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Top Texas Stem Cell Research Doctor Tells The Truth A Rarety in North America

Release date: 4/26/2012

The following article proves everything we at RSCI have been saying about cardio stem cells for the past four years

  1. The evidence that all tested Repair Stem Cells (RSC) are effective vs. heart disease is overwhelming, as proven by 2500 heart patients already given better lives with RSC.
  2. There are more potential sources of useable RSC in the human body than we know about.
  3. There will be constant shouts of superior (to bone marrow) stem cells despite a current lack of scientific proof.
  4. Such proof will not come any time in this decade, and next decade only if a clinical trial to prove which is best is funded.
  5. You will NOT hear about VesCell’s blood-derived stem cells from anyone, since Pharma has barred their scientifically-proven successes from the top three medical journals and all major media. Indeed, the New England Journal, taking Pharma’s money, lied about VesCell’s results in 2006! Thus did American cardiologists learn how to lie to their patients about RSC. Not a word from any researcher or MD unwilling to tell the truth and upset Pharma.
Dr. James Willerson at the Texas Heart Institute, one of the top five of USA’s leading cardio stem cell research institutions, tosses his hat in with two new human stem cells available in the lab; one tried on a carefully selected group of patients but never tried in a clinic, and the other not yet tried, and he may well be correct. But he knows better than most that the last line of the below article will not happen in his lifetime---and why.

Don Margolis, Chairman

Repair Stem Cell Institute
Stem cells from fat win favor with heart researcher
(Reuters, Sat Mar 24, 2012 11:29am EDT) –
Stem cells derived from a patient's bone marrow can help treat severe heart failure, but the results are even better when they are taken from fat, a leading researcher said, citing his experience in a number of studies.

"It's no longer a question whether the bone marrow cells work or don't work; they do work when you have healthy stem cells," Dr. James Willerson of the Texas Heart Institute said in an interview. "The search now is to find the very best stem cell type or types.

"And at the moment, I'd say the best stem cells are fat-derived cells and stem cells that reside in the heart called c-KIT positive stem cells," he said before presenting findings of his latest research at the annual scientific sessions of the American College of Cardiology in Chicago.

Willerson's newest 92-patient, government-funded trial, is the largest study of bone marrow-derived stem cells ever done in patients with severe heart failure - a condition in which the heart is too weak to adequately supply the body with blood.

The study confirmed favorable results seen in the past decade from two of his previous studies of bone marrow-derived cells in similar patients, Willerson said.

He said patients enrolled in his latest trial called FOCUS had ejection fractions, a measure of the heart's pumping strength, of 45 percent or less, far below normal readings of 55 percent or greater.

By removing stem cells from bone in the hip, growing them in culture and then injecting them directly into the heart, he said ejection fractions were nudged 2.7 percentage points higher.

"It was a small but statistically significant improvement and it was even greater if patients were younger," he said, referring to those in their early 60s or younger, when stem cells are more functionally normal.
The patients will be followed for five years to assess the success of the treatment.

Although impressive, Willerson said the heart improvements in the FOCUS trial paled in comparison to favorable results seen in a recent study presented last year. They involved the use of fat-derived stem cells called mesenchymal cells to treat patients with severe heart failure.

In that trial, he said patients had improved heart function that actually translated into a reduction in death, heart attack, and the need for rehospitalization.

"They were more dynamic and impressive results," he said, noting that patients with severe heart failure typically cannot walk any distance for lack of energy, are very short of breath and often sleep sitting up because they cannot breathe well laying down.

Willerson said he and his colleagues hope that continuing favorable trial results will convince U.S. health regulators that stem cells provide considerable benefit to heart patients and are safe.

"We're very enthusiastic about stem cells in the repair of injured hearts," he said. "There will be a day in the not-too-distant future that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration comes to believe the same thing."


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