December 04, 2010

Volume 2, Issue 12



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·        Leukemia child completely cured with cord blood stem cells—her own!


·        FDA cops chase drugs users, leave drug company criminals free to kill you


·        Mountain climber’s own stem cells save his ankle for possible tenth climb of Mt. Everest


·        Rare honest embryonic scientist quoted on nature’s website


·        Lab rats department---one example of how Pharma kills millions to maintain profits


·        Stem Cell Awareness on December 11, 2010 in Phenix City, Alabama



Don Margolis
Dallas, Texas

Bangkok, Thailand

Chemotherapy fails as usual, but with three months to live:  Leukemia child completely cured with cord blood stem cells—her own!

BERLIN, November 26, 2010 (- Doctors associated with a German umbilical cord blood bank say that they have cured a child’s leukemia completely using an infusion of stem cells from umbilical cord blood.

The procedure was reportedly performed in 2005 on a four-year-old girl whose chemotherapy treatment had failed and who had a prognosis of only three months to live.  The procedure was possible because the parents had decided to preserve their child’s umbilical cord blood at the time of birth.

After continuous monitoring of the child for five years now, with no sign of leukemia cells in her blood, doctors say that they have confirmed that the treatment worked.

“Seventy-five months have passed and we can speak of a cure with certainty,” said Eberhard Lampeter of Vita 34.

According to the Chilean newspaper La Tercera, this is the first case in the world of a child cured of leukemia by her own stem cells. In most cases the child’s umbilical cord blood is not available, and the stem cells of close family members must be used.


The new treatment is the latest in a long string of hundreds of successes in the science of stem cell treatments that use mature cells rather than embryonic stem cells.  Embryonic stem cell treatments have never been proven effective in any medical treatment to date.

Stem cell pioneer Dr. Colin McGuckin, once Britain’s leading embryonic researcher, said recently that, despite amazing success with umbilical cord blood treatments, it remains difficult to obtain funding for research because of the “cult of celebrity” in science, which rewards controversial (read: embryonic) research over research that is truly effective in saving lives.

“People aren’t talking about cord blood because it’s not controversial,” McGuckin told LSN. “Consequently, it does not make headlines and therefore researchers who want to use the cells from cord blood do not receive funding.”


DON’S COMMENT: When Dr. McGuckin went public with the truth about the embryonic hoax in 2008, he became “Persona Non Grata” (an unwelcome person) in the corrupt world of stem cell science.  He was forced to leave Newcastle University since he endangered the funding from Big Pharma which is the engineer of the embryonic hoax and the reason virtually every embryonic scientist in the world (99% at least) is a professional liar and a member of the sham stem cell society ISSCR.


His exact words 2 ½ years ago were: “The best estimates of the embryonic scientists in our own university in Newcastle is that embryonic stem cells may not be able to help people this side of 50 years. That’s my lifetime. And that’s worrying. We can’t wait that long.”

 Personally, I take very slight exception with his current statement that embryonic research gathers funding because it is controversial.  The truth is that the ONLY reason it gathers funding is that Pharma wants it that way, and since Pharma controls every academic institution, every medical researcher, every politician and every major newspaper in the developed world with its billions of research funding and advertising revenue, it ALWAYS gets what it wants.

Why Pharma wants it that way is because it knows that Dr. McGuckin is correct; embryonic science-fiction cannot affect its profits for a half century, while REPAIR stem cells would demolish its profits in the next 5-10 years if Pharma did not own every politician and regulator in the developed world.  One such regulator…a very BIG shot at the FDA, was exposed last month. (see next article)





Republican Senators: 



Bribed Democrats and White House caught off guard by accusations.


On November 23, 2010, Terry Vermillion, Director of FDA's Office of Criminal Investigation (OCI) announced his retirement next month amid a brewing scandal involving corrupt practices.


The announcement came after complaints by Republicans in Congress who raised concern about his misdirection of the Office's resources: instead of pursuing drug companies and researchers who commit crimes when seeking FDA approval for drugs, OCI pursued drug-abuse cases--which are the purview of

the Drug Enforcement Agency.


The issue came to a head when Senator Chuck Grassley sent a complaint to the Acting Comptroller General of the General Accounting Office (GAO) about a "less than stellar" GAO investigative report which whitewashed misconduct at Vermillion’s OCI. 


What few will report is that the one man in government who is in charge of investigating the criminal world of drug approvals never comes to his office, and conducts his “business” by telephone.  The only important business he’s done recently was to promote his mistress.  Meanwhile human lab rats continue to die by the thousands while the murderers make billions.


THANX TO:  Alliance for Human Research Protection

                      A Catalyst for Debate






What is subjected to more weight and is injured more than any other joint in our body? Our ankles are. When an injury, sprain, or break does not heal right, the problem creeps up years later in the form of arthritis.

