Hi Rick,
Hope you and all your family are doing well.
Thanks for sending along this information it is very interesting.  Makes you wonder why this is not more in the forefront of our news programs as it can help so many people with terrible diseases and who suffer when there is a way that they don't have to suffer and you are a living example of how well it works.
Seems sad and morally wrong that the bottom line is how much money can the drug companies make or specialty hospitals that profit from others suffering when there are alternatives that work but than they work for good and would eliminate continual use of drugs and hospital stays.
Thanks again I will keep this information.
Take care
Love, Carol, Mom and Anthony

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The Repair Stem Cell Institute Newsletter

 August Edition

RSCI'S mission is to bring this absolute truth to an unbelieving world; a world which has been intentionally misinformed to the point where 90% of the citizens of the developed world have never heard of Repair (adult) Stem Cell Treatment.
In this month’s Newsletter:
8 Year Old’s Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Very soon after treatment for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a child’s muscle degeneration stops, and he regains movement in his hand and leg.

Spinal Bifida Patient Feels Herself Getting Better
Ava was born with her spinal cord sticking out; she has nerve damage and difficulty walking. In the 1st week of treatment, Ava was able to sense pain for the 1st time. Ava’s mother: she is one step closer to walking without ankle braces!

Yet Another Heart Stem Cell Trial Succeeds
Usually trials prove safety & efficacy of stem cells in regard to Ejection Fractions, etc. This trial proved safety & efficacy in regard to “improved function in the damaged area of the heart, reduction in the size of the heart and reduction in scar size.”

“Medical Politics” & Illicit Business Practices – Spotlight On Dr. Joseph Biederman
The greatest death-dealing criminal in American medical history has set his sights on your children and won’t stop until they are all improperly prescribed huge amounts of poorly tested drugs with terrible and perhaps deadly side effects.

Pfizer, “The Corrupt Giant”
Pfizer is “A Corrupt Corporate American Company guilty of cutting corners and killing people… through harmful drugs and clinical tests.”

With SunBlock, You’ve Got Nothin To Worry About!
Sunblock Protects You From the Sun…As It Causes:
Increased Breast And Uterine Cancer, Uterine Fibroid Tumors, Endometriosis, PMS, Irregular Periods, Migraines, Reduced Penis Size, Increased Testicular Cancer, Undescended Testicles, Breast Enlargement, Lowered Sperm Counts, Sexual Identity Confusion and Impaired Male Fetal Brain Patterning

92% of Clinical Trials Are Un-Scientific!
Imagine what would happen if over 90% of clinical trials used chemically reactive elements that were never even defined or reported. You would throw out those results, wouldn’t you? That is EXACTLY what is going on in thousands of clinical trials, right under your nose!

RSCI Cancer Treatment Expose
RSCI’s tirelessly strives to find the safest, most effective treatments generally unknown to man. If you would like to destroy your cancer but save your health, RSCI now recommends 4 modern, effective & health-respecting Cancer treatments which make standard oncology treatments seem barbaric and cruel!

"Repair Stem Cells,
the greatest medicine ever laid at the feet of humankind.
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