November 22, 2010

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Don Margolis
Dallas, Texas

Bangkok, Thailand


Given all the people who attack Don for telling the truth about the criminals in the Pharma-controlled FDA cabal, we thought we’d give him a rest this week.  As one of our editors said “Don must be slipping: Here’s a guy who shows that Don hasn’t begun to tell what is really going on with Pharma!”

“The guy” is America’s MD equivalent of an investigative reporter, something not allowed in America since Woodward and Bernstein brought Nixon down 36 years ago.  (Their Washington Post today  is a far cry from journalism….like every major paper in every major city in North America, it is a whore for Pharma .)  The “guy” is Dr. Mercola and here is an excerpt from his recent article:



On August 19, Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller issued a call for whistleblowers to step forward and help the state and federal government crack down on health care and pharmaceutical industries that defraud the government of billions of dollars.  Zoeller said that fraud on Medicare and Medicaid each year is estimated to be a multi-billion-dollar problem.

Zoeller isn't wrong: According to the Bureau of Investigative Journalists, the vast corruption that pharmaceutical companies are guilty of is fraught with fraud, cover-ups of fatal side effects, and huge kickbacks paid to doctors.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. The real truth is that it is much, much worse.


  Office of the Indiana Attorney General August 19, 2010

  Bureau of Investigative Journalism August 11, 2010



Mercola Comments



Fraud. Kickbacks. Price-setting, bribery and illegal sales activities, including a felony count of assisting the Arab League in acquiring documents on Israeli business activities. Add in all the doctored and back-dated documents, federal and civil lawsuits, and billions of dollars in government sanctions, fines, and penalties – not to mention the deaths – and you'd think it was the script for a thriller global action movie.

But no, it's just Big Pharma at its deceitful best, dancing all the way to the bank while continuing to defraud the world of billions of dollars, and endangering the lives of regular people like you and me.

When I set out to investigate some of the criminal activities that the 12 largest pharmaceutical companies had been convicted of lately, I had a general idea of the hornet's nest I would be stepping into.

But the amount of gross misconduct, fraud and deceit I found was so insidious, so massive, and so overwhelming that I decided to narrow my original 12 picks down to just five for the purposes of this article.

ED NOTE: Warning---this article makes RSCI previous expose’s of Pharma seem mild by comparison.




IN a follow up to our Dollars for Docs investigation, ProPublica and several partner newsrooms, expose the 291 physicians who have had government actions taken against them and the (drug) companies that employed them.  "The range of sanctions against physicans includes such infractions as prescribing unjustified or excessive medications, inappropriate sexual relations with patients and serious medical errors.  More than 70 physicians have been sanctioned multiple times or by more than one state," write senior reporters Charles Ornstein and Tracy Weber.

Ornstein and Weber add, "Several of the nation's largest pharmaceutical companies said they plan to tighten screening of physicians who promote their drugs after ProPublica reported that more than 250 of them had been sanctioned for misconduct."

The reporters include the response from some of the doctors and pharma companies and they detail some of reasons actions were taken against the physicians.  The news organizations that joined us in this aspect of the investigation include the Dallas Morning News, Detroit News, San Francisco Chronicle, WNYC radio and  The new report also includes an update to the Dollars for Docs database, adding another $25 million of pharma payments to doctors and bringing the total payments to more than $280 million.

Read the complete new story here - - and check out all of our Dollars for Docs coverage (including the newly updated database).  We encourage other news organizations to look through the database and to check your state records for disciplinary actions against physicians.  For tips on how to do that, listen to/read a transcript of this podcast with Ornstein and WeberRepeating  -    Don says it is “worth a read.”






For new readers, in order to understand what is going on in the American Medical Mafia (AMM), you have to know the rules, because without them, the brainwashed public just cannot accept how crooked over 75% of MDs are, and they would never believe that medical scientists are worse, killing patients by the millions.  (If you disagree with that outrageous number, we don’t blame you.  But our December issue will prove it to you easily.)


1—Profits are ALL that matters---to the doctors, especially to the scientists, and to their bosses at Pharma.

2—NO CURES OF ANY CHRONIC DISEASE ARE ALLOWED, since cures reduce profits.

