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10/18/2014 - Scientists sniff out unexpected role for stem cells in the brain

NIH scientists find that restocking new cells in the brain’s center for smell maintains crucial circuitry.
For decades, scientists thought that neurons in the brain were born only during the early development period and could not be replenished.  More recently, however, they discovered cells with the ability to divide and turn into new neurons in specific brain regions. The function of these neuroprogenitor cells remains an intense area of research. Scientists at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) report that newly formed brain cells in the mouse olfactory system — the area that processes smells — play a critical role in maintaining proper connections. The results were published in the October 8 issue of the Journal of Neuroscience.

10/13/2014 - Center for Adult Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine

Center for Adult Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine
Our goal for the newly established Center for Adult Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine is to shape and lead in the research, ethics, and societal implications for the field of adult.

10/10/2014 - Stem Cells Show Promise for Stroke in Pilot Study

A stroke therapy using stem cells extracted from patients’ bone marrow has shown promising results in the first trial of its kind in humans.

10/8/2014 - FDA 'Fast Tracks' Promising ALS Stem Cell Therapy

Israel's BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has designated its adult stem cell treatment as a "fast-track" product for the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).


Newswise Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, in partnership with ViaCyte, Inc., a San Diego-based biotechnology firm specializing in regenerative medicine, have launched the first-ever human Phase I/II clinical trial of a stem cell-derived therapy for patients with Type 1 diabetes.

9/26/2014 - Beyond The Ice Bucket: Excitement Builds Over US Trials Of New ALS Treatment

Millions of Americans took the challenge. They doused themselves with ice water and sent a check to the ALS Association to help fund the fight against the almost always deadly disease. Now, there is hope for a treatment, coming out of Isreal.

9/24/2014 - BioEden's Chief Scientific Officer Says Viable Stem Cells Can Be Found in Adult Teeth

Why? Apart from their unique ability to morph and change into other stem cells, thus treating a far wider range of illnesses and conditions, mesenchymal stem cells can proliferate outside the body, and where children are concerned no tooth extraction is needed as they fall out naturally. Above all it is important to remember that the best type of cells are those which are young, and therefore have not been contaminated by a lifetime of use and exposure.

9/22/2014 - After FDA Approval, Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy Patient Receives First Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Treatment in the United States

Ryan Benton, a 28 year-old Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy patient from Wichita, Kansas, received his first umbilical cord tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cell treatment yesterday at Asthma and Allergy Specialists of Wichita, KS following US FDA approval of his doctor’s application for a single patient, investigational new drug (IND) for compassionate use.

9/19/2014 - MS stem-cell breakthrough led by Italians

‘So far appears safe, without side effects’

9/17/2014 - ALS - Effectively Treating Motor Neuron Disorders & Now Further Increasing Research Efforts

Hong Kong LEmed, the specialist stem cell and laser therapy research and distribution group, announced today that it is supporting ALS research which uses Adult Stem Cells, the only stems cells to successfully complete clinical trials for incurable diseases.

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