Frequently Asked Questions on stem cell treatments

The following are questions we at the Repair Stem Cell Institute often hear from our patients about stem cell treatments.

If you do not find a question here, please contact us. We want to be sure you are fully informed.

What are Stem Cells?

Unlike other cells, stem cells have the ability to differentiate or develop into specialized cells for specific organs or to develop into needed body tissue. Stem cells can regenerate into virtually any kind of tissue in order to help replace damaged or dead cells.

Where are Stem Cells found?

Stem cells come from three main sources.

  • Embryonic Stem Cells come from embryos at the early stages (5-7 days) after fertilization, no later. After 15 years of trying, embryonic scientists have not been able to complete even one clinical trial. Why?  Because they cause cancer!  But they will continue to tell you how valuable these absolutely useless stem cells are, in order to lead you away from Repair Stem Cells, the only stem cells which can help you, but will cost them billions in profits.
  • Induced Pluriopotent Stem Cells are derived from a patient’s skin cells from which scientists hope to produce an embryonic-like stem cell to treat that patient. After six years, the science has failed to meet its target and not one clinical trial has been completed.  However, without embryonics to fool you with, Big Medicine now wants you to wait 20 or 30 years for their second hoax.  What they will never let you know is that when they do get lucky and produce their sacred “embryonic-like” stem cell, it acts likes it is supposed to, i.e. causing cancer!
  • Adult Stem Cells (Repair Stem Cells) are found all through the bodies of infants, children, and adults. In addition, adult stem cells come from the umbilical cords and placentas of healthy newborns.  Yes “Adult” is a misleading word when one must apply it to newborns, and infants.  That is why RSCI prefers “Repair” Stem Cells.  That is what they are and that is what they do -- Repair -- and at 1/5th the cost of the above two types.

How does Stem Cell Therapy treat disease and chronic conditions?

Stem Cell Therapy is a group of techniques and treatments that work by replacing diseased or dysfunctional cells with healthy, functioning ones. When cells get worn out or damaged by disease or trauma, certain biochemical signals trigger adult stem cells to start working to repair tissue. Such natural repair, in serious cases, is not strong enough to work without help. That is what competent stem cell doctors and clinics do: replicate, but improve that repair by stem cell treatments.  How? 
Repair Stem Cells are indispensable in performing many important functions in the body, 
but this new science has learned that they can also exist outside the body. They can live and divide into "cultures," special solutions in test tubes or Petrie dishes. This ability to isolate certain cell types from other cells under controlled conditions has allowed scientists to study them independently of the organ or system of which they are normally a part.

Stem cell treatment is similar to the process of organ transplant, but it is the safe transplantation of cells rather than extremely risky organs transplants. For a quick introduction to how stem cell treatments work, visit our short video course, Stem Cells 101.

What do stem cells treat?

Adult Stem Cell Therapy is being used to help patients recover from over 150 debilitating chronic conditions previously thought to be untreatable,  The current list can be found here, at Conditions Treated by Stem Cells.

Repair Stem Cells have been used in over 2,000 clinical trials worldwide,  every one of them completed successfully or proven to be on their way to success. In addition, commercial stem cell treatments have been used by over 30,000 patients with a more than 65% success rate.  This compares very favorably to pharmaceuticals which improves the patient’s condition less than 5% of the time.

If you would like to know if stem cell treatment is right for you, please submit RSCI’s no obligation Treatment Information Request Form.

Are there any risks involved with Repair Stem Cell Treatment?

Repair Stem Cell Treatment has the distinct advantage of dispensing with potentially dangerous effects of invasive surgery including risks related to anesthesia, infections, complications from healing, post-surgical pain, and even bleeding. RSCI-recommended stem cell treatments eliminate 100% of the potential side effects of chemotherapy and drug therapy.  Side effects for a minority of patients are limited to 24-48 hours of nausea or headache, nothing worse!

Where do I find the best Stem Cell Doctors if I want treatment?

RSCI approved, international stem cell treatment facilities eliminate surgical and chemical risks and reactions by using state-of-the-art medical equipment and ensuring strict adherence to hygiene guidelines. See Stem Cell Treatment Standards and Stem Cell Medical Tourism.

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