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Defend yourself against the Medical System

RSCI wants to help you defend you and your family against a medical system which, in the main, operates on three rules:

1. Profits are paramount.

2. When in doubt, refer to Rule #1

3. Patients stay sick and buy more drugs.

And it works extremely well. Despite being internationally rated at the bottom of rankings of other developed countries, the USA system shows that: Americans pay 55% more for their low quality care than the rest of the developed world - 18% of national income vs. 11.5%, and almost all goes to profits.

Repair (Adult) Stem cells (ASC) are the biggest threat to Rule #1, so almost everything you read on the subject is anti stem cells, whether in a major newspaper, medical journal, magazine, or medical school website is biased, since many of these receive substantial funds form the pharmaceutical companies.

Now learn the truth so that you can defend yourself and your loved ones. We will begin with ASC and heart disease.

Dozens and dozens of successful clinical trials have proven just how well stem cells work.


RSCI discovered this first in 2007, then again in 2008 when Dr. Vina released the first five year cardio stem cell study, and finally in 2010 when the greatest cardiac clinical trial in history proved our statement. Then look what happened this year:

From Great Britain in 2014 comes further proof: - The Cochrane Library, certainly the world's #1 analyst of collected medical data, created a huge combined study of 1255 patients. Their results: "only about 3 per cent of people treated with their own stem cells had died compared to 15 per cent in the (standard cardiology) control group"

So if a loved one of yours is a heart patient, you can let that patient suffer and die young, or do your best to bring him or her to a longer and stronger quality of life. That is where RSCI comes in. We personally know the very top stem cell cardiologists who have saved lives by the hundreds. Would you rather utilize MDs who have saved hundreds of patients from early death and given them more enjoyable lives - something standard cardiology simply cannot do.

THAT is what RSCI does for you - finds the doctor who can make you better.

ASC have improved the lives of hundreds of no-hope heart patients each year starting 2005, now over 3,000 in total.

The success rate for heart patients is 2/3 which means two out of three stem cell patients get better and one does not (but suffers no medical loss).

We have dozens of patients, ASC treated from 2005 through 2014, all of whom would love to talk to new patients and tell them about their experience.

There have been over 2,200 successful ASC clinical trials completed since 2009 covering dozens of diseases for which western medicine cannot cure, .


RSCI is the only place for heart patients to get stem cells with zero risk - every RSCI cardiologist has an outstanding record.

Let us know how we can help you, a loved one, or a friend escape from the quick slide down to an early grave. All it takes is the ability to change your medical "religion." MD does not mean "Medical Diety."

Everything we say about heart disease applies to some extent to other diseases, particularly to Diabetes 1&2, MS, CP, TBI, SCI, Autism, COPD, Liver, Arthritis, Parkinson's and now, especially to ALS. RSCI can help 2/3 of them get better, sometimes a lot better.

For more information , write to me, Ann Rion, or call me at 1-214-556-6377. We have operators covering us 24/7, so if I miss your call, a very pleasant girl will take your message and pass it on to me. Alternatively click the button under tidbits for more information.

Heart stem cells are starting to appear at less than $20,000. RSCI is going one better: $18,500 INCLUDING airfares for two, ground transportation, and 3 to 6 hotel nights, AND the top two stem cardiologists in the entire Western Hemisphere. Ask Ann Rion again, or click below.

We have helped to develop three different sciences for treating Lou Gehrig's victims. None of these were available before March 31, 2014. Ann Rion can send you the complete package.

As far as success rates go and as far as patient satisfaction is going, there is nothing to top Bangkok's Better Being Hospital, where you get 300 million stem cells and up to TEN other proven natural therapies. But many cannot afford to be away for 30 days nor can spare $26,000. So naturally, RSCI has stepped in and has developed one week and three week programs covering 20 different diseases, including CP, MS, SCI, Ataxia, TBI, Optics, Autism, and Liver. For this one, you'll have to email or click below for more information.

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