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Stem Cells in the News

Here are RSCI press releases for you to view. You can click the date and title to read the full press release.

10/8/2008 - California State Senator Shelia Kuehl's Leadership in Stem Cell Debate Praised and 'Embryonic Stem Cell Profiteers' Criticized

by Repair Stem Cell Institute Spokesman

BANGKOK, Thailand, Oct. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- "California State Senator Shelia Kuehl's leadership role in Senate Bill (SB) 1565 is strong action by a prominent Democrat to bring 'adult stem cell' research to the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) as the viable and credible life science that it is," stated Don Margolis, Chairman of The Repair Stem Cell Institute (RSCI; www.RepairStemCells.org), a public service company devoted to educating the public about adult stem cell research and treatments worldwide.

10/1/2008 - Obama Stem Cell Ad Ignores 'Adult Stem Cell' Diabetes Treatments

Repair Stem Cell Institute Spokesman

BANGKOK, Thailand, Oct. 1 (PRNewswire) -- Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama's political advertisement focusing on "stem cell research" and using the mother of a child with juvenile diabetes "implies there are currently no stem cell therapies available for someone with this disease and that's just not true," stated Don Margolis, Chairman of The Repair Stem Cell Institute (www.RepairStemCells.org) based in Bangkok, Thailand. The Obama ad features a mother, Jody Montgomery, who says in the commercial: "My name is Jody Montgomery and my daughter Maddy was diagnosed with type 1 juvenile diabetes at age 3. Six times a day, I take her blood. Six times a day, I pray for a cure. Researchers are working hard to do just that. Our best hope is stem cell research, and that's why we support Barack Obama."

9/15/2008 - Treatment for Deadly Disease Finds Hope Overseas

(NewsUSA) - Teresa Walker Mason provided enough fuel to make any parent proud. Yet, her feats were dwarfed when compared to her greatest effort - her fight to overcome OPCA.

9/8/2008 - The Wall Street Transcript Interviews Repair Stem Cell Institute

BANGKOK, Thailand, Sept. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Don Margolis, Chairman of The Repair Stem Cell Institute LLC (RSCI; www.RepairStemCells.org) based in Bangkok, Thailand told The Wall Street Transcript (TWST) in an exclusive news interview published today that future profits inside the stem cell research sector will be hard to come by over the next five years, even for companies specializing in Repair Stem Cells (often called "adult stem cells"), where new life science discoveries are coming faster than anybody can keep up with. TWST is an international financial news weekly published in New York City (www.twst.com). Highlights from the TWST news interview can be read by visiting the RSCI web site.

8/26/2008 - Stanford University's Stem Cell Study Confirms the Futility of Embryonics in Human Therapy

Repair Stem Cell Institute Says Stanford University's Stem Cell Study Confirms the Futility of Embryonics in Human Therapy

BANGKOK, Aug. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- The Repair Stem Cell Institute LLC (RSCI; http://www.RepairStemCells.org) reported today that Stanford University School of Medicine's recent discovery there may be limitations to the effectiveness of human therapies derived from embryonic stem cells (ESC) because the cells injected in mice stimulated the kind of immune rejection seen with transplanted organs clearly delivers a blow to proponents of embryonic stem cell research who continue to ballyhoo the promise of ESC when in effect, as the Stanford study showed, the transplanted stem cells were dead within about seven to 10 days.

8/12/2008 - Industry's First Standards of Excellence

Repair Stem Cell Institute Announces Industry's First Standards of Excellence for Global Stem Cell Treatment Centers to Protect Patients from Less-than-Competent Therapeutics

DALLAS, Aug. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- To protect potential patients from being unwitting victims in the proliferation of less than competent therapeutics, the Repair Stem Cell Institute LLC (RSCI) (http://www.RepairStemCells.org) and its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) today announced the establishment of the industry's first standards of excellence for Repair Stem Cells(TM) (RSC) treatment centers worldwide who are using RSC, also known as Adult Stem Cells. Among the critical ethical criteria, which are required for facilities to be qualified for the RSCI's list of top treatment centers, are licensing and certification of the treating doctors by their country's medical professional regulatory board.

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