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Five Deaths vs One

Release date: 11/4/2015

For eight years, the Repair Stem Cells Institute has been the only medical institution in the world to claim consistently that 


1-We discovered this first in 2007, based on long term results from cardiology’s first clinical trial and RSCI was first in the world with that finding.

2-Then again in 2008 when Dr. Roberto Fernandez ViƱa, founder and director of the Clinica San Nicolas Hospital outside of Buenos Aires, Argentina, released the world’s first five year cardio stem cell study
to a medical seminar in Cincinnati. Result? Mortality of stem cell patients was 20% of the death rate of standard cardiology patients

3-Then again in 2010 when the greatest cardiac clinical trial in history (in Europe) proved the exact absolute truth of our claims. The evidence was so strong that Pharma sent out a small army of whore MDs to discredit the study.  They even bribed the school enough to disown the study. 

Every one of these studies pointed to EXACTLY five deaths for standard drug cardiology vs one for adult stem cells taken from the patient

Now, from Cochrane Library in Great Britain, the world’s #1 analyst of collected medical data comes proof #4. In a recent report they stated unequivocally:
“Only about 3 per cent of people treated with their own stem cells had died compared to 15 per cent in the control group.”

Cochrane Library’s conclusion derives from 23 reliable sources; the review used data from 1255 people in 23 randomized control trials, where all participants received standard treatments.

The report goes on to state:
“Compared to standard treatment by itself or with placebo, taking stem cells from a patient's bone marrow and injecting them into their damaged heart resulted in fewer deaths due to heart disease and heart failure.

Within the first year there were no clear benefits, but when longer term data were analyzed a year or more later, only about 3 per cent of people treated with their stem cells had died compared to 15 per cent in the control group” –

which is exactly what RSCI has been saying since 2007.

“Hospital ‘Readmissions’ were reduced to 2% compared to 9% in the control group. Heart function also improved and adverse effects were rare.”

For 8 years RSCI has been the only institution in the world to tell this whole truth about Adult Stem Cells (ASC) and heart disease:
1- ASC have improved the lives of hundreds of no-hope heart patients each year starting 2005.
2-The success rate for heart patients is 2/3, which means two out of three stem cell patients get better and one does not (but suffers no medical loss).
3-We have dozens of patients so treated from 2005 through this summer, all of whom would love to talk to new patients and tell them about their experience.


1- 80-90% of cardiologists constantly lie to their patients, making up stories about the non-existent dangers of stem cells in order to keep profiting while guiding them to a life expectancy 11 years shorter than normal.

2- Virtually EVERY medical researcher in North America and western Europe, along with every medical school, and every major medical journal is bribed by Big Pharma to lie about ASC…all for one reason: to maintain Pharma’s profits of a quarter million dollars PER MINUTE by killing patients with drugs rather than saving them with stem cells. That’s profits, not sales, of $250,000 every 60 seconds. That’s over $4,000 TICK every second TOCK.

3- The FDA is owned and operated by Big Pharma, not by your corrupt govt---BY LAW!---so drugs which kill by the hundreds every day are “Approved,” and stem cells are “Unproven,” the biggest lie of all.

So when YOUR doctor tell you the lies about adult stem cells, lies which he has learned from his superiors or from corrupt medical journals; or when you read that ASC are not as good as other types of stem cells such as embryonics or other hoax “sciences,” pass this on from the government website

1- There have been well over 3000 successful Adult Stem Cell clinical trials completed covering dozens of diseases for which western medicine has no hope of ever curing, and never will. Yet a nation of corrupt MDs lies to their patients about stem cells when asked. They are MDs: Medical Deities and their word is supreme, which is why American cardiac patients live much shorter lives than those without heart diseases.

2- Why not? You might be able to answer that yourself, by asking this question:
“There were many diseases cured between 1750 and 1950, the last one being Polio in 1950. How come in the past 65 years---nothing? 

3- There are another 1000 ASC trials still proceeding to success. All of these 3000 successful trials, plus hundreds more starting up, cost over TWO BILLION DOLLARS. Perhaps you should wonder who is foolish enough to spend $2,000,000,000 on ASC trials, while virtually every ignorant (or corrupt) MD will tell you ASCs do not work or that they kill?  

4- There has been 001 clinical trial successfully completed using embryonic stem cells. ESC is not a science; it is a hoax to keep the focus away from ASC science. 99% of the “news” is about the debate between lovers and haters of embryonic stem cells, which can never work for humans no matter what!  But 80% of the citizens in your country never heard of ASC, only about the Embryonic Hoax!

If YOU know a heart patient who is not getting any better (99% of them), do him or her a favor and maybe they will pick one I patient (once dying, now healthy)  from our list and give them a call so they might have the same chance at a longer, more active life.

ALL heart patients are stuck with long-outmoded, extremely dangerous, standard cardiology which never tells the whole truth. Let us know how we can help you, a loved one, or a friend escape from the quick slide down to the grave.

Don Margolis
Repair Stem Cell Institute

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