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James Braly, MD: Resident MD

Email: drjbraly1@earthlink.net

James Braly, M.D. is a California licensed physician practicing integrative, complementary & alternative medicine since 1978. His 37 years of experience combine treating patients, research and development in the laboratory, academic, peer education and therapeutic fields. He is a highly acclaimed writer, author and presenter in the fields of regenerative medicine, nutrition and combination therapies.

Curriculum Vitae 
  • California-licensed physician - Certification # C33868, expiration date 12/31/2015
  • Graduate of St. Louis University School Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri
  • Completed one-year rotating-six internship at St. Vincent’s Medical Center of Richmond - Staten Island, New York
  • 2014 to Present: Resident Physician, Medical Researcher, Patient Educator & Nutrition Consultant - Repair Stem Cells Institute, LLC - International stem cell treatment & regenerative medicine guidance service
  • 2009 - 2014: Associate Clinical Director and Director of Nutrition - Partnership with orthopedic surgeon, stem cell therapist and regenerative medicine practitioner Fernando Ramirez del Rio, MD.  Performed patient interviews, patient education and pre- and post-stem cell nutrition consultations. Wrote and Edited newsletters and news alerts.  Performed research and development of new treatment protocols to improve stem cell function and patient outcomes
  • 2007-2008: Director of Clinical Nutrition, Parenteral Nutritionist and Attending PhysicianCalifornia based 48-bed in-patient, multi-modality residential addiction recovery facility
  • 2007-2008: Attending Physician, Patient & Public Educator and Director of Nutrition - Virginia based residential integrative addiction treatment center.  Conducted research and development of innovative, science-based nutritional services and therapies: 
  • in-patient and out-patient IV-oral nutrition therapy for alcoholism and other chemical addictions
  • diet menus & guidelines
  • essential fatty acid testing & therapy
  • essentially fatty acid dietary & supplementation program,
  • gluten sensitivity testing with reflex celiac disease screening,
  • science-based alternative therapies for ADHD, depression, anxiety panic attacks, liver regenerative therapy, and non-prescription sleep therapy
  • 2004-2006: Medical Consultant, Researcher-Developer, and Educator-Trainer - Specializing in addiction-related disorders and IV/oral nutrition therapy for patients in recovery with best-selling authors, educators and addictionologists, David & Merlene Miller
  • 2000-2003: Medical Consultant, Writer, Promoter and Lecturer - YorkTest Laboratories, York, England based food allergy testing lab
  • 1993-2000: Medical Director & Medical Editor, Research and Development - Immuno Laboratories - Highly sensitive & specific IgA anti-transglutaminase ELISA lab test for celiac disease, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
  • 1989-1993: Co-Founder, Co-Owner, Medical Director & Product Formulator - Doctors Best, California based vitamin company
  • 1984-1993: Founder & Laboratory Director - Immuno-Nutritional Clinical Laboratory (INCL), federal & state licensed clinical laboratory, servicing his own patients and patients referred by other physicians nationwide.  Researcher & Developer of proprietary lab test protocols for delayed-onset IgG-mediated food sensitivity, Medical Newsletter Editor, Writer
  • 1980-1990: Founder & Medical Director - Optimum Health Clinic, Encino, California  based integrative, food allergy-nutrition clinic
  • Dr. Braly’s Food Allergy and Nutrition Revolution (New York Times, 1985 and Keats Publishing, 1994) with 14 printings and over 150,000 copies sold).
  • Food Allergy Relief (Keats Publishing, 2001)
  • Dangerous Grains (Avery, division of Penguin-Putnam, 2002), co-authored by Ron Hoggan, M.A.  thirteen years later Dangerous Grains remains the all-time best-selling book on gluten sensitivity and celiac disease with over 52,000 books sold to date.
  • Braly and London-based  best-selling author & nutritionist Patrick Holford co-authored The H Factor (Piatkus Publishing – United Kingdom,  2003) & H Factor Solution (Basic Health Publications - USA, 2004), focusing on  medical conditions (over 100 at last count) associated with and naturopathic treatments for elevated serum homocysteine. 
  • He contributed the foreword and a chapter dealing with free amino acids and other nutrient precursor therapies for addiction in Dr. David & Merlene Miller’s award-winning book Staying Clean and Sober  (Woodland Publishing, 2005), nominated as the best health book of the year by Foreword Magazine (2006)
  • Braly joined Patrick Holford again to co-author Hidden Food Allergies (Piatkus Publishing, Dec 2006).  Included in the USA edition (Basic Health Publications, August 2006) is a new chapter written by Braly on the role of delayed-onset, IgG-medicated food allergy in food addictions, obesity and alcoholism. 
