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The Pan Am 17 Day Cancer Program

Release date: 9/21/2015

The Pan American Cancer Treatment Centers are a multispeciality group of Board Certified physicians and allied health professionals working together to meet the needs of patients and families living with chronic degenerative disease including cancer. 

We work to streamline the referral process, share information with other healthcare personnel, communicate and work with primary care physicians and case managers, research treatments and procedures to find the best options for treating the causes of degenerative disease, and participate in drug trials and research.

What the Pan Am Cancer Treatment Center offers

The Pan Am Cancer Treatment Center offers access to cutting edge cancer immunotherapies outside of clinical trials.  Today safety of many immunotherapies has already been demonstrated, but the majority are currently in efficacy finding Phase III clinical trials.  Unfortunately, in these trials, some patients are placed into the placebo group.  The Pan Am Cancer Treatment Centers offer access to cellular, small molecule, and protein therapeutics through an accelerated means.  In addition, novel combination immunotherapies are offered that are considered “state of the art”.
The basis of the 15 day Pan Am Cancer Immunotherapy protocol is serially stimulating various arms of the immune system in order to generate a synergistic attack on the tumor. Our approach is based on “targeting tumors at different levels”. Specifically, we aim to:

a) Reduce tumor volume by direct killing of cancer cells with intravenous vitamin C;

b) “Choke off” the blood supply to the tumor by inducing an immune response against the blood vessels that feed the tumor, with ValloVax;

c) Repair the dendritic cell compartment of the patient, which is essential in maintaining anticancer immunity; and d) stimulate the innate and adaptive immune response by administration of ImmunoMax and TCM, respectively.

Intravenous vitamin C is administered as a direct anticancer agent.  Studies have shown that plasma concentrations of vitamin C achievable only by intravenous administration cause generation of localized hydrogen peroxide, which causes selective killing of tumor cells but spares non-malignant cells.

ValloVax is a placentally derived cancer vaccine that is considered a “Second Generation” VG-1000. Physician Valentin Govallo observed that by vaccinating cancer patients with crude placental preparations (termed VG-1000), a majority of patients with chemotherapy-resistant cancer would go into remission.  After years of optimization, Dr. Thomas Ichim developed ValloVax, a highly purified and molecularly defined placental cancer vaccine.  ValloVax is approximately 2-3 times more potent than VG-1000 based on immune stimulating activity and as evidenced by animal experiments.  ValloVax trains the immune response to specifically kill blood vessels that feed the tumor.  The US FDA granted IND # 16296 to the manufacturer’s of ValloVax, for which US clinical trials are anticipated to begin in late 2015.

Dendritic cells (DC) are considered to be gatekeepers of the immune response.  During healthy situations, DC remain in an immature state and protect the body’s tissue from attack by the immune system.  When patients become sick, DC mature and actively instruct the immune system to seek and destroy the pathogen causes sickness.  In cancer patients DC are “programmed” by the tumor to remain in an immature state.  This allows the tumor to grow without the immune response killing it.  In our treatment protocol we generate DC from the patient, activate them to mature in the lab, and subsequently re-administer them.  This stimulates the immune system to begin attacking the cancer.

Immune cellular therapy is the most advanced therapy of its kind, Throughout the extraction, manipulation and culture of a specific linage of cells from the immune system (white blood cells) it is now possible to provide a high concentration of a particular cell line, such a Dendritic cells. These cells improve, enhance, reinforce and balance the immune response needed to fight disease. Their proven uses array from autoimmune disorders, chronic infections and HIV to Cancer.

ImmunoMax is a plant derived activator of natural killer cells (NK). Federally registered in Russia for use as an antiviral pharmaceutical, our collaborators have demonstrated potent anti-tumor activity of ImmunoMax in patients as well as in animal models.  Interestingly, treatment with ImmunoMax not only stimulates direct killing of tumors by NK cells but also causes elicitation of memory cytotoxic T cells, which patrol the body for micrometastasis.

TCM (T Cell Modulator) is a small molecule peptide that was demonstrated to stimulate DC in the body.  This immune activator was used for over 20 years as an “adjuvant” to numerous vaccines in order to stimulate cell mediated immunity.  The utilization of TCM in combination with our DC protocol ensures that the cells remain in an activated state, which allows them to elicit maximal anti-tumor response.

In general terms the function of TCM is to stimulate T cells to produce higher or lower concentrations of specific interleukins, cytokines and other substances and by doing so directing the activity of natural killer cells, T- cells, B- cells and other immune cells to perform specific functions tailored to the needs of our patients.


The combination of TCM (T-Cell Modulator), Dendritic Cell therapy, High-dose Vitamin C infusions, Vallovax and Immunomax provide a synergistic effect that both lays the ground work for optimal cell response and trains the immune system to perform a specific function in tumor cell recognition and destruction.

T Cell Modulator activates dendritic cells, which then mature and become specific. Which stimulates TH1 (helper) and TH2 (regulator) cells, which will orchestrate immune activity and produce (among other substances) high concentrations of Interferon Gamma, which causes a cessation of production of blood vessels within tumors, causing their cells to slowly die off and become antigenic. When this happens NK cells will find and digest these dead tumor cells.

Immunomax directly stimulates NK cells, increasing their capacity to recognize and destroy "marked" tumor cells and continue production of Interferon Gamma. The synergistic effect achieved by combining both TCM and Immunomax is important in maintaining anticancer immunity; and stimulating the innate and adaptive immune response by stimulating specific cel activity directly and indirectly to perform a coordinated attack on tumor cells.

The addition of High-dose Vitamin C infusions reduce tumor volume by direct killing of cancer cells through specific peroxidation. The cells begin to die off and are more easily recognized by the immune system.

Finally the use of Vallovax helps “choke off” the blood supply to the tumor by inducing an immune response against the blood vessels that feed the tumor directly. It not only blocks angio neo-genesis (production of new blood vessels that would allow the tumor to grow and possibly may act as a conduit for the passage of metastasized tumor cells into circulation), it also directly attacks the endothelium of the blood vessels found in tumors, destroying their blood supply and speeding up cell recognition and death.

Cancer Immunotherapy

Our 15 day cancer program includes:

• Transportation from San Diego Ca. airport to RMI outpatient clinic
• 17 night stay (hotel accommodations for patient and one companion, meals are not included)
• Comprehensive Medical evaluation

• (4) Vitamin C infusions
. (3) TCM IV applications
. (7) Immunomax applications
. (3) Vallovax applications
. Dendritic cells application
. 5 month home program including 5 month supply of Lyophilized TCM solution to be taken sublingually once week.
• The cost of the program is $24,000.00 USD

Programs starts on Wednesdays. We would require evaluating medical records which you may email back to RSCI or fax to 214-224-0500.   We will then schedule an initial phone consultation with the medical  director. In charge of the program.

Heather Deering  
RSCI  Director of Patient Advocacy                                                                                                                                                     
1-214-556-6377 (7/365)

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