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Repair Stem Cells is the greatest medicine ever laid at the feet of mankind
The Repair Stem Cell Institute's mission is to bring this absolute truth to an unbelieving world.  The general public has been intentionally misinformed to the point where over 80% of the citizens of the developed world have never heard of Repair (adult) Stem Cell Treatments.

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Stem Cell Successes With Cerebral Palsy Patient

In an open letter, the Chang family describes the stem cell procedure and how simple it is, and more importantly, how much it has helped their daughter Sophia. 
 Before The Adult Stem Cells Were Implanted
  1. No protective reaction when falling, would have to wear a helmet as Sophia would fall on her head
  2. Couldn't chew food, could only drink liquids and very soft food
  3. Had difficulty walking, had to wear orthotics for her feet
  4. No words and limited sounds
 The Stem Cell Therapy Procedure Described
The procedure was very simple. Sophia went in for the first part, handled the anesthesia just fine and the procedure itself of extracting the bone marrow took no more than 30 minutes. She woke up within an hour and she was just fine. We went back to the hotel and she did not exhibit any adverse effects or pain. After a few days, we went back to the center and had the second part of the treatment-they put her under and injected the stem cells into her spinal fluid which also took no more than 15 minutes or so. She woke up again within an hour and we went back to hotel. She was totally fine and back to her normal happy self by that evening.
Results of the Treatment

  1. Developed a protective reaction to falling within a few weeks after treatment
  2. Was able to chew food and developed more interest in foods
  3. Not only walking, but running too!
  4. Improvements in speech
 "Protecting" Patients From A Better Quality of Life
It is interesting to note that so many doctors in North America still say that these treatments are scams.  However, why do we see so many families want to take their children abroad a second time for more adult stem cell therapy?  Do they wish to be scammed a second time???  I don't think so. There is something good happening.
It is sad that families from the North America, UK, and Australia/NZ, all western countries with top level research facilities are unwilling to put the research into therapy.  They do this by using the mainstream media to moan about "unproven treatments" and "protecting the patients.”
In the end the two things they are "protecting" are
1-Patients from a better quality of life, and
2-Drug companies’ quarter BILLION dollar a day profits.
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  3. Gives the child and parent healthy meals, physical therapy when needed, and  a super-comfortable room during a health-promoting thirty days.
  4. Total cost including airfare is $29,900 and you need not spend another dime from the time you get on the plane until you get off the plane 31 days later.    (ASIA)
Or $19,900 for 4 to 5 days of stem cell therapy all inclusive including airfares and hotels, from the second largest stem cell company in the world.
Or $15,900 for 3-4 days of stem cell therapy all inclusive including airfares and hotels, from the third largest stem cell company in the world.
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Three clinics (based on number of patients treated) in the world.
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Robin Roberts Heals with Adult Stem Cells, Bone Marrow Transplant

We always call it a bone marrow transplant, but really it is a transplant with blood stem cells.”

It was great television: a close up of Roberts who told her audience, “”I’ve been waiting 174 days to say this: ‘Good morning, America.’”

During the course of the program (obviously much of which was devoted to Roberts), she reflected on faith, family and physicians

“There’s so many people that I want to thank throughout the morning, my doctors and nurses and family and colleagues and people who have sat in this chair and those who have blazed the trail before me,” Roberts said. “As my mother said, ‘We all have something.’ Everyone’s story has purpose and meaning and value and I share this morning, this day of celebration with everyone.”

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Teen With Spinal Cord Injury Helped By Own Stem Cells

A Mississippi teen with a spinal cord injury has improved his quality of life after receiving treatment with his own stem cells.  

The young man went to Germany to receive stem cell treatment at an adult stem cell therapy company.  Of course, that company, after successfully treating thousands, was closed down by Big Pharma bribes and corrupt politicians so as to prevent the public from knowing how much better stem cells are than pill after pill after useless pill.
Justin McCray, then a junior in high school, was able to attend school again for the first time since an accident injured his spinal cord and left him paralyzed.   Thanks to benefits received from the therapy in Germany, he is strong enough to move a non-mechanized chair himself and can move himself from his wheelchair.  He has since graduated.
"He has definitely made tremendous progress," physical therapist Jennifer Stewart said after stem cells. "He has made so many gains in so many areas."
More On The Simple Stem Cell Procedure
McCray said the stem-cell procedure, in which stem cells are processed from the patient's bone marrow then reinjected, was not as invasive as it might sound. "It left me with a bad headache for about a day. But other than that, it wasn't too bad."
60% Success Rate - Not Too Shabby FOR SPiNal Cord Injuries
The procedure was done in Dusseldorf, Germany. The clinic claims about a 60 percent success rate in patients with spinal-cord injuries. That means 60% of those treated live better (more active) lives.  The other 40% suffer no more than a day or two of nausea or headache. McCray has regained significant movement and feeling from his waist up, and is starting to regain some feeling in his feet. More important, he is now able to stand up in leg braces and can walk a few steps with assistance.
Germany 60% Success Rate, United States 0%
Notice that nobody is promising a cure and a miracle
Using the 60% success rate, it is easy for all to see that they have a 40% "unsuccessful" rate.  While stem cell treatment centers offer 60%, the United States offers a 0% success rate and a 100% "unsuccessful" rate as they offer nothing.  Thus, it is not surprising that spinal cord injury patients (and other patients) are flocking to overseas clinics when the United States and all of their wonderful research and development has nothing to offer these people. 
Is it that the United States doesn't have the technology?  No, the technology is surprisingly simple and has been available for over 20 years.  Is it that the United States doesn't have the knowledge on the adult stem cell procedure?  No, for Justin McCray, it was as simple a procedure as a spinal tap.    Is it dangerous?  No, the treatment uses the patient's own stem cells, their own repair system, as to standard medicines overly-invasive therapies which always harm the immune system..
Then why can't this stem cell treatment be done in the United States???  Millions of patients want to know. 
If you or a patient suffering from any chronic disease or from SCI lives in the Eastern Hemisphere, call or write me and I’ll put you in touch with the lead doctor of the company which treated Justin in Germany.  He has opened FOUR new stem cell centers in the Middle East and Asia and still has competitive rates.

