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July Edition
RSCI'S mission is to bring this absolute truth to an unbelieving world; a world which has been intentionally misinformed to the point where 90% of the citizens of the developed world have never heard of Repair (adult) Stem Cell Treatment.
In this monthís Newsletter:
Your Body Is Your Own Organ Factory
Besides negating the complications of type-matching to avoid rejection, the development of organs from a patientís own stem cells can take only 10 to 12 days, compared with waiting months for an appropriate organ donor!
Brain Cells Begetting Brain Cells
A lone brain stem cell is capable of replacing itself and giving rise to specialized neurons and glia (important types of brain cells) for over a year!
Is whatís good enough for astronauts,
good enough for you?
 Astronauts experience muscle and organ atrophy when exposed to long periods of zero gravity human fat. How to combat this? Utilize the regenerative abilities of adipose tissue stem cells!
The Fountain Of Youth, Right Around The Corner
Stem cell therapy plays a huge role in rejuvenation and longevity. They reverse the loss of cells when cells die. With the benefits of their use, the first 150 year old is predicted to have already been born and the first 1,000 year old could be less than 20 years younger! 
Donís Rant - No Cures Allowed! 
A special multi-part rant with supportive data addressing:
         The most corrupt medical system the world has ever seen
         A medical system all about profits
         No cures for any chronic diseases allowed in western medicine
         How adult stem cell treatments are kept from those who need them most
"The Repair Stem Cell is
the greatest medicine the world has ever seen."

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