3---ALL Patients ---especially the elderly---are lab rats whose sole reason for existence is to improve profits.

Why would a stem cell newsletter care about the American Medical Mafia?  Because the AMM lies to its chronically ill patients, telling them stem cells do not work and to keep taking all the toxic useless pills which have never done anything for the patient except to shove symptoms around while the disease gets worse, thus speeding him/her to the grave.  We hope to convince some of these patients to get off their rapid slide to the grave and not be stupid enough to “ask your doctor,” a know-nothing drug pusher, about stem cells.  Tough, considering Pharma has spent BILLIONS brainwashing you to “Ask Your Doctor!”

One of our writers discovered THREE EVENTS announced in one day (November 16) by Reuters.  What could prove better than this that every Medicare (elderly) patient is a lab rat especially vulnerable to the murderous American Medical Mafia?  Three events, three stories---NOT written by Don or by RSCI, BUT BY REUTERS!!!


USA Hospitals slaughter elderly Lab Rats by the tens of thousands: One dies EVERY THREE MINUTES—(Reuters)


Further proof that profits are #1 and patients are merely Lab Rats to generate profits---saving these Lab Rats would be too costly in the world’s worst medical system.  


(Reuters) - Mistakes and “unavoidable” problems kill an estimated 15,000 elderly U.S. patients every month in hospitals, U.S. government investigators reported on Tuesday.

More than 13 percent of patients covered by Medicare, the government health insurance for the elderly, or about 134,000 people monthly have some sort of so-called adverse event each month. These include mistakes such as surgical errors or sometimes unavoidable problems such as an infection spread in the hospital, or patients having their blood sugar fall to unusually low levels.

ED NOTE: That works out to one “adverse (deadly) event” EVERY 15 SECONDS, 24 hours a day, every day of the month! And one out of every nine slaughters a trusting innocent victim.

The new numbers, which total about 180,000 deaths a year, were presented in a report by the Office of Inspector General at the Health and Human Services Department. They support findings of a landmark Institute of Medicine report in 2000 that said up to 98,000 Americans died every year because of medical errors.

"An estimated 13.5 percent of hospitalized Medicare beneficiaries experienced adverse events during their hospital stays," the OIG said in the report, available here

It said 44 percent of the problems were avoidable. "This report shows that hospital patients are being harmed by medical errors at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, most Americans have no way of knowing whether their hospital is doing a good job preventing medical errors," the group's Lisa McGiffert said in a statement.

ED NOTE:  If THAT sentence doesn’t sound like everything Don has been saying over the past year, what does?   “Proving we are liable is nearly impossible,” claims one insider to Don.


Rich Umbdenstock, president of the American Hospital Association, said hospitals would work to improve.

ED NOTE: As long as it doesn’t cut into profits!






Long-known deadly dye for heart X-rays still poisonous despite phony drug clinical trials.

As RSCI pointed out in its last issue, Atlantic Monthly exposed the criminally false results of drug company “trials” used to push useless and toxic drugs. This one was not included because it wasn’t known until Nov. 16.

Don’s comment:  A caring medical system would have found a substitute for the profitable, but kidney-destroying, heart X-Ray.  But the American Medical Mafia NEVER cares about patients, only profits.  So no one can change the deadly X-Ray with the poisonous dye because it would REDUCE PROFITS!  Pharma tried to slip in a useless, cheap drug rather than save lives, failed, covered it up, but got caught by BRAZIL, whom they could not buy off as easily as the much-more corrupt Americans. (Americans would have produced pre-determine results in a pre-determined trial to prove the drug “really works, honest it does!”)  Hence, the Capo de Capos of the Medical Mafia will continue to murder, for years to come, those Medicare patients too uninformed to say NO to those non-caring cardiologists who put them through this!

 (Reuters) - A drug used to protect the kidneys from contrast dye during X-rays of the heart's blood vessels does not work, researchers said on Tuesday, citing a large study that may change the way patients are treated.

ED NOTE:  Maybe change things in Brazil, but not in the USA or Canada or Australia, Dr. Dreamer.

The widely available generic drug, acetylcysteine, is made by various companies around the world and marketed under numerous names.

