RSCI - February Newsletter

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Stem Cell Breast Implants:  The ONLY completely safe therapy!

RSCI has signed up one of the world's leading breast enhancement surgeons. Breast augmentation through stem cell treatment involves injecting you with your own fat stem cells.  Simply put, your body cannot — and won’t — reject its own cells. Stem cells stimulate blood flow to the fat, enabling it to survive and remain healthy. The result is softer, more natural looking breasts without the dangers of leakage, infection, cysts or ruptures.
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Cancer therapy without chemo, without radiation, with more success!

RSCI has uncovered one of the world's truly successful late stage cancer treatment centers, well-hidden in the middle of China.  They have treated over 2500 dying Stage Four patients and well over  50% have recovered.  No Western country can achieve half the successes of this small hospital, fully-supported by the government.

If you would like us to send you a thorough explanation and final statistics of a 300 patient trial that will blow away anything you have ever seen, please email and include your name, age,telephone number and country of residence in the message.

Will diabetic retinopathy sufferers regain sight through stem cells?

Diabetic retinopathy afflicts millions of diabetes sufferers worldwide. This precursor to diabetes blindness is caused when high blood sugar inside the eye’s blood vessels creates either a blockage or leakage. This failed blood flow damages the retina and leads to vision impairment; if left untreated, it can lead to blindness. 
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Stem cell research controversy - the facts and myths about stem cell research

There’s nothing new about the stem cell research controversy. For as long as stem cell research has been around, so has the controversy surrounding it. Unfortunately, powerful entities like big pharma, the medical community and the media control much of the information released to the public, meaning all too often myth and fact are blurred.

In the end, it’s the patients with so-called incurable diseases who suffer.
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Big pharma news: pro-pharma movement has you in its clutches

A thinly veiled pro big pharma Consumer Affairs article last month, “A cure for diabetes? Be skeptical,” discussed, among many potential cures, stem cells. While the reference to stem cells as a cure for diabetes consumed a small piece of the article, the article as a whole stands for everything that is wrong with the medical field.
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Note to CIRM - You give stem cell research a bad name

The CIRM (California Institute for Regenerative Medicine) has long been criticized by stem cell figure Don Margolis for being run by criminals who do not do as they propose — support stem cell research and help improve patients’ lives.
Don is no longer alone.
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Celebrities, stem cell treatment - a growing trend?

Superman was paralyzed. Peyton Manning was sidelined.  Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts has been out of commission since the summer.

Illnesses and injuries happen, even to celebrities and well-conditioned athletes. What many of these celebrities, like you, are realizing is that stem cell treatment can help.
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