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ALS - Lou Gehrig's Disease
There has been massive publicity concerning ALS & The Ice bucket Challenge over the past few weeks.
RSCI has explained consistently for the last seven years that Embryonic Stem Cells (ESC) will never be able to help any patient with any disease.

Today, Adult Stem Cells (ASC), are the only stem cells which work. We have two top stem cell treating clinics which are using newly discovered science to improve the lives of ALS patients by slowing down progression even more than the 2013 stem cell treatments.

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about our brand new 2014 ALS Stem Cell Therapies, write to me, Ann Rion, or call me at 1-214-556-6377 or Skype: RepairStemCellinstitute.  I have operators covering me 24/7, so if I miss your call, a very pleasant girl will take your message and pass it on to me.
New Heart Website coming

RSCI is creating the first website in the world which will explain truthfully why standard cardiology kills and why stem cell cardiology saves and improves lives.

The average 60 year old man with no chronic disease has a life expectation of 84. That same man with congestive heart failure has half that expectation (72).  Why? The answer is very simple: In a medical system where profits are all that matters, heart patients' treatments depend on what makes the most money for the doctors and especially for the big corporations which run every aspect of YOUR medical experience.
The facts are simple: Standard cardiology patients die at five times the rate of stem cell patients.
RSCI doctors going back to 2005 have treated about 1200 heart patients.  Success rates have been steady at 66% of those treated getting much better, vs. less than 10% with standard cardiology's toxic drugs and dangerous surgeries.
New Facility in Vienna
Professor Shimon Slavin, for twenty years the worlds premier stem cell researcher, and for five years the Deputy Chairman of RSCI's Science Advisory Committee, has expanded his operational facilities to include Vienna, Austria in addition to his most modern and beautiful clinic in Tel Aviv.
With 600 published papers to his credit and twenty years of stem cell treatments, no one in the world comes close.  He shocked the world three times this century, first in 2002 by his amazing replacement  of a bubble-baby's faulty immune system with a healthy one, then in 2009 by improving a Canadian professional golfer's MS to at least help her to get back on the course. That one led to over 200 MS patients, mostly from Canada coming to him for stem cells.
In 2012 he pioneered electro shock therapy to guide implanted stem cells to their proper destinations. In 2013 he became only the second stem cell treating doctor in the world to improve his patients' results with ultra-modern laser therapy.  (One of our centers in Asia was the first.)  
If you can afford the best, write to Don Margolis, and he will set you up for a telephone chat with his friend in Tel Aviv or click below for more information.
ALS Research
If you want to help fund further ethical & genuine research into Adult Stem Cells (ASC) for ASL please donate to either the Mayo Clinic or the University of Kansas - just click on the logos below for more information & to donate.
Lowest cost EFFECTIVE stem cell treatments in the USA for Spinal Cord Injury & Multiple Sclerosis are becoming very popular.
Just started this spring and we have a half dozen already-treated patient volunteers ready to talk with new patients.
We have prepared a very useful brochure that explains the various methods of raising funds for your treatment - ides that you can put into practice and useful links.
We are proud of our patients and they want to spread the word - If you would like to be put in touch with real people and hear their story, just let us know.
Special Treat
Longtime members of RSCI know that the Godmother of ALL stem cell therapies is Dr. Doris Taylor.  She is now running her department at the Texas Heart Institute in Houston and recently gave an interview.  RSCI is thrilled that you now have a chance to "meet" the #1 heroine of stem cells which actually help people.
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