  • His most recent book involves co-authoring with Holford & the Millers to write an expanded,  more nutrition oriented and updated version of the award-winning Staying Clean and Sober, titled How to Quit & Not Feel S**T  (Little-Brown Group Books, 2008) with over 45,000 books and CDs sold to date). 
  • Major Contributing author to three bestselling hard-bound books on Alternative Medicine:  1) Alternative Medicine, The Definitive Guide,  2) Alternative Medicine Guide—Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia & Environmental Illness, and 3) Alternative Cures (Future Medicine Publishing, Tiburon, CA and Puyallup,  WA).
  • Publisher, Writer, Editor & researcher for professional health newsletters, including "Optimum Health Update Magazine," featuring patients such as Shirley MacLaine & Phyllis Diller  (Dr. Braly’s Optimum Health Publications, 1983-1988); "Food Allergy Update" issued quarterly to 20,000 American physicians; and "Food Allergy and Clinical Nutrition." (1984-1989). Later Dr. Braly was senior editor & writer of the quarterly professional newsletter Food Allergy Adviser, focusing on food allergy and clinical nutrition.  This newsletter included in-depth interviews by Dr. Braly with leading American & European integrative, functional medicine physicians & scientists such as Jeffrey Bland, PhD,  Jonathan Wright, MD, William Crook, MD, Sidney Baker, MD, Grant Born, MD, Keith Sehnert, MD, Hans Michael-Dosch, PhD, John Rebello, PhD, Talal Nsouli, MD and Claus Hancke, MD (published by Immuno Laboratories, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (1994 to 1999).
  • Researched, wrote & edited "Stem Cell and Alternative Medicine Newsletter" for Stem Cell Center of North America, LLC, focusing on stem cell and complementary-alternative medicine treatments for Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis & spinal cord injuries (2009-2013).
  • Featured Presenter at medical and other professional symposiums
  •  “An Introduction to Food Allergy” to master classes at the School of Pharmacy in London, England. Fellow presenters included Abram Hoffer, MD, Udo Erasmus and Richard Passwater, PhD (sponsored by Institute for Optimum Nutrition (1996).
  • Food Allergy and ADHD” at the Florida Feingold Association Symposium, Orlando, Florida (1996).
  • Effective Natural Approaches for Treating Children with Autism and ADD/ADHD” in Cherry Hills, New Jersey (Sponsored by Autism Research and Defeat Autism Now (1998).
  • Featured speaker at the Oslo, Norway 3 day Health Show (1998).
  • Workshop lecturer and panelist at the annual Canadian Celiac Association Symposium, Calgary, Alberta (1999).
  • “Clinical Nutrition, Gluten Sensitivity and Addiction” to attendees of the College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders, Las Vegas, Nevada (2003).
  • As lecturer & educator-trainer for LifeStream Solutions, he presented to and trained clinical staffs in New York, Virginia, and British Columbia on the clinical uses of intravenous and oral nutrient therapies for the management of addictions, rapid amelioration of chronic abstinence symptoms and prevention of relapse (2004 & 2005).
  • “Gluten Sensitivity, Celiac Disease, and Chronic Brain Syndromes” &  “IV and Oral Nutrient Therapy for Addiction” at the American College for Advancement of Medicine (ACAM) symposium in Las Vegas (2004) and the Food for the Brain International Symposium in London, England (2007).
  • “Integrative Therapy for Addiction” and “IV and Oral Nutrient Therapy for Addiction” featured speaker to the Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse and Associates in Corpus Christi, Texas (2008).
  • “Beyond Talk Therapy” and “IV and Oral Nutrient Therapy for Addiction” at the CARA addiction symposium in Sacramento, California (2009).
  • Experienced researcher-developer, oral supplement formulator and implementer.
  • Introducing to health professionals and consumers the cholesterol-reducing Ayurvedic herbal extract gum guggul.
  • Educating health professionals and consumers on the health benefits of the bioflavonoid quercetin  & the amino acid L-glutamine and their use in the treatment of food sensitivities, abnormal intestinal permeability, chronic liver disease, and alcoholism.
  • Researching, developing & implementing intravenous & oral nutrient supplementation protocols for the rapid reversal of abstinence-sobriety symptoms in alcoholic and drug dependent patients in recovery popularizing the IgG-mediated, delayed onset food allergen elimination and 3-day rotation diet for weight loss.
  • Improving mobilization, trafficking, engraftment, differentiation and expansion of stem cells by the routine use of platelet-rich plasma, vitamin D3 & glutathione replenishment therapies, and IV glutathione & IV vitamin C infusions in conjunction with umbilical cord blood stem cell transplantations.   


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