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 July - Special Edition

RSCI'S mission is to bring this absolute truth to an unbelieving world; a world which has been intentionally misinformed to the point where 90% of the citizens of the developed world have never heard of Repair (adult) Stem Cell Treatment.
In this month’s Newsletter:
Mass Psychosis In The USA
The US is in a deep quagmire of Big Pharma and the parasitic shrink community wantonly pushing anti-psychotic pills to patients that don’t derive any benefit from them but they do receive the health threatening side effects. 
A special multi-part expose with supportive data addressing:
  • Mass psychosis in the US
  • Many antidepressant drugs are  ineffective for dementia
  • FDA panel rejects diabetes drug citing cancer risks
  • Most drugs for Parkinson's psychosis are unproven

"Why such emphasis on a non-stem cell subject?  Because we want to protect our members (YOU!) against becoming lab rats to increase Pharma's profits while simultaneously destroying both your health and your ability to think for yourself!"
The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine –State Stem Cell Agency or State Stem Cell Disgrace?
A mainstream article which begins to expose CIRM as the money-grubbing con-game slush fund it is; operated so as to never produce a cure, thus keeping our powerful friends happy so we ourselves can clean up. Then a no-punches-pulled follow-up by Don Margolis. (When does Don ever pull a punch?)
10 Year Old’s Stem Cells Are Her Own Organ Factory
A 10-year-old girl with a deadly blood clot underwent a life-saving surgery that not only showed the power of using stem cells to regenerate healthy organs but also, since the vessel was created with the girl's own stem cells, she does not need to take drugs to prevent rejection thereby avoidingthe deadly effects of the drugs that must currently be used. 
Lung Cells Begetting Lung Cells
A single lung stem cell placed in the right environment allows for the development of adult lung cells that can live for 80 years. The implications are potentially limitless.
Regenocell; Stem Cell Treatment Center With Heart
Regenocell is a “world changer.”  Their 60-70% success rate with hundreds of cardiac disease patients to date will directly translate into the health recovery of an unlimited number of cardiac patients tomorrow.  
Cancer Treatments That Work…And You’ve Never Heard Of
No disease causes more fear than Cancer. Limited success treatments destroy the patient’s health, leaving them so weak they are susceptible to a huge host of other diseases while draining their financial resources. This is the norm in the USA. If only there were other Cancer treatment options that worked and didn’t kill the rest of your body while trying to kill your Cancer. There are.
"The Repair Stem Cell is
the greatest medicine the world has ever seen."
 ---but Big Medicine profits from pills and treatments, never from cures, so you will not see stem cells approved in your lifetime.

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