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Adult Stem Cells Enable Man With Secondary Progressive MS to Play In Golf Tournament


Any person who reads this blog regularly will know the name of Richard Humphries.  Richard was the first to go to Costa Rica for stem cell treatment using adult stem cells for his secondary progressive multiple sclerosis.  For Richard, the pain of his multiple sclerosis was so bad that he prayed to God to die everyday rather than continue suffering from the excruciating pain.  However, he thinks God had better things in store for him-  adult stem cell therapy.  It is a good thing Richard asked God for help rather than the US FDA, otherwise, he would still be in pain.


Richard first went for stem cell therapy in May 2008 to Costa Rica.  Approximately one year later, he went again for a second treatment using adult stem cells taken from his own fat as well as cord blood stem cells.


From Richard:

"I had a lot of pain from my left shoulder to my left hand, and I had episodes of tonic spasms, when I'd be on the floor for a couple of minutes ... a few every month," he said, noting the pain continued to increase so much that he was taking "five-to-seven Vicodin a day" just to help him cope.

"As a nursing home administrator, I've never seen therapy like that," Humphries said of the clinic. "Their compassion is second-to-none."
Dr. Tom Ichem of San Diego, a scientist who has met Humphries through his position as the CEO of Medistem, a San Diego research company that works with new technologies related to adult stem cell treatment for diseases like MS, said stem cells from umbilical cords and from Humphries' own fat were used in his treatment.
"It's an amazing recovery," Ichem said. "I was with him in (Washington) D.C. and spent three days with him, and I was, honestly, bona fide flabbergasted. It's one thing to read about recoveries like this, but to see it first hand -- I hate to say 'miracle,' but it was absolutely something very, very stunning. Usually when we develop new treatments, we see results with some impact, but I've never seen this kind of stunning impact. It literally shocked me."

You can read the rest of this amazing stem cell article here and after reading it, you can ask yourself why Richard and Preston Walker and dozens of others who have followed in their footsteps have to leave the USA for a safe, ethical treatment, that can improve their quality of life.

It is really a shame that this adult stem cell treatment isn't available in the United States.

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