer suffers shortness of breath or palpitations and he plays Squash for school sport. 
Something is at work David and it's more than wishful thinking! If you think Lee's case may give hope to someone else than I'm prepared to provide you with any info you need. I know Lee was the first child treated for heart failure, maybe others might consider the surgery for their child rather than take the dreaded transplant alternative. I'm so glad I took the chance with stem cell therapy and I'll do it again if I have to. Lee would not be alive and living an active life without it!  
Take care David 




You may find it interesting to see this story about the mother of an autistic child who also faced ridicule when all she wanted was to get her child healthy:

“My husband and I are trying to raise money to send our son, Niko for Repair Stem Cell treatment for Autism. Wow, we are finding it is like running on sand and people are so cruel.  Our son is Autistic.  I wish people were more educated on the subject before they crucified us!”

Her response is indicative of what I believe a lot of people are going through right now when they are looking for new treatments to old diseases.

“I will look into this, Thank you! Your email is the first kind email we have received! Thank you for the links! I will join the repair stem cell group right away. We are not going to give up! We have no other option but to fight on! We had to stop the email responses on Niko’s blog, they were just too much for me to handle. Looking forward to keeping in touch with you! Blessings!” FULL STORY

Why are people so resistant to the benefits of RSC?  I find it terribly sad that in all of her research and correspondence, my email was the first kind one she received but this type of behavior based on ignorance goes on every day.  I can only imagine the ordeal of seeking help for a sick child and facing the misguided “Stem cells is murder” cries from opponents of embryonic stem cells and “Stem cell treatments is child abuse” from those ignorant of the benefits and safety proven in over 2000 clinical trials.  The world must seem a very cruel and cold place. 




This section honors a member of society who is giving back by sharing their Repair Stem Cell treatment experience with others.  Too few people know of the benefits of Repair Stem Cells, their proven safety and their sometimes miraculous results. 

We would like to congratulate James Eilert for his work towards advancing Repair Stem Cell Awareness.  James is awarded the RSCI Advocate of the Month for November.  This is his stem cell treatment and his Advocate of the Month success story.

Your browser may not support display of this image.Two years ago, 40% of James’ left ventricle was totally dead.  James received Repair Stem Cells and then two months later had a follow up metabolic stress test using the standard Bruce protocol. James scored 10.1 METs with a VO2 of 32. This was a 20% METs increase and a 12.5% VO2 increase over his original scores!


METS or metabolicYour browser may not support display of this image. equivalents are estimated by the work load estimated at 14 minutes of a standard bruce protocol.  1 MET is equivalent to 3.5 ml of oxygen per kilogram body weight per minute.  

VO2 max refers to the maximum amount of oxygen that an individual can utilize during intense or maximal exercise. It is measured as "milliliters of oxygen used in one minute per kilogram of body weight" (ml/kg/min).

The doctor that performed his original test called the results “absolutely stunning!” James’ stats put him in the 95th percentile for men his age (50 out of a 100 men his age could not match the performance of a male with 40% of his left ventricle dead!).  Two years later, James is healthy and energetic and is an active and strident advocate for Repair Stem Cells.  Here he explains where he is today (slightly edited for clarity):

“Today is a great day for me, another milestone. 2 years have now passed since I decided to change my fate and put my faith in something I didn’t even know existed just three months prior to my treatment.  
Much has happened in those two years most of which has been spent working 50-60 hour weeks : ) . The most important thing that has taken place in those two years has been getting the message out to people, the thousands of e-mails and phone calls I have received and answered.  
This has brought a joy I never thought I would experience in my life, a sense of purpose that I never had, and finally something to fight for.  
Because for all the joy that came with talking and sharing our experiences, I also knew that other than providing information, I could do nothing else for some of these poor souls.  Because they didn’t have the means I had, their end result would be the same. A slow and miserable death or a fast and miserable death.  
My greatest Wish is that we will be able to reduce the number of deaths, help provide a better quality of life, and ultimately produce so many successes that Repair Stem Cells will become a standard form of heart treatment in the United States.  
Thank You all for your support and Best Wishes  
James Eilert







Super Stemmys, Doris and the Supercells is the first ever children’s story on stem cells. 

A stem cell named Doris and her stem cell friends must all join forces and work together to repair an ailing heart and defeat Morbidus the Vile.


100% of the proceeds from sales of

Super Stemmys, Doris and the Supercells

go to the Repair Stem Cell Institute (RSCI) to help patients.


RSCI is the only public service institute in the world dedicated to help patients connect with the top 2% of the world’s stem cell treatment centers.  Patients looking to shed the debilitating symptoms of once-untreatable diseases no longer have to wait.





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Jump on board for a freewheeling ride that will leave you armed and ready for those who call you an anti-science clod for opposing destruction of human embryos for stem cell research. The NIH is about to release new guidelines on broader federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. That will touch off another round of false hype about “hope” and “cures” from embryo-destructive research.

HiddenCauses100H.jpgHidden Causes of Heart Attack and Stroke


When the author became aware that 50% of all heart attacks had been happening  to people with so called,  normal cholesterol, he began a five year research and writing project to identify other hidden factors that were unsuspectedly destroying lives.

MiracleStemCell100H.jpgMiracle Stem Cell Heart Repair


Hearts - damaged from heart attack and heart failure, previously considered irreparable are now for the first time in medical history being renewed using the patient's own stem cells in a onetime procedure. FDA trial directors from 8 major universities explain the science. Patients share their personal journeys from near death to renewal literally in weeks. Before/after scans.





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