A new procedure using stem cells from the patient's own body is regenerating joints and giving people more mobility.

His resume includes conquering mount McKinley 40 times, Mount Kilimanjaro 20 times and Mount Everest nine times, and a broken ankle from 30 years ago created his biggest barrier yet.

He said, "It's getting to the point where I'm limping."

The cartilage in between his subtalar joint right below the ankle was gone.

Dr. S. Robert Rozbruch, Chief at Limb Lengthening and Complex Reconstruction Service Hospital for Special Surgery, said, "The conventional treatment for that is to fuse the subtalar joint which means make it stiff." (1)

That is not an option for Vern, so doctors tried a new approach. Implant a fixator for three months that pulls apart the joint. Then, inject stem cells in the new four-millimeter space where cartilage will regenerate.

Dr. Rozbruch said, "We used stem cells derived from his pelvis."

Dr. Rozbruch has done 100 of these procedures on ankle joints. So far, 90 percent of patients are relieved of pain and do not need fusions.

He said, "Basically you see a reversal of arthritis."

You can see the difference between the ankle joint before the procedure, which has no space between the bones, and after...

"Look at the difference You can see a space, there's about three millimeters of cartilage compared to nothing," said Dr. Rozbruch.

"With this new technique I'll have a foot than can go 20, 30 years," said Vern.

Vern is a climbing king who was not going to let pain prevent him from his next adventure. This is the first time ever the procedure was done in the joint below the ankle.

Vern's next trip is an expedition across the South Pole in November.

Doctors say the cartilage continues to regenerate years after the procedure. If it does not work, patients can still have a fusion. 


(1) Read Dr. Rozbruch’s long list of accomplishments at


Don’s Comment:  While you will never hear it from American media, Repair Stem Cells are being used all over the world, even in North America, to repair muscular skeletal problems.  Muscles, tendons, cartilage and bones are being repaired and even replaced by…REPAIR stem cells….After all, horses and dogs have been so treated with their own stem cells since 1996!  Osteoarthritis? Of course! (You know by now that pills simply mask the pain and MAKE YOU WORSE!)  Disc problems?  Who needs surgery which fails half the time? Meniscus problems?  Piece of cake! And this latest miracle, replacing permanently-damaging ankle surgery!   You need help? We have the best doctors! Let RSCI know:













WORD FOR WORD from an article cheering for more billions for California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) the home of embryonic science-fiction in California:


“A commenter to the California Stem Cell Report blog, identified as “an executive/scientist from a California biotech firm who must remain anonymous,” wrote: “If CIRM was to hold true to its promise to deliver products in 10 years, then it needed to start translational activities immediately and not building infrastructure for already rich universities like Stanford, who enjoy $10B plus endowments,” the commenter wrote.”


Don commented at the site:

“What a surprise! All those who are ripping off the taxpayers for billions have "come to overwhelmingly positive conclusions about the state stem cell agency’s progress." One billion already gone to the schools on CIRM's so-called board for fancy facilities in return for nothing---not a dime's worth of progress.  Meanwhile, because of the embryonic hoax, the USA falls further and further behind in Adult stem cell science, the only stem cells which actually help humans.


For the full article and Don’s full response:









Will the Catholic Church sponsor a CP patient’s Medical Treatment?


The Catholic Church has taken notice of the challenging life of a young 29 year old man with cerebral palsy.  The Vatican’s recent endorsement of adult stem cells is a true blessing for Neil Barron of Phenix City, AL.  Neil has Mixed Cerebral Palsy; he is a quadriplegic destined to live out his deteriorating life in a wheelchair.


The recent advancements in medical therapies using adult stem cells have shown significant improvements in the quality of life of several cerebral palsy patients treated in China.  Neil has been accepted for adult stem cell therapies in China so he has been desperately seeking financial support.


Neil’s constant prayers and reaching out for help was answered by the Catholic Church.  Reverend Thomas Weise splits his time between two Roman Catholic Churches, St. Patrick’s Church and the Mother Mary Parrish, both of Phenix City, AL.  Reverend Weise, a theologian with four degrees, is dedicated to helping his community.  After meeting Neil and introducing him to the church community, Reverend Weise is heading the fundraising for Neil’s adult stem cell therapies in China.


Neil’s treatments are scheduled for December 28, 2010.













Just last month, California voters, after a lifetime of being lied to about Marijuana, voted to prohibit its legalization for cancer sufferer’s pain alleviation.  Does it not seem strange to you that alcohol, which kills more than a thousand human beings for every cannabis death, is advertised with billions of dollars legally, and yet we vote to make cancer sufferers suffer even more?


People assume that marijuana was made illegal through some kind of process involving scientific, medical, and government hearings; that it was to protect the citizens from what was determined to be a dangerous drug.

