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August 30th, 2012

Volume 4, Issue 8



In This Issue:


·         Duped Into Playing Dead

·         How Many Such Deaths are There?

·         What is the Main Cause of Increase?

·         How is this Insanity Possible?

·         Before ANY Device Is Implanted, Read This!

·         Avoid Drug Clinical Trials

·         Drug Data Shouldn’t Be Secret

·         How Crooked are the Clinical Trials?

·         Adult Stem Cell Research Pioneer Dies

·         Safest, Most Effective Cancer Treatment.

·         Gary Null Still Not Afraid to Tell the Truth!


Don Margolis
Dallas, Texas

Bangkok, Thailand

Real People   Real Treatments

Repair Stem Cells is the greatest medicine ever laid at the feet of mankind

The Repair Stem Cell Institute's mission is to bring this absolute truth to an unbelieving world.  The general public has been intentionally misinformed to the point where over 80% of the citizens of the developed world have never heard of Repair (adult) Stem Cell Treatments.

Duped Into Playing Dead

Serious, sustained research into the medical use of stem cells and widespread application in the mainstream medical community have the potential to improve the lives of over a million patients and to save the lives of a quarter million patients per year – in North America alone! That’s right…

250,000 lives per year.


Yet, the use of stem cells will never be approved in North America for anything more than treatment of minor diseases. That’s right… Never! And, it’s all because we are duped over and over again into believing that we don’t need such research or treatment. We are being conditioned literally to roll over and play dead.

Only it’s not always “playing.”


This is crazy, you’re probably thinking. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to reduce pain, suffering, and death?

Simple answer – Those who make a quarter of a billion dollars,

mostly tax-free, a day by keeping people sick and

destroying their chances of getting better.


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Lesson One: How Many Such Deaths are There?

In his landmark article, “Death By Medicine” (2003), Dr. Gary Null, proves that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the United States. He set the number of iatrogenic deaths in 2001 in the U.S. at 783,936 as compared with 699,697 from heart disease and 553,251 from cancer.

Don Margolis, a charter member of the American Academy of Actuaries, has amended Null’s figures eleven years forward, so that the estimated number of iatrogenic deaths in 2012 will likely total over 1,100,000 in North America! Mr. Margolis factored in the following adjustments to Null’s estimate:


·         An increase in the U.S. population by 10% since 2001

·         Increase in the rate of prescription drugs since Null published

·         Additional Canadian estimates to arrive at a North American estimate.

·         Total collapse of a once-legitimate drug approval process.



Lesson Two: What is the Main Cause of this Huge Increase?

Dr. Null has also listed the most serious bad medicine of all:  unnecessary medical interventions. 

·         Number of people having in-hospital, adverse drug reactions: 2.2 million

·         Number of unnecessary antibiotics prescribed annually for viral infections: tens of millions

·         Number of unnecessary medical and surgical procedures performed annually: 7.5 million

·         Number of people exposed to unnecessary hospitalization annually: 8.9 million

They come to an astonishing 50,000 PER DAY, without the Margolis adjustments.  Now, in 2012, the estimate is 61,000..  That comes to over 40 unnecessary, usually dangerous, always expensive, medical procedures EVERY MINUTE, 365 DAYS A YEAR!  And, for sure, you and your family have been so victimized during the 21st century!

As Don Margolis will tell you, “Every patient I talk to, every one, qualifies as a victim for one reason or another.  61,000 is an intentionally conservative estimate, and is the main reason for the huge rise in iatrogenic events since Dr. Null first published.”


Lesson Three: How is this Insanity Possible?

The North American medical system can be compared to a gulag in which inmates are forced to achieve one, and only one goal: Increased Profits.

And, what a great job the inmates (that’s us!) are doing. North Americans in 2012 are spending 18% of national earnings on frequently useless, always expensive, and too-frequently dangerous medical care.  Even that 18% number would be higher except that 15% of the poorest don’t get anything but emergency care.  In comparison, Europe spends only 10% on medical care and everyone gets it, not just the rich! 

We are well aware that most patients believe that MD stands for “Medical Deity” and blindly follow their advice.  What motivates them to make you one of the 61,000 patients who daily receive unnecessary treatments?  To be fair, they are part of a medical system they have no control over and have little choice but to follow the three rules:

·         Profits are paramount.

·         Making sure no cures for chronic diseases (such as stem cells) ever take hold… to maintain profits.

·         Turning a blind eye to the hundreds of thousands of iatrogenic deaths which increase their… profits.

But now, we will teach you how NOT to be one of the 61,000, and especially not one of the 2500+ daily iatrogenic deaths.  Every following article can be a life-saver, but only if you care enough about your loved ones to learn HOW to save them.


Before You Get ANY Device Implanted Into YOUR Body, Read This!

Most medical devices have never been approved by anyone other than the manufacturers and a few bribed regulators. Your US Senate voted 96-1 to make this process legal so they can kill you without ever being sued. The system is designed to maximize profits and knowingly killing you is now legal.


While prescription drugs come with a unique code that the government can use to track problems, many medical devices are implanted into patients without identification, ProPublica's Lena Groeger reports. In fact, the FDA doesn't even keep track of how many medical devices are implanted into patients each year, instead relying on anecdotal and often variable information when it comes to the safety of medical devices.


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Avoid Drug Clinical Trials

The below article describes why you should stay away from drug clinical trials---because you can never get the data that you risked your life to produce.  It is worth the read, but being based on nice polite science in the NY Times, it must avoid the COMPLETE truth.

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Drug Data Shouldn’t Be Secret


Published: April 10, 2012


                        IN the fall of 2009, at the height of fears over swine flu, our research group discovered that a majority of clinical trial data for the anti-influenza drug Tamiflu — data that proved, according to its manufacturer, that the drug reduced the risk of hospitalization, serious complications and transmission — were missing, unpublished and inaccessible to the research communityWe should not have to wait for patients to be hurt by the medications they take, as recently happened





Exactly How Crooked are the Clinical Trials of Virtually All Major Drug Companies?

Read for yourself what the USA’s FDA would never expose, thereby protecting the profits of their bosses, while killing dozens of human lab rats who BUY the “approved” poisons from a pharmacist!


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Adult Stem Cell Research Pioneer Dr. Carlos Lima Dies

Dr. Carlos Lima, a pioneer in adult stem cell research to treat spinal cord injuries died suddenly on June 21, according to the Charlotte Lozier Institute.


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The Safest, Most Effective Cancer Treatment Today is in China. The Best Stem Cell Cancer Treatment is in Israel.

A WHOLE YEAR HAS GONE BY, allowing RSCI to visit with the doctors four times, to travel to the hospital and meet several patients, and to learn the complete details so we can explain it to you in understandable English.  We also have gathered the latest USA, Canada, and UK scientific papers to clearly explain why the cancer treatment you are forced to go through today is worse than ever---the only major disease where the number of deaths has not dropped in the 21st century.


DROP AN EMAIL TO with CANCER as the subject.



Gary Null---Eleven Years Later---Still not Afraid to Tell the Truth!

See his courageous video before he is thrown in jail for telling the truth, like the decorated US Marine was for telling the truth on Facebook.


Null video (7 min)

The Marine story:






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