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Parkinson's Therapy Comparison Guide

Thank you for your interest in RSCI's Parkinson's Disease Therapy Programs.  We are here to explain the Parkinson's program to you and guide you through the patient experience from beginning to end. 

RSCI's Founder and Chairman, Don Margolis, is a pioneer in adult stem cell therapy treatments.  He opened the first company in the world to treat heart patients with adult stem cells and has been working with patients to offer life-saving healthcare options since 2005. 

James Braly, M.D. is a California licensed physician practicing integrative, complementary & alternative medicine since 1978.  His 37 years of experience combine treating patients, research and development in the laboratory, academic, peer education and therapeutic fields.  He is a highly acclaimed writer, author and presenter in the fields of regenerative medicine, nutrition and combination therapies. He is a stem cell pioneer, helping patients since the “early days” in 2009.

The Parkinson's Dilemma

For more than 50 years, patients with Parkinson's disease have struggled to improve their health using medications that may generate unwanted and severe side effects and often fail to deliver the benefits sought.  Don Margolis and Dr. Braly have joined forces to create a 21st Century solution for those patients who have struggled with Parkinson's disease for years with no significant improvement. 

These therapies are available in Thailand and in two treatment centers in the USA.  At the core of these therapies are a combination of two cutting edge therapies; Adult Stem Cells and Advanced Nutritional Planning. 

Our USA or "Home Program" includes 6 months of supervised nutrition and lifestyle modifications and a single 1-2 day trip to Texas or Florida.  The total cost of this revolutionary treatment is a mere $11,800, not including travel.

Timeline: Six Month “Home Program”

  • Month 1:  Patient is tested at LabCorp for nutritional status; then given individualized instructions by Dr. Braly, thus allowing the patient to bolster his/her immune system in advance of the stem cell therapy. Improved immune-function allows for greater probability of long-term success post-treatment.
  • Month 2:  One or two day stay at the Texas or Florida clinic to receive (either) your very own bone marrow stem cells in Texas or stem cells from your tummy fat, known as adipose cells, in Florida.  Patient can then immediately return home, at which time a full study will be conducted by means of medical records, completed questionnaires, phone/email interviews and lab blood tests. The results of this individual health study are used to create a “Personal Diet and Lifestyle” booklet, tailored for each patient.
  • Months 3-6:  By means of 3 scheduled phone calls and unlimited email communications, patients will consult about their diet, supplements, sleep, physical activities, and improvements with Dr.  Braly. 
Don Margolis and Dr. Braly believe these therapies represent the most powerful treatment options for Parkinson's patients available today. 

How to Compare the Therapies

To help you pick the best program for you, continue reading for our easy to understand therapy program comparison guide which includes:
  1. 6 Month Program Schedule (USA and Thailand)
  2. What's Included - Detailed List (USA and Thailand)
  3. Example of Two Weeks of Therapy (Thailand)

Six Month Program, Month-by-Month

Month U.S.A. Therapy Program
Better Being Hosp, Bangkok Thailand
2-3 different therapies every day
14 days $16,800 30 Days $29,800
1 You are tested at home, then given instructions of strengthening  your system to increase the success of the stem cell therapy You are tested at home, then given instructions of strengthening your system to increase the success of the stem cell therapy
2 1 or 2 days in Texas or Florida for Stem Cell Treatment and full study of your health leading to 20-25 pages of information and recommendations personalized and prepared by Dr. Braly exclusively for you. Thailand 3- 14 days/3 shots of Stem Cells.
Thailand 6 - 30 days/ 6 shots of Stem Cells. 
Both complemented by seven other therapies, totaling 17 per week.
3 Months 3-6

Consultations with Dr. Braly and RSCI, along with ongoing patient progress reports.
Full study of your health leads to a 20-page Personal Diet and Lifestyle booklet personalized exclusively for you.
5 Months 4-6 - Consultations with Dr. Braly and RSCI, along with ongoing patient progress reports.

Six Month Program, What’s Included

How RSCI helps you to a better life U.S.A. – Texas or Florida Thailand
Pre-treatment consultation with Dr. James Braly, internationally-renowned stem cell doctor and nutritionist
15-25 pages of information and recommendations prepared by Dr. Braly specifically for you
Double implantation (intravenous and intrathecal stem cell infusions) for greatest success rate
Number of treatment days 1.5 (outpatient) 2 weeks or 30 days (inpatient)
Three months of progress reports and consultations
Alternate therapies in addition to stem cell therapy (3 per day, from seven  choices, including Hyperbaric, Acupuncture, Warm Water Exercise, Hydrotherapy, Physical Therapy)  
Meals   3 a day, for patient 
Airfare (not included, but RSCI can assist you to get the best flights and prices possible)    
Free airport pickup from and transportation to airport Texas English speaking guide
RSCI’s commitment to give you the best stem cell therapy possible and personalized service (24 hour contact)
Price including everything but airfares $11,800 14 days -$16,800   30 days - $29,800

Example of One Week Therapy in Thailand

Please note that all patients get different sequences

  1. Assessment of Patient
  2. Warm Water Exercise
  3. Nutritional Consultation
  4. Occupational Therapy or integrated listening system (iLS) sessions
  1. 60million mesenchymal stem cells through intravenous
  2. Hyperbaric oxygen session
  3. Physical therapy or integrated listening system (iLS) sessions
  4. Acupuncture or acupressure by TCM physician          
  1. Physical Therapy
  2. Occupational therapy or integrated listening system (iLS) sessions
  3. Hyperbaric oxygen session
  4. Warm Water Exercise
  1. Physical Therapy or Balance Therapy
  2. Occupational therapy or integrated listening system (iLS) sessions
  3. Hyperbaric oxygen session
  4. Acupuncture or acupressure by TCM physician
  1. 60 million mesenchymal stem cells intrathecal (spinal)
  2. Occupational Therapy or integrated listening system (iLS) sessions
  3. Hyperbaric oxygen session
  4. Nutritional Consultation
  1. Physical Therapy or Balance Therapy
  2. Occupational Therapy or integrated listening system (iLS) sessions


You have now completed the RSCI Parkinson's Disease Therapy Program guide.  All that's left to do is choose the therapy program which is best suited to your needs and schedule your treatment date.

I am here to guide you through the patient experience from beginning to end, and I look forward to speaking with you soon about all that RSCI has to offer.

Heather Deering, Director of Patient Advocacy


All information is intended to be educational and for your general knowledge, is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions, and should not be relied on when making significant decisions. You should seek prompt medical care for any specific health issues. Fees shown above are current estimates, and subject to change without notice. Use the information you receive as a starting point in your search for the physician who best meets your needs.

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