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 August Edition

RSCI'S mission is to bring this absolute truth to an unbelieving world; a world which has been intentionally misinformed to the point where 90% of the citizens of the developed world have never heard of Repair (adult) Stem Cell Treatment.
In this month’s Newsletter:
Everybody’s Doing It!
  •  Governor Perry’s successful spinal fusion and nerve decompression surgery involved his own adult stem cells from healthy tissue!
  • A martial artist defies doctors whom told him: “surgery to replace his aching joints would likely be his only option,” and looked inside his own body for a cure and found it in his own stem cells.
  • An avid runner coerced her own doctor to try using her own stem cells to alleviate her hip pain and now runs 40 – 50 miles per week with no pain.
World Wide Stem Cells Vs. Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Trial Starting!
A major new global clinical trial with a £10 million budget, involving (to start) up to 200 patients will test whether REPAIR STEM CELLS can be safely used to treat, slow, stop and even reverse damage to the brain and spinal cord caused by active multiple sclerosis lesions.
Another Heart Stem Cell Clinical Trial Confirms Positive Results!
A double-blind, randomized, controlled clinical trial conducted at 26 centers in the United States showed, once again, that injections of adult patients’ own stem cells reduced reports of angina episodes and improved exercise tolerance time in patients with chronic, severe refractory angina.
Lab Rat Reports
  • Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Assessment - Drugs Vs. Stem Cells
Multiple Sclerosis drugs…are the costs worth the benefits? The $1 million you spend on your MS drugs over 10 years amounts to only one year of health benefits!
  • Lawmakers May Relax Fda Rules On Drug Conflicts
As if they weren’t lax enough!
Hospitals Kill When They Put Profits Before Patient
New Orleans hospital and doctors were wholly unprepared for the Hurricane Katrina flooding despite repeated warnings prior.
Hospitals Far Riskier Than Flying: Says WHO
If you were admitted to hospital tomorrow in any country, your chances of dying due to an error in health care would be 1 in 300 compared with a 1 in 10 million risk of dying in an air crash.
Exclusive RSCI Exposé On The Barbarism Of Current Cardiology Treatments
Barbaric Cardiology exposes the lies of hundreds of thousands of corrupt doctors who would rather heart patients continue on their way to an early grave than admit a repair stem cell doctor is able to successfully treat heart disease when they cannot.
"The Repair Stem Cell is
the greatest medicine the world has ever seen."
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