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10 Year Old Girl Saved by her own Stem Cells

A 10-year-old girl with a deadly blood clot underwent a life-saving surgery that showed the power of using a donated blood vessel plus HER OWN stem cells to regenerate healthy organs.

The girl developed a clot in the blood vessel between her intestine and liver during her first year of life, creating the risk of potentially fatal bleeding. Michael Olausson a surgeon at Sahlgrenska University Hospital at the University of Gothenburg took a blood vessel from a donor, chemically removed tissue and DNA from it, (thus avoiding rejection by the girls immune system) then seeded stem cells from the girl’s bone marrow to create a healthy, living blood vessel.

“We carried out the surgery over three months ago now, and the result was very good, with no serious complications,” Olausson, of the hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden, said today in a statement. “The girl is in good health, and we believe that her prognosis is very good. Since the vessel was created with the girl’s own stem cells, she does not need to take drugs to prevent rejection.”

While blood vessels from other parts of a patient’s body are sometimes used to repair such defects, liver failure can result if the vessels are inadequate, according to the hospital’s statement.

A similar procedure was used in 2008 by surgeons in Barcelona to create a new windpipe for a 30-year-old woman whose airway collapsed from a tuberculosis infection.

More research is already leading the way to the ability to remake other organs and arteries, This will help patients who need kidney dialysis or a new liver, or even a new heart!  All three projects are well underway in 2013, with Spain leading the charge!

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UK Docs regrow lost nose for cancer patient---on his ARM!!

A patient suffering from a cancer that cost him his nose expects to grow a new one on his arm to transfer to his face, chalking up another win for Stem Cell Research!   The protocol is is about making the nasal appendage grow into the patient’s arm, hoping also this part can recover the sense of smell.

The new nose was formed in a biodegradable mold -based on the original nose- with a synthetic material where millions of stem cells were injected.  At the same time they worked the skin of one of the arms, which was extended gradually with a small, inflated ball housed beneath the surface. Two months later, the ball was replaced by the nose in training, where the appendix is now acquiring networks of nerves and small blood vessels, as well as a skin cover.

The new appendage will be grafted into the man’s face, in an operation so exact that it should leave no scars. His arm will return to normal, said the physician team.  Researchers are convinced of the success of the procedure, and they explained that the nasal structure will be even slightly curved, very similar to the nose lost as a result of the cancer

A similar technique for breast reconstruction and for improving cardiac function in myocardial infarction has been used.  Besides it has been successful in repairing tissues such as the trachea, esophagus and skeletal muscle in animal and human models, while advancing in the regeneration of organs such as liver, heart and lungs.  Some believe the need for heart and liver transplants will melt away.

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Stem Cell Breast Implants:  The ONLY completely safe therapy!

RSCI has signed up one of the world's leading breast enhancement surgeons. Breast augmentation through stem cell treatment involves injecting you with your own fat stem cells.  Simply put, your body cannot — and won’t — reject its own cells. Stem cells stimulate blood flow to the fat, enabling it to survive and remain healthy. The result is softer, more natural looking breasts without the dangers of leakage, infection, cysts or ruptures.

RSCI has put together the most enjoyable trip possible for stem cells, turning this into a ten-day vacation in Thailand, all travel, all hotels, and sightseeing included.

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Cancer therapy without chemo, without radiation, with more success!

RSCI has uncovered one of the world's truly successful late stage cancer treatment centers, well-hidden in the middle of China.  They have treated over 2500 dying Stage Four patients and well over  50% have recovered.  No Western country can achieve half the successes of this small hospital, fully-supported by the government.

If you would like us to send you a thorough explanation and final statistics of a 300 patient trial that will blow away anything you have ever seen, please email and include your name, age,telephone number and country of residence in the message.

The Saint Who Refuses to Die
If you are feeling depressed or unlucky, nothing will change your mood like
The Harmonica Man, who, after 9 heart surgeries, gave up taking all 15 of his medications because of the unbearable side effects.  And, eleven years later, has grown from teaching one youngster to play the harmonica to giving away over 16,000 harmonicas with lessons from the money he saved by not taking his medications!