December News -  The Truth About Stem Cells
RSCI December News
Treating Cancer & Stem Cells
A New Stem Cell Treatment for Cancer

"Cancer" is the word no one wants to speak or hear. Worldwide in 2013, there were 14.8 million new cancer cases. Standard cancer treatments - chemo, radiation, and pills - are almost as dreaded as the disease itself.

Now, RSCI with Better Being Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, offers a fully Integrative Oncology Program that majors on healthy immunological responses to control and stop tumor growth, as well as immunological restoration. The BBH program emphasizes personalized dietary and nutritional interventions as well as a full range of natural therapies.

You will not be alone in turning your back on standard, often invasive and sickening standard cancer treatments. Worldwide, as estimated 33-47% of patients diagnosed with cancer use complementary, alternative, and integrative treatments.

Cost: $ 40,000 for the 45-day program in Bangkok, Thailand
Heart Disease Treatment
in Latin America
Successful Heart Disease Treatments from two of the world's leading stem cell cardiologists

If you suffer from the debilitating effects of heart disease, here is the worst fact you will ever hear: Standard cardiology patients die at 5 times the rate of cardiology patients treated with adult stem cells.

Now, here is the best news: RSCI offers you a choice of heart stem cell treatments in two of the most successful cardiology centers in Latin America. Even better, in each location, your treatment will be in the hands of the world's leading stem cell cardiologists - Dr. Roberto ViÑa and Dr. Hector Figueroa. Your 6-day treatment is all-inclusive.

This is your life! Literally. RSCI offers options that will help you back to a normal and healthy life. Ask us for testimonials from the many RSCI cardiology patients whose lives were vastly improved with RSCI's stem cell treatments.

Cost: $18,500 all inclusive of Hotel & Travel

Spinal Cord Electrical Stimulation for SCI
Spinal cord electrical stimulation (rTMS) means Spinal Cord Injuries do not always have to be devastating

If you suffer from a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI), you may feel that you have exhausted all hopes for improvement or recovery. You may have also exhausted yourself and your family, and maybe your savings, chasing solutions which never really work.

For some time, RSCI has provided patients with successful stem cell treatment for SCI. Now, we offer a groundbreaking treatment in conjunction with Better Being Hospital (BBH) in Bangkok, Thailand, a specialist hospital based on the principles of functional and integrative medicine. One key to this life-changing treatment is Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) of the spinal cord. It has been called "The Biggest Medical Discovery of Our Lifetime."

The full BBH treatment combines their state-of-the-art diagnostics with personalized healthy diet and lifestyle programs that will not only improve your condition, but also give you back your hope, your energy and will to improve.

Cost: $26,300 for treatment in Bangkok, Thailand
30 days &  includes 6 or more rTMS therapies

RSCI Make Lives Better Survey
RSCI wants your help to make lives healthier!

Coming in January 2015, RSCI will ask you to help us by completing a survey about stem cell treatment. We need your opinions, personal stories, and suggestions on how we can best improve the stem cell treatment programs we offer. We need to know how best to make your medical hopes come true.

Adult Stem Cells are now successfully used to treat over 150 chronic conditions once thought to be incurable. Help us to help you and tens of thousands of others.

Look for the RSCI Make Lives Better Survey in January 2015.
We have prepared a very useful brochure that explains the various methods of raising funds for your treatment - ideas that you can put into practice and useful links.


We are proud of our patients and they want to spread the word - If you would like to be put in touch with real people and hear their story, just let us know.
To learn more about Spinal Cord Stimulation, see what amazing results the Christopher Reeve Foundation have achieved already with their clinical trials.
Treatment is now available in Thailand.
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