Contrast dye used during coronary arteriograms and angiography procedures may harm kidney function in some patients, especially those older than 70 years and who have had kidney failure, congestive heart failure or diabetes.

"Some patients need this type of exam to diagnose if they need revascularization, but it's not good enough to fix the heart if it harms the kidneys," said Dr. Otavio Berwanger, lead author of the study and director of the Research Institute at the Hospital do Coracao in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Damage from contrast dye is the second-most common cause of kidney failure in hospitals in Brazil and the third leading cause of kidney failure in U.S. hospitals.







Lab Rats with end-stage cancer used for profits get barbaric treatments instead of “care.”

Another USA study (235,000 patients) repeating what Don has been saying for years:  “One third of U.S. patients dying of cancer end up getting costly but futile treatment in hospitals, when hospice care to ease their suffering would be more appropriate,” researchers reported on Nov. 16.

The Dartmouth Atlas, a project that studies and documents variations in medical care across the United States, also found that where cancer patients live may decide the way they die: in an emergency room or at home.

The latest study finds that 29 percent of patients with advanced cancer died in a hospital between 2003 and 2007.

Last-ditch treatment of dying patients is expensive, upsetting to families and adds to suffering in many cases, cancer experts agree. They get feeding and breathing tubes and are often resuscitated repeatedly.

ED NOTE:  “Expensive to us, but profitable to the crooks who run the American Medical Mafia. (AMM)”

"Patients often unnecessarily receive care in the ICU and invasive procedures," said Dr. John Goodman who coauthored the Dartmouth Atlas study of 235,821 patients with federal Medicare health insurance who died of cancer between 2003 and 2007.

"On average, patients ... would much prefer to receive care that allows them the highest quality of life in their last weeks and months and care that allows them whenever possible to be at home and with their families," Goodman told reporters in a telephone briefing.


The report, available at, shows a lack of planning about how to treat fatal cancer, which is the second leading cause of death in developed countries and will kill more than 500,000 Americans this year.

ED NOTE: So 150,000 of you cancer lab rats each year get the joy of dying in a hospital so that the AMM can squeeze the last dime out of Medicare and your families.

For the full article from Reuters:


Visit Don’s newest website on the AMM and his ideas about Mother Theresa care vs. Genghis Khan cancer medicine at:

Be sure to read the “Forward” by the world’s #1 stem cell cancer doctor, Prof. Shimon Slavin.





She's only 16 months old and full of surprises.  A little girl with a disease so rare, only a handful are diagnosed each year.  Aspen Brown lives with Tay-Sachs disease. We first introduced you to her last month. She had difficulty holding her head up, her eyes weren't alert, and she couldn't cry. Her health continued to deteriorate.  There is no cure for Tay-Sacks. Researchers believe a stem cell procedure is the only possible treatment for the deadly disease. So Aspen's family traveled to Peru, hoping and praying for a miracle.  Now, they're back home in Hanceville.

Aspen underwent two rounds of Stem Cell Treatment. Aspen's mother, Brandy, says the results were immediate.

"The next day after treatment, she raised her head up and for the first time I was actually able to see her neck," Brandy says. “She was real floppy before and wouldn't hold herself with her muscles, and when I picked her up this time you could feel her resisting and her muscles working.”

Since diagnosis, the Brown's have been very open about their daughter's condition, by keeping a daily blog.

Last week, Keith posted a 50 second video of Aspen and her brother on his blog. Within 10 hours, his inbox was flooded with more than 700 emails!

“I had these people from Belize and it was a woman saying, please God help me, please put me in contact with the people you're dealing with and I don't have the heart to turn those people down,” Keith says.

Aspen is also touching lives in her own backyard. Chandler Echols is a near-drowning victim, who suffered tremendous brain damage. Chandler and his mother, Wendy, are in Peru this week.

“They got to go before us and just seeing pictures of Aspen and me just seeing her I can tell it's helping her, so that gives me hope too that it's going to help Chandler," Wendy tells us.  

The Brown's are balancing optimism and reality with their daughter's recovery.

“Everyone that comes into the house I'm like please tell me your opinion, tell me what you see because I don’t want it to be something I just want to see,” Brandy says.  

