Najib had suffered from seizures since the age of 4 months. His seizures are rare but extreme, lasting at times for more than two hours. His CP affected both gross and fine motor skills as well as his ability to talk. Najib was unable to truly engage objects or people for any length of time. His vision is delayed and this affects his ability to coordinate hand and eye function. He could not sit, crawl or walk independently nor maintain his own weight in a standing position for any length of time.

But then he and Mama went to RSCI's top stem cell center in China. In 30 days he received six transplants of umbilical cord blood stem cells including 2 IVs and 4 Spinals. Daily physical therapy and acupuncture. The following was written by Mama:

Najib began to experience improvements almost immediately following his first treatment. He could focus his eyes on objects at a distance greater than one meter and was also able to stand at a table self-supporting his weight for at least 5-7 minutes. He also began to notice small objects placed in front of him and attempted to grab at them.

As the treatments continued, so did his improvements demonstrated by increased strength and engagement. Perhaps the greatest physical change came after the 3rd treatment when Najib, for the first time in his young life, began to sit independently without any support and engage toys while seated.

Since his return home 11 months ago, his progress has been continuous and steady. He is much more responsive to both people and objects, as well as more attentive to oral commands. His physical strength has also improved as he now can move from a seated position to a side sit, or from stomach to a 4-point stance without assistance. Although still not crawling or walking independently, Najib does attempt to pull himself along on the floor using his arms and pushing with his legs.

He has also become increasingly verbal and has developed the ability to make the "m" and "b" sounds with his mouth. He also can maintain his weight for much longer periods of time alongside a table where he can support himself with his arms.

Najib never suffered side-effects (about 10%-20% suffer a day of nausea or headaches). He has continued with acupuncture at home in addition to the PT, OT and CranialSacro massages he was receiving prior to China. All of his therapies now seem to be much more effective as he slowly emerges from the limitations set upon him by the Cerebral Palsy.

It should also be noted that the treatments did not cause any seizures in Najib, and he has yet to suffer from any since receiving the treatments. This will be significant should we make it past the 2 -year mark of being seizure free.

(Written by Mama)

RSCI NOTE:  Our Asian CP treatments now total over 750, with 500+ successes.  Of course there are no successes in standard western medicine where cures are forbidden for ALL chronic conditions.  Why?  Profits come first and patients come last, and cures reduce profits.

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