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Working with Dr. Doris Taylor, the western world’s only true stem cell pioneer, it is now possible to rescue organs from the trash heap and make them suitable for transplant.

HOUSTON-- NOVEMBER 2015    Seventeen years ago, Dr. Doris Taylor proved to a disbelieving world, through a landmark animal study at Duke University, that Adult Stem Cells (ASC) could repair the hearts of dying patients. Within an astonishing four years, clinical trials around the world proved her right for humans.

But then Pharma, in 2003, realized how much ASC could destroy its strangle-hold on western medicine, and created the “Embryonic Hoax” as a vehicle to keep ASC away from the millions who could use them today. Controlling with its purse-strings the majority of stem cell scientists, almost every academic institution, and certainly most of the West’s major media, the hoax became “true” as the Big Lie of the 21st century, and North America became a hopeless cause for stem cells which actually help people. 

But that did not deter Spain’s Dr. Fernández Avilés from his goal, which only Dr. Taylor could make possible in such a short time; and today the collaboration is ready to begin working its magic:
  1. Take a donor organ which cannot help the patient.
  2. “Empty” that organ of its original stem cells.
  3. Replace those with the patient’s ASC, and
  4. In a few months it is ready for transplant without cancer-causing immune-suppressing drugs which every transplant demands today.
Not bad for a heart or a liver or a kidney otherwise destined for the hazardous waste heap of the hospital!

Spain, a world leader in human organ transplants, is now also THE pioneer in the creation of bioartificial organs with stem cells implanted into patients after the opening on Tuesday in Madrid of the first laboratory in the world dedicated to the growth of artificial organs for human transplant. The laboratory will "empty" human hearts or other human organs unsuitable for transplantation and recolonize their cell content with the patient's stem cells, allowing the organs to grow anew, ready for transplant back into the new body, said its developer,Dr. Francisco Fernández Avilés, head of the Gregorio Maranon hospital cardiology wing, where the center is based. The lab, opened this Tuesday, is the "world's first laboratory for bioartificial organs to produce adult stem cell transplants," said the Minister of Science and Innovation, Cristina Garmendia. The creation of artificial organs is a "third way" that is added to human organ transplantation and implantation of artificial organs, said Rafael Matesanz, director of the National Transplant Organization (ONT).

Transplantation of such organs could become a daily reality in "between five and ten years" according to Dr Fernández Avilés, "and is the solution to two problems." One is the lack of suitable organ donors and the other the "rejection" of the transplanted organ by the patient, because the freshly "grown" organs are inert and "have no immune response capability with less than 5% of original DNA" he said.
The aim of the laboratory is "to create a parent bank, in which organs can be stored for months, on which new bodies can be built to suit individual patients.” The bodies or "matrixes" which are emptied cannot be directly used for transplants because the deceased donor "either died from a cardiac arrest or old age" according Matesanz and this is a way of using organs that would otherwise not be used.
The opening of the laboratory has been possible thanks to the work of the Gregorio Marañón in transplantation and regenerative medicine and its collaboration with the ONT and the University of Minnesota (USA) and director of cardiac repair, Dr. Doris Taylor, who has investigated the procedure using the hearts of mice.
So far, the cardiology unit of the Gregorio Marañón has "applied the elimination of cells" to eight hearts that have successfully become viable organs using the patient's stem cells.
And by late 2010 they want to install a heart from a donor using regenerated cells. Moreover, "as it advances, the arrays could arise not only from humans but using animal organs" said Dr. Fernández Avilés.
The implementation of the laboratory- in which the hospital has invested 600,000 euros and where ten people will work, is also based on Spain's leadership in organ donation and transplantation.
Spain is a world leader in organ donation for transplants since 1991 and has "the best model for transplant in the world", according to Fernández Avilés. In 2009, Spain made 4,028 donor transplants, a new record for the country.
Furthermore, Spain is part of the so called 'G-4' of regenerative medicine, along with the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom and is "among the ten powers higher quality biomedical world," according to the Minister for Science and Innovation.
Except the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom are fully controlled by Big Pharma and wasting billions on something which is not needed and which will never work to improve human lives before 2050. Sort of like spending billions researching propeller-driven aircraft and ignoring jet engine science. 

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