For now, Aspen is keeping faith alive for thousands worldwide.

Aspen will get another MRI in six months and that's when doctors will determine if the treatment is helping. The Browns will then go back to Peru for another round of stem cell treatment.

If you would like to learn more about Aspen or donate to her cause, log on to Keith’s blog:


If you wish to learn how to find the right stem cell treatment for another disease, just email  - put TREATMENT in the subject and the disease in the message---Don will take it from there.


Now you know all you need to know about the ignorant (or lying) drug-pushing doctors who tell you stem cells "don't work," or "cause cancer," or "kill people."  These doctors kill one human being every 45 seconds. (3) (4) Stem cells have not killed one human being in the past four years.


(3)  Gary Null:  "Death by Medicine"


(4)        Commonwealth Fund:  "Why not the Best"










With the world believing that a one-patient embryonic clinical trial is worth even mentioning (it is not) Repair Stem Cells continue to march forward---no, make that fly forward.  Of course, with over a thousand patients around the world already treated and doing better, it shouldn’t be hard for Repair Stem Cells to stay 20-25 years ahead of the embryonic hoax.


REAL stem cell scientists outside the direct control of Pharma have put together a new concept for spinal cord patients and tested it in a one-patient case-study. 


The concept is to use more than one type of Repair stem cell on the patient, trying to get more improvements in the patient.  It worked.   Boy, did it work!


For those medically inclined, here is the article, the abstract, and the full paper, ready to download.  Some pretty famous stem cell doctors are a part of this team, led by Dr. Thomas Ichim of Medistem in San Diego.












By Don Margolis, Chairman, RSCI

The first thing you must learn is the lesson about standard stem cell heart treatments.

Here is the lesson: There is no such thing.

Every stem cell center in the world has a different protocol.

The good ones even have different protocols for different patients.


Here are the simple guides to QUALITY.

1--QUALITY of stem cells:  There is one and only one quality heart stem cell in the world, made in Israel from the patient's blood and very expensive to make.  It has six years of real history and is backed by six peer-reviewed published scientific papers. It has a proven track record of 70% success over 500 patients, vs. 0% success with standard cardiology and its endless chain of prescription drugs.  

You will constantly read about new types of stem cells which are better and better.  It is only lab-hype for the distant future, and heart patients HAVE NO distant future.  You will never, in your lifetime, see a better stem cell available to you.   If you wish to see these seven papers:


2--QUALITY of stem cell cardiologists.  There are only a half dozen in the world who have treated at least 100 patients outside the fantasy world of clinical trials.  Fantasy because only one in a hundred makes it into these trials because they are set up to NOT take the most seriously ill patients.  RSCI has four of those top six heart stem cell doctors on its approved list, every one repeatedly published, and every one with 100-250 stem cell patients in his history.


3--QUALITY of implant procedure.  This definition is simple: put the stem cells into the heart and/or the coronary arteries. There are many who cannot afford the cost of the best, and your insurance companies would rather you stick with profitable standard cardiology, so some stem cell centers implant the stem cells intravenously (into the arm).  This cuts the cost even further, but cannot be as effective as putting them into the heart with a catheter like an angiogram procedure.



Class A:  Top Stem Cells + Top Doctors + Catheter into the heart = $46k to $55k.


Class B:   Bone Marrow stem cells +  Top Doctors + Catheter into the heart = $19.5k to $23k


Class C:   Bone Marrow stem cells + no catheter (intravenous) = $5k to $10k.


The above prices include everything but airfare and food.


All of the above treatment options are available from at least one of RSCI's 10 Approved Treatment Centers.

There are, of course, none in Pharma-dominated North America.  

Europe and Latin America are the options.


For complete information, send an email to


Message:  HEART and choose class A, B, or C 


(If you would like information on any other disease, put that in the message instead of HEART)


NEXT ISSUE (December 3) We will prove to our readers our outrageous claim, that American Medical Scientists, working for Pharma, have killed millions.







Super Stemmys, Doris and the Supercells is the first ever children’s story on stem cells. 

A stem cell named Doris and her stem cell friends must all join forces and work together to repair an ailing heart and defeat Morbidus the Vile.


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