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Stem Cell Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is when patients travel to other countries to seek medical care for procedures not available in their own countries or for much less cost.

State-of-the-art facilities in many countries now rival, or even exceed, what you may find at your local hospital, often for a fraction of the cost, with many more treatment options, and often significantly less waiting times for major procedures. It is estimated that last year alone, over 2 million Americans went abroad for medical treatment, including stem cell treatments.

For a personal account of the positive potential of being a “medical tourist,” read "Going Abroad to Find Affordable Heath Care" by stem cell patient Breet Flashnick from South Carolina. Don Margolis calls this “the best, most accurate USA article I’ve seen on medical tourism.”
Joshua Kurlantzick writes in his New York Times article "Sometimes, Sightseeing is a Look at Your X-Rays" that “more and more people now recognize foreign hospitals can deliver not only cheap but also high-quality health care” as he relates his experiences at Bangkok’s Bumrungrad Hospital.


RSCI provides the highest quality stem cell treatment medical tourism packages

Stem cell therapy at any of RSCI’s international top stem cell treatment centers is guided by our rigorous treatment standards. Accommodations for you and your loved ones are included in all RSCI treatment packages and will always be of the highest quality. To learn more and find out if medical tourism may be right for you or your loved one, contact RSCI. A representative will be pleased to answer all your questions.

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RSCI's Chairman, Don Margolis

In 2003, Don created the very first clinic IN THE WORLD to treat sick and dying heart patients with stem cells at an average of 100 each year 

In 2008 Don created the Repair Stem Cell Institute to help patients with one of 100 chronic conditions, who can NEVER be cured in a "no cures allowed" corrupt medical system, find a stem cell clinic which can give them a far better quality of life.

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