The actual story shows a much different picture. Those who voted on the legal fate of this plant never had the facts, but were dependent on information supplied by those who had a specific agenda to deceive lawmakers.  The history of marijuana’s criminalization is filled with:

        Protection of Corporate Profits

        Yellow Journalism

        Ignorant, Incompetent, and/or Corrupt Legislators

        Personal Career Advancement and Greed


What no one knows is that the criminalization of cannabis three generations ago was a corporate goal to preserve corporate profits.


Specifically, THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION advised Congress that its members supported the use of cannabis for cancer patients, and NOT merely for relief, BUT AS A CURE!!  That document was kept from Congressmen voting on the bill---worse---they were told the AMA opposed cannabis.


These are the actual reasons marijuana is illegal.  But this is not about Marijuana, except to point out what no one in America is allowed to say or write about---because those who oppose it ---not church groups--- control all major media in America.  For this story, you will have to go to:



This article is about how we die by the millions to preserve the profits of Pharma---currently over fifteen million dollars per hour.

Since the art of curing cancer with weed is hidden away to keep the corporate criminals who run our governments from arresting those who save lives, no one can say how many thousands would be saved from death by cancer with cannabis.  However, there is an even greater medical lie being foisted on us by the same corporate criminals, and that is what this article is about.


We will start by teaching you about a medical condition your doctor has never heard of.  He’s not allowed to know, and if it were not for the internet, almost no one would know even now.


Catabolic Wasting                                    

Catabolic wasting or cachexia is a clinical wasting syndrome that is characterized by unintended and progressive weight loss, weakness, and low body fat and muscle. At least 5% of body weight is lost. Cachexia is not caused by poor appetite and nutritional intake, but rather by a metabolic state in which a "breaking down" rather than a "building up" occurs in bodily tissues no matter how much nutritional intake occurs. Additionally, whether a patient receives nutrition orally or intravenously makes no difference. The patient simply cannot gain weight, so eating more is not an answer.

(RSCI gets lots of requests for information, but surprisingly, in about 2% of our cases we discover what the patient does not know---that she has been losing weight and that her weight loss syndrome actually has a name---and a long-proven cure!)

It is estimated that half of all cancer patients experience catabolic wasting, with a higher occurrence seen in cases of malignancies of the lung, pancreas, and gastrointestinal tract. The syndrome is equally common in AIDS patients and can also be present in bacterial and parasitic diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, and chronic diseases of the bowel, liver, lungs, and heart.  It is usually associated with anorexia and can manifest as a condition in aging or as a result of physical trauma. Catabolic wasting is a symptom that diminishes the quality of life, worsens the underlying condition, and is a major cause of death. 

The point of this article is that a cure, backed by several clinical trials, has been wiped out by Pharma and its cancer murdering agent, the National Cancer Institute (NCI).    Intentionally wiped out along with all the corrupt medical schools in America which deny Catabolic Wasting exists.  It simply is not allowed to appear anywhere.  Why?  Because the cure for Catabolic Wasting turned out to put about half the cancer patients into remission.  More importantly, that cure cost ONE DOLLAR PER MONTH when it was first discovered in 1968!! 

RSCI readers can well imagine that an income to the “business” of medicine of a quarter-million dollar per cancer patient by “standard oncology” with its death-dealing radiation and chemotherapy is more important than millions of lives which could have been saved after the clinical trials of the early 1980s proved unequivocally that this chemical cure at a dollar a month worked.

But the only clinical trial for Catabolic Syndrome you and your doctors are allowed to know about is the one which was run by the NCI and which intentionally murdered the participants.

It all starts with a brilliant young researcher who discovered the cure in 1968 and spent the rest of his life perfecting it.








Stem Cell Awareness on December 11, 2010 in Phenix City, Alabama

Open to the public


Father Thomas Weise will host a Stem Cell Awareness through St. Patrick’s Church in Phenix City, AL. on Saturday, December 11th from 1:00pm - 3:00pm.  Carol Petersen, a stem cell advocate, will share information on the regenerative capabilities of umbilical cord blood stem cells and the difference between adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells.  You will hear from patients who have received umbilical stem cells for their degenerative disorders.  These patients will share with you the significant quality of life improvements they have gained from this medical treatment.  We will discuss the diseases, disorders and injuries that have been successfully treated with adult stem cells.  We have also invited doctors to speak on behalf of their patients who have received these treatments.  Neil Barron will tell you how urgent it is that he receives this medical treatment for his mixed cerebral palsy.  For more information please contact Father Thomas Weise or Carol Petersen.


Father Thomas Weise

1502 Broad Street

Phenix City, AL 36867

Mailing Address

PO Box 147

Phenix City, AL 36867

Ph: 1-334-298-9025

Fx: 1-334-298-9233


Carol Petersen
Stem Cell Advocate
Awareness Program Coordinator
Ph: 1-941-235-0088
Fx: 1-941-624-6133





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