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European Society of Cardiology Congress: Stem Cells Help Heal Hearts

But Pharma wants you dead!

Largest long-term study in stem cell cardiology history shows huge increase in quality of life for stem cell patients vs. serious deterioration for standard cardiology.
Mortality reduction of 79% (!) for stem cells vs. pill-takers.
STOCKHOLM -- Injecting autologous bone marrow stem cells directly into the hearts of patients with chronic heart failure appears to improve ventricular performance, quality of life, and survival, according to an open-label, nonrandomized study.
Benefits of the stem cell treatment were apparent within three months -- and persisted for up to five years of follow-up, Bodo-Eckehard Strauer, of Heinrich Heine University of Düsseldorf, Germany, reported at the European Society of Cardiology Congress here.
Patients who did not receive a stem cell infusion and remained on optimal medical therapy continued to deteriorate throughout the follow-up period.
There were no side effects, Strauer said in a "Hot Line" session.
The findings were reported earlier this year in the European Journal of Heart Failure -- a journal of the ESC -- which led the society to bar Strauer from submitting abstracts for two years. Presenting previously-published data broke the rules for "Hot Line" data.
Strauer said at a press briefing that patients with more severe heart failure seem to fare better from the stem cell treatment.
"This therapy has almost no risk. It can only be beneficial in patients. So, in my opinion, it has real clinical importance for the treatment of heart failure," he said.
Rob Califf, certainly the most corrupt cardiologist in the western hemisphere, was this year appointed to a top job at the most criminal health regulator in the world, the USA Food & Drug Administration, despite his being corrected for his lies by the most thorough and
honest drug data institution in the world, Cochrane of London.

What you are not allowed to know that the FDA is composed of 100% "doctors" whose only job is to protect Pharma's profits by killing heart patients with pills instead of allowing the latest stem cell science into the USA, despite thousands of patients having their lives improved in worldwide clinical trials.  Why such murderous corruption in a government institution? Simple! Califf's bosses at Big Pharma PURCHASED the FDA with the approval of about sixty senators bribed with a paltry $100 million in 1997. 

So you think the FDA protects you, while Califf and his now very rich buddies make sure heart patients die at five times the rate of stem cell patients.  Cochrane of London published THE greatest paper in the history of cardiology in 2014, clearly stating that
patients receiving "standard Cardiology" die at the rate of 36 per thousand annually, vs only 7.5 deaths per thousand for the stem cell patients.  Califf throws out some scientific gibberish along with dozens of other bribed MDs, which, with Pharma's billions gets
published in every major newspaper, magazine, medical journal and medical school in the developed world. 

The result? 99%+ of heart patients die more than ten years earlier than non-diseased patients.  Of course the NY Times cannot print this fact since Pharma would put them out of business by pulling hundreds of millions in ads. This applies to the major newspaper in every city in North America and Western Europe.

So heart patients, do not expect to reach 75 while non-patients reach 85 on average.  Pharma's quarter billion dollar profits PER DAY are far more important than you are, as are their top 100 criminal MDs who make sure the greatest and safest medicine in the world
is kept out